3 Mets Can Benefit from ”Low Pressure” Season 

Of course there’s no such thing as a low pressure season in the glare of the Gotham spotlight but I believe the fanbase views 2011 as a year of rebuilding which should give the Mets a VERY rare season in which the pressure is off.

BMF is nominating the 3 Mets most likely to benefit from the reduced glare:

• Jason Bay. Concussion or not year one in NY was a total bust. The only thing tougher than adjusting to playing in NY after signing a big contract is the exponentially increased pressure of season 2 following a bust. J Bay is catching a break here let’s hope he can take advantage.

• Jose Reyes. Our SS has enough pressure to perform considering he’s coming due for a new deal at season’s end. I expect Jose to regain his old form and for Met fans to fall in love with him again.

• Carlos Beltran. I don’t even know what to make of this guy anymore. He’s always hurt, generally underperforms, and obviously doesn’t like the attention that comes with his high profile role. The good news is LosB is primed for a big season with a little pressure coming off his head.

Oliver Perez does NOT make this list because pressure or not he’s a total mutt.

7 Responses to “3 Mets Can Benefit from ”Low Pressure” Season ”

  1. Patrick Says:

    BMF, no comments on Roberto Alomar’s claims that he was really, really trying hard as a Met?

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    So what do fans do during a low presuure season? Getted gassed at the bar or stay home?

    My money is on staying home! Since the Mets are saving their money for next year, should the fans do the same and stay home?

    I have to admit I am going to the spring training games but the feeling is just not the same as in past years.

    I will be going down to PSL on Jan 15th when individual tix go on sale. The line for tickets or lack of it should give me some idea.

    Nobody said it was easy going to being a MET fan!

    The 2011 Mets are going to be a hard team to love!

  3. USMF Says:

    No mention of the zero love for Johny Franco in regards to the HOF.

    Because Johny got only 4.6% of the vote, he will no longer be on the ballet.

    We could argue if he’s worthy of the hall…but seeing that he’s 4th all time in saves and 17th all time in ERA+ among pitchers with 1000 or more innings pitched…you’d think he’d get a little more respect. Look at is numbers…dude was a beast.


    I know that his last couple of years here didn’t go so good, but the dude was one of the top relievers in baseball for a very long time.

    People gotta realize that the majority of closers in baseball have a very short shelf life. I know the saves rule is flawed, but to have 424 career saves is a pretty special accomplishment. Especially when half of Franco’s career was before the closer was a guy who only pitched one inning and only with a 1-3 run lead. he also stepped aside to be a 8th inning guy when the Mets brought in Armando “gas can” Benetiz.

    I’m not saying that he should be in the hall, but with the way they are looking a guys with great career numbers, Johny should get a bit more respect than he’s got.

  4. aka....Buck Says:

    Is it just me or is this the most boring offseason in the history of baseball?

  5. Jay the Dawg Says:

    Read some of your earlier posts. The majority of fans went into the 2006 season with zero expectations. They finished 2005 tied for third with the Marlins, 2005 was Piazza’s last on the team. I’m just sayin.

    USMF, Giusuppe Franco got zero respect, and I think he should have been able to hang with Lee Smith a couple more years.

  6. JJ Says:

    Nothing like making 10-12 million a year to do your job in a pressure free situation…what a great country we live in. Maybe they should get paid $15 an hour to go work in a coal mine…maybe they’ll come back with some ba**s…

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