Wright to LF Silly Talk

Sounds like this has been resolved before it became a real issue but the mere thought of moving David off 3rd as a way to get Murphy back to his “natural position” is preposterous.

Murphy isn’t a good defensive player - period. Moving him back to 3rd, a position he has played regularly in YEARS, and expecting him to be even serviceable is a reach.

Luckily the Alderson regime is too savvy to allow this to happen.

I’m just sayin’.

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  1. USMF Says:

    Look at the numbers…it’s a small sample size, but Murphy is a average defender at 3rd (or slightly below)…Wright is way towards the bottom.

    Wright hasn’t been a valuable defender in years and is declining…even though he only played 101 games last year, he still had 19 errors! That means he gets 1 error every 5 games! Wrights D is in quick decline…and it’s not just his throwing that suck…


    Murphs biggest problem is inexperience. He fields the ball well and throws pretty good too… He will get caught out of position at times and he doesn’t have the best footwork around the bag. If you stick him at 3rd, you’ll eliminate 99% of the foot work issues.


    Until you find a position and keep Muprh there everyday, you’re gonna keep having this problem with him every year.

    Now I don’t like Wright to left…you got Bay there and I don’t want him in center. Bay isn’t a bad defender, but he doesn’t have the speed to cover Sh!t!F!ELd. But I do think Wright has that speed to cover it…but I won’t get into that again.

    But none of this matters until the fate of Reyes is determined. If Reyes is gone, than Tejada would go to short and Murphy will be at 2nd.

    …Or I expect Sandy to get real creative and make some unexpected trades.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This story must have been made on on a slow news day. I can’t imagine who started this one.

    Since I don’t see us being major players in the free agent market, there is plenty of time for these type of stories to crop up.

    It looks like it will be more of the same old as last year, go for the “Scrap Heap Leftovers” and alot more “Dumpster Diving” during the winter.

    To tell you the truth I am not expecting alot from next years team. I believe we will finish last! The Nats are going to get better abd the Fish are going to sign some major free agents to make a splash at their new ball park.

    But we better make a playoff run in 2013!

  3. IrishMike Says:

    Wright has clearly been in a decline at 3rd since his undeserved GG there a few years ago. But I do not accept that Murphy is a better 3B than Wright is right now. And I don’t underatnd why fans all think a lifelong infielder can trot out to the outfield and be serviceable. Most of the Yankee fanbase wants to send Derek Jeter out to LF so they can bring in Reyes or whomever. The idea (and I’m not saying that anyone here makes this claim) that the outfield is such an easy position that you can just trot anyone out there and get away with it is nonsense. It can work (hello Robin Yount a ridiculous athlete) but it is not a sure thing by any means.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    From ESPN New York: Bench Coach

    A team official confirmed former Oakland Athletics manager Bob Geren almost assuredly will be hired for the position.

  5. USMF Says:

    People try to do the same thing with 1st base…oh, he can no longer (or ever could) play the field, lets dump him at first base…How many players have tried to play first at the end of their careers and couldn’t handle it?

    I’ve always argued I’ve argued that 1st base is more of a reactionary and mental position than a mental position.

    SS and 2nd requires more athleticism than the corners, 2nd base needs better footwork, but SS needs to be a little quicker and have the better arm.

    3rd basemen almost don’t require any footwork, and while they need a strong arm (the throw from 3rd can top 130ft) , the position is mostly a reactionary position. The only thing a athletic person brings is the ability to come in on bunts and quickly get to their feet and throw off of a diving stop.

    OFers need to be able to read the ball off the bat, they don’t need to have the quick reactions that an infielder requires. (but your great OFers have great reaction skills)

    OFers don’t need to be great athletes, or specifically fast runners. But you’re great players are fast…and you CFers almost require skill.

    You don’t need to have a strong or accurate arm in the OF…in fact accuracy usually isn’t that critical in the OF the way it is in the infield. But your great OFers do have good arms…the weaker your OFers arm are, the more the infielders need to compensate.

    But no matter how athletic a player is, it’s more about getting decent reads and taking good routes to the ball. That’s all good OFers have.

    Look at Pagan, he’s probably the best athlete on the team, but he took bad jumps, strange routes and had sloppy throws and sucked. Bay doesn’t have the arm or speed that Pagan has, but gets great reads and makes all the plays.

    Because you don’t need to have all the fine athletic or reactionary skills that infields require, people think that anyone who can run a little get dumped out there.

    That said, I think at this point in his career, Wright has the athletic skill to be a good OFer…if Wright can learn to get good reads on balls, he could have a positive impact defensively. Unfortunately, Wright is having a sever negative impact at 3rd.

    We know that Murphy can’t learn those reads and can’t play the OF. Murph does appear serviceable at 3rd or 2nd. We’ll never know until they put him someplace and keep him there. If they keep moving him around, he’ll never be good anywhere.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    Wright has the skills to play the OF and I’m willing to bet he’s one of those that can make the transition. I doubt they will try it but I would and not because I feel Murphy needs to be moved to 3B. I’m fine with Murphy at 2B especially if Reyes walks and Tejada moves to SS. But what is there to lose by letting Wright try it out?

  7. USMF Says:

    B-Jake, I’m with you…I think that Murph could be a decent (at least average) 2nd basemen if given the opportunity. In his limited time there, I was surprised by his range, especially to his left.

    I think Wright would do great in the OF, most guys who try to make that move are way past their prime. But for a move like that to work, Wright has to want to do it.

  8. IrishMike Says:

    My post above notwithstanding I actually agree that Wright could transition reasonably well to the OF. But to do so he would need to spend the winter in the instructional league. Spring training alone won’t cut it.

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    Agreed IM, he needs to spend a few months prior to ST working on it.

  10. KMac Says:

    I don’t think it’s going to happen but Wright is athletic enough to make it happen. He’s been so erratic at 3B (Brooks Robinson one play and Foster Brooks the next) that maybe moving to the OF would lower his stress level and let him return to hitting .300 with 30 HRs and 100 RBIs. Murph can definitely play 3B, he looked good there this year. I also don’t have a problem with Murph being the regular 2B is Jose re-signs. Murph needs to be in the lineup. He can hit and is entertaining as hell!

  11. Met_Maven Says:

    I don’t see Wright moving any time soon unless its his idea. Anyways, onto a topic we can all agree on, it looks like Gary Carters condition is getting better”

    Former Mets catcher Gary Carter’s brain tumors have shrunk 10 percent in size and some of the tumors are dying, Carter’s daughter announced Wednesday on the family’s blog.

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    Well it’s good to hear that “The Kid” is improving..I hope some of that good thoughts and prayers from the Shea Faithful continue to help out.

    Speaking of Carter, didn’t he play 3B every so often?… I was wondering if Wright would do well as a catcher?? Even just as a back up which would give Murph 3B time and be able to keep a multi-tasking infield available.
    Just a thought.

  13. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Bjake: happy 42nd!

  14. CowCrusher Says:

    Anybody watching tonight’s game?
    Go Brewers!

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    Thanks tdfkabl!

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