Hot Stove Days Away - No Clue About Mets 

With the WS winding down the free agent period is about to start. First we wait for 5 days after Series is over for the “exclusive negotiating period”s to expire and then the musical chairs begins.

Who’s testing the waters, who wants who, and who’s got money to spend?

There will certainly be lots of guys who’d look good in orange and blue but the question of the season is “How much do we have to spend?”

Allegedly the resources are available to sign Reyes… But then how much is left to spend? 

We need a closer, we may need a CF, need a SS(!) not to mention arms for starting and relief.

I realize the Wilpons are keeping quiet about how much $ they can and will spend to improve this team.

I’m guessing there is flexibility to sign Reyes but I fear that may leave us scrapping the bottom of the barrel to fill out the rest of the roster.

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  1. Met_Maven Says:

    I was wondering exactly how much they plan to spend and how much leeway they are giving themselves. I know Alderson projects a payroll of $100 - $110 million. Will they go over the self imposed $110 cap? If they can re-sign Reyes, get a SP, fix the pen, add a CF and a bench player or two and all that adds up to $112 - $115, would they re-evaluate signing potential players to keep the payroll under $110 or drop the extra couple of mill to field a better team?

  2. JoeG Says:

    No way I would give Reyes more than 4 years with an option for a fifth with all the holes we need to fill-if he wants 6 years -LET HIM GO TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER-NO MORE GETTING BURNED WITH LONG TERM CONTRACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. USMF Says:

    I’m worried about how the Reyes saga will play out.

    1st, I love Reyes and I want him back. Tejada is a nice player, but his glove is a little overrated and he has no power (.335SLG) or speed. His fielding is still good and should get better with time. I’m not convinced that Tejada can produce at the plate for 162 games, but I do like the way he spreads the ball around.

    Back to the point, a lot of what Sandy will do this offseason seems to depend greatly on if Reyes is back or not.

    The whole. what to do with Tejada and Murphy question can’t be answered until the Reyes question is.

    Who knows what Sandy will spend on the rotation and a Closer. You’d think that signing Reyes would mean less money in other areas, but I’m not completely sure that Sandy will take the 18mil (just a guess) that he was going to give Reyes and spread it out to sign other players.

    You can’t decide on keeping Pagan until you figure out Reyes either…I’d rather let Angel go, but you almost have to keep him to bat lead off.

    Now Reyes want’s to play the market a bit…I don’t blame him…if Reyes takes until the end of December or later to decide, I can’t see Sandy waiting that long to decide on the rest of the team. I’m not sure when the Winter Meetings are, but Sandy will probably put a hard “sign by date” shortly after the meetings and move on if a deal isn’t getting done.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, I agree with most of what you say except the Pagan comment. Even if Reyes goes, you don’t have to keep a dumb, inconsistent CF because he can hit leadoff. There are leadoff men out there or you take a guy and bat him first and don’t sweat whether he can steal bases or not.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    P.S. You could bat Bay leadoff, as he takes as many pitches and walks as much as anybody on the Mets and steals some bags and has speed. It would also take the pressure off him to drive in runs but at the same time make the pitcher work to avoid giving up a HR to the leadoff man, especially with new, closer fences at Shea 2!

  6. USMF Says:

    B-Jake, I’d rather see Pagan go matter what. Not that he’s a bad player, but he’s way too inconsistent to depend on.

    2010 and 2011 Pagan saw a drop in his production. His deference in Runs, RBI and SB could be attributed to playing in 28 less games. Most of his offensive s advanced numbers are pretty similar. This means that Pagan was probably lucky in ‘10 and unlucky in’11. It could also mean that teams have a better idea on how to pitch to him and position him in the field.

    No matter what, I doubt we’ll ever see Pagan match his ‘10 season at the plate.

    What worries me is the huge drop in fielding performance. No matter what happens, you should never slump in the OF. Lets be honest, Pagan had a nice season in ‘10 with the bat, but it wasn’t great. Pagan’s value was slightly above average offensive production combined with fantastic fielding.

    With out the fielding, Pagan is just a replacement level player. we could probably get a similar production from Pride.

    If Reyes and Pagan are gone, I’d think I’d bat Tejada leadoff…he has shown a decent a decent eye and good .OBP. He won’t be a big RBI guy, so leadoff might be the best for him.

  7. Jomama Says:

    4 years with a 5th option for Reyes - MAX. I guarantee this year was his best and he’ll never replicate the numbers he put up this year. Not sure this is any brain surgery, sorry if I’m stating the obvious.

  8. BrooklynBill Says:

    On Pagan, I’m coming around to the idea that he’s just a nice little player who is overpaid relative to the value he adds. He is a switch hitter and, yes he has the speed dimension to his game. However, Pagan has not shown that he can be a consistent, everyday player…and that’s a pretty bad tag to put on a player who is making $3.5MM & will be turning 31.

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, I could see Tejada batting leadoff as well.

    Jomama, I think we all agree with your assessment re: Reyes, but if they could get him back reasonably, he’s still a well-above-average SS even in his “normal” years and is fun to watch and definitely energizes the offense.

    BB, the reason he’s not consistent is he’s too stupid.

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    Go Rangers!!!!!!
    Make Nolan Ryan in charge of the MLB!

  11. BrooklynBill Says:

    Is Endy Chavez on the post-season roster?? If he’s put in RF as a defensive replacement, Texas is celebrating right now…

    BJ - yes, Pagan ain’t that bright but, same can be said of most baseball players. Someone’s paying him $3.5MM/yr so, who is really the stupid one???

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