Monday Blasts

• I guess if Pujols rocks 3 HR’s in a WS game he can skip out on the press anytime he likes. Perhaps he’s not the most likable guy in the game but you can’t mess with his production.

• Raise your hand if you saw Derek Holland’s gem coming — me neither. I know he’s not a sexy name and this isn’t a WS with a lot of juice to it outside of the participating markets but that ranks up there with all time WS outings

• While watching the Jets game on TV yesterday I noticed how embarrassingly ugly their field is. I mean the stadium cost something like a billion dollars and is 1 year old but the field looks like a beat to shit HS field that needs replacing. 

The most offensive angle is the high/wide shot where you look down at the turf from high above. It looks AWFUL.

I’m dumbfounded about how this could possibly be.

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  1. Luis Says:

    Because football is not as great as Baseball..

  2. Buck Says:

    I thought the field looked fine. That is a state of the art field turf that is installed and is the same one that is in any other new stadium these days. If you want to look at a field that looks like crap…did anyone check out that turf in the Metrodome? It puts off a glare that could blind you! Anyway, there is a much to complain about in the new stadium….the field turf is way, way down the depth chart!!

  3. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Well I haven’t looked at it yet… I’d like to know what the FO is going to do to City this off-season.
    I personally hope they do NOTHING to the fences but whatever they do they’d better do it quick so we can test it out before 2013 and the ASG.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Lets not for get the blown call by the first base umpire in the world series! How bad was that call?

    I bet the home plate umpire and the right field umpire both saw that tag! The whole ball park saw it except that one ump

    Why can’t they conference and ask for help from the other umps?

  5. USMF Says:

    FMFR-that’s a big issue I have with MLB umpiring.

    I have the “it’s my call, so I’m making it…doesn’t matter is I couldn’t see it properly or everyone knows i got it wrong” mentality.

    1st, they need better training, which usually means better pay in the minor leagues. Too often these bad calls could be avoided if the umpire was in proper position.

    Unfortunately, umps can get easily blocked on plays…it’s part of the game, it happens. But if a manager argues a call…the Crew Chief should have the option to review the play with the other umps and determine if a call should be over turned.

    Even if you limit the amount of “appeals” a manager can make in a game…it’s still better than installing a instant replay option and better than having a obvious call blown.

    I think if you promoted this process, it will actually improve the umpiring and you’d see less bad calls in the first place.

  6. Common Sense Says:

    BMF has a lot to say about Albert Pujols skipping the press briefing but will defend dog Dwight Gooden to the death for, among many other things, missing the 1986 WS parade due to drug use.

    Pujols is a better man on his worst day than Gooden but BMF is a liberal and thus loves dirtbags and hates pillars of the community.

  7. CW Says:

    “Well I haven’t looked at it yet… I’d like to know what the FO is going to do to City this off-season.
    I personally hope they do NOTHING to the fences but whatever they do they’d better do it quick so we can test it out before 2013 and the ASG.”

    Prof reyes- The outfield walls will be altered during this offseason. I think this is a good thing.

  8. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Its not the Stadium!…Its the Players…STUPID!

  9. CW Says:

    ^It’s both. I truly believe that leaving the dimensions as they are now will affect their ability to sign run producers moving foward.

    Players all throughout baseball talk about how difficult it is to hit a HR at Citi, and wether or not that is true doesn’t really matter, because perception is reality. Premier sluggers who are entering their prime are looking to put up big numbers for two reasons: Another big contract and HOF consideration. And if the perception is that Citi Field will crush those dreams, then they simply won’t sign here.

    I don’t want a Yankee Stadium type band box, just something that will play fair to both hitter and pitcher the way Shea did.

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, why are you opposed to replay to correct the calls? It it’s the correct call you actually want, replay is the best method. And it will be just as quick/slow as the manager argument and subsequent umpire conference.

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    Phillies declined Oswalt’s option which means he’ll be on the market.

  12. USMF Says:

    B-Jake, I don’t mind them on HR calls…I do think that having them on every play (expect balls and strikes) would be too much. I’d hate seeing umpires running in and out of some tunnel leading to who know where when it’s not necessary.

    Like I said, you train the Umps properly (and pay them better in the minors) and most of the questionable calls will be removed.

    Take off the fan glasses and most calls are hard to tell even with instant replay.

    Knowing MLB, they’d screw up replay anyways…like they are with what they got now. Why doesn’t MLB put cameras right on the foul lines or on the Walls?

    They don’t position cameras properly to catch what would be an obvious area for questionable calls. Could you imagine all the different cameras needed to capture all the actions?

    Plus, if you’d open replay, you’d have to have someone in a studio (like the NHL) reviewing plays before they even go to replay. Plus have a Umpires area close by so the crew chief can quickly view the video and talk to the “in-studio” reviewer.

    Even the NFL Eff’s replay up, and they’ve been doing it for a few decades.

    Mostly, I’m a traditionalist, I don’t want the game to change or get to reliant in technology…it’s a simple game, lets keep it that way.

    Unless you want to put sensors in the ball and on every batters (foot, knees and elbows) and put one in every glove and on the field lines and get rid of all umpires…that would work fine….but probably be pretty expensive.

  13. BrooklynBill Says:

    I’m also a traditionalist…as little technology in the game as possible, please. Umps blow calls, big deal. I like that umps have tendencies just as players do…some call the outside corner, some don’t. To the picthers advantage if he can exploit it, the batter’s detriment if he’s not conscious of it. Some umps are prone to calling balks. Whats his name, ‘balking Bob Davidson’? Some umps like to run managers who argue, some don’t. To this fan, it all adds to the game. Take it away & it’s a very dull, sterile sport.

    I especially don’t like it in football. Can I celebrate the touchdown or, should I delay my spontaneous excitement until the booth has had a chance to review? dumb

  14. CowCrusher Says:

    What’s this BS about moving the walls in?!!!
    This is what makes Shea 2.0 unique and not the Billion Dollar Batting Cage in the Bron-x.
    Hey Davey, learn to hit better! Look at Comerica, the Tigers don’t have a problem with hitting them out of the park. Keep the “Great Wall of Flushing”!

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF and BrooklynBill, there are so few plays that would need to be reviewed. And you don’t need the crew running on and off the field, just somebody buzzing down and making the correction after watching in a replay booth. Eff tradition, I want the call correct.

  16. BrooklynBill Says:

    I want the call correct too…just correct in the eyes of a human being, not a camera or some laser beam.

  17. Jomama Says:

    Common Sense - second dig on liberals. What’s wrong with them again? Please tell me you were a GW fan…please.

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