Who to Root for?

The AL is pretty clear cut for BMF - I’m rooting Tigers all the way. I have family in Michigan, I like an old skool team like Detroit and I got no love for Texas.  

But the NL is a little tougher. I don’t really like Larussa but I also dislike Selig and the Brewers are forever linked with his stench.

But I do like Braun & Fielder so I guess I gotta go Mil.

Meanwhile raise your hand if you knew Texas Ranger stud Nelson Cruz was originally a Met?

Yup we signed him as an amateur in ‘98 only to see Steve Phillips deal him for Jorge Velandia.


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  1. Luis Says:

    Too bad Phillips couldn’t have swung the deal where he wanted to trade Wright…(sarcasm)-Phillips is/was such a waste ..

  2. USMF Says:

    Say what you want about Omar, but Phillips wasted, or tried to waste more Mets talent than Omar ever did…Omar might have been a bad GM in may ways, but he was good at evaluating talent. At least when Omar made bad trades, it was before he came to NY.

    Anyone notice that there are no coastal teams in the Playoffs? I’m sure Selig is pissing his pants over that one.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Rooting for the Bengals and the Beer Makers!

    The Tigers just because the Rangers were there last year and the city of Detroit could use a nice lift!

    Rooting for the Bewers beacuase they haven’t been there in awhile and they have a 20 million lower payroll than the cards!

    Im sure MLB is rooting fo the teams with the best TV markets left. That is when they arfe going to feel it the worst, during the World Series and there isn’t that buzz about it!

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    I just hope bank of America pulls that commercial of theirs showing that goofy fat guy dancing with the skankee hat on. :P

  5. Common Sense Says:

    “Omar is/was a good talent evaluator” is one of the many urban legends about him.

    He sucked in every facet of the job. Look at the payroll and the W-L record. Look at Norfolk turning into Buffalo.

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    For the AL I’m rootin for the Tigers. In the NL I’m goin with the Brew Crew. If either team wins I’ll be happy, if only for the fact the Yanks and Phills aren’t in it. I think the Tigers winning the WS would be a huge booster for Detroit.

    I’m curious as to who was in charge when the current group of rookies were drafted. Beato, Gee, Mejia, Niese, Parnell, Duda, Tejada, F-Mart, Nieuwenhuis, etc. These guys have been been doing pretty good in the bigs and on the farm. Whoever OKd the drafting / signing of these guys deserves a lot of credit. Especially for a team who has a “barren” farm system.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’m rooting for the Tigers but would be ok with the Rangers in the AL, especially considering how classy they have been after the fan fell to his death. They are a classy organization and have handled that whole situation with grace.

    In the NL, I’m totally with the Brewers. I can’t stand LaRussa or Pujols.

    I’ll be shocked if the ALCS winner (likely Texas after Detroit squandered their chance to win last night’s game because 3B coach Gene Lamont is a f**king retard) doesn’t win it all, irregardless of the NL representative.

  8. BrooklynBill Says:

    I’ll be pulling for the Brewers until K-ROD comes in…even tho Nyger Morgan is just a tad bit annoying. F**K YEAH!!!!! What an idiot.

    hey how about Carlos Gomez - there’s one that got away (not)

  9. John In Athens Says:

    What’s the story with the Mets AAA leaving Norfolk?

    I thought it was just a trend in teams bringing their AAA teams closer to the MLB cities.

  10. IrishMike Says:

    John without actually looking it up I’d posit that Norfolk is closer to Queens than Norfolk/Tidewater. It’s got to be close.

  11. CowCrusher Says:

    In the Mets triple a team has been in Buffalo for the past few years. Of course, Syracuse would be the best spot since the Nats will bolt for a place closer to DC. I have a hunch that Richmond is in the works since the Braves went to Gwinnett a while back, I am sure that Toronto would rather be in Buffalo than in Las Vegas. Of course this makes sense for having The Mets in Syracuse for AAA which is only a little over an hour north of Binghamton AA.

  12. John In Athens Says:

    I just Google mapped it:
    Buffalo is fifteen minutes closer to Queens than Norfolk… which obviously does not explain why the team moved (especially since it moved to New Orleans first).

  13. John In Athens Says:


    ‘But 2006 was a season in which lines of communication were strained between the Tides and Mets. During the course of the Tides’ 57-84 season, Mets general manager Omar Minaya and assistant general manager Tony Bernazard failed to make a single trip to Norfolk to check on the club’s Triple-A team and its surroundings.

    “They took us for granted,” Rosenfield said.’

    Effing Omar and Tony…

  14. CowCrusher Says:

    Something didn’t work right there…
    To JiA

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