Are People Excited About this WS?

BMF sure ain’t.

I love baseball but I’m having a difficult time engaging with this postseason… At least so far.

I have zero love for Texas so I’m stuck inside party lines rooting for an NL team I don’t really like.¬†

Meanwhile Lenny Dykstra is facing 4 years in prison after changing his plea from Not Guilty to No Contest regarding the charge of reselling leased high-end cars which were leased on bogus credit.

 Hmmmmmmm, if you were to randomly drug test both who is more likely to come up clean: Lenny Dykstra or Lindsay Lohan?

Who has yellower teeth?

10 Responses to “Are People Excited About this WS?”

  1. JoeG Says:

    Texas all the way -for that poor kid who lost his father earlier this season and to get Endy Chavez the ring he deserved to get in 2006! I hate La Russa-great manager-but a drunk driving steroid apologist who is always pulling these lucky seasons out of his ass! How does he do it???????

  2. Luis Says:

    Not a TLR fan either, but he obviously knows what he is doing so I have to give him credit for that. I just want to see good baseball, like last night!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    No!…Nobody is excited about this world series!…None of my baseball friends are even watching it! I am sure it will have lousy ratings.

    I am watching it because that is all the baseball there is but I am half asleep on the couch after the 6th inning.

    Last night was a good game though and I am ‘Holding my nose” as I root for the Cards, just because of the NL connection!

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    Texas forever, Street. Texas forever.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Nice to see some more National league style baseball to start off the series. I’ll take pitching, defense, strategy any day over those 12-15 run fiascos late in the LCS. I thought it was a bit crazy to pull Chris Carpenter out that early in the game for a PH, but hey, I was wrong and the pen for the Cards was really strong.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoeG, Luis and others. Please don’t become part of the Cult of LaRussa. He’s so overrated as a manager it’s sick. When he has great talent, he does well. When he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

    Check out his managerial resume here.

    To sum it up, he had one good year out of six full ones with the White Sox, four great years out of nine with loaded teams in Oakland that produced one WS win against a mediocre Giants team and then shocking losses to the vastly inferior Dodgers and Reds, and a good run with generally loaded Cardinals teams (at least on the pitching side and of course that Pujols guy).

    People point to 2006 and say look what he did…but his team floundered at the end of the year, losing 9 of its last 12 games and almost blowing a 7 game lead. Sure, they caught fire in the postseason, but did LaRussa make that happen?

    People point to this year and say look what he did…but he was the manager when the team was floundering most of the year. They made deals for Edwin Jackson and Rafael Furcal at the end of July and the Braves fell apart.

    I’m not saying he’s a terrible manager, although his batting the pitcher 8th thing is a terrible decision. But look at those teams and tell me if you think another competent manager would’ve won about the same amount…I say without a doubt.

  7. BrooklynBill Says:

    I think Rex would’ve had some WS rings with those teams…

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    Agreed, Jake. I’ll take a good team with a bad manager (the 2006 Mets) over a bad team with a good manager (the 2011 Mets) 100 times out of 100…

  9. USMF Says:

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    Cruz, no sno- cone for you….Endy is the sno-cone king :)

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