Attendance Down? SHOCKER!!

Word is attendance was down at City Field falling 8.1 percent from 2010 to approx 2.35 million .

Personally I think the Mets are lucky to have 2.35M fans trudge through the turnstiles. 

I can’t imagine how over 2M people would pay to see last year’s team.

Obtw I’m NOT mentioning the yankee romp.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    What a Scam this team is trying to pull now. They are going to offer a new “Dynamic Pricing Plan” this year. Is the 2012 team going to be “Dynamic”? Ah, that would be a flat out NO!

    They also want your money in now for season tickets! Just in case they don’t sign Jose Reyes or they decide to dismantle what is left of this team due to payroll cut backs during the winter, they want you paid up so you can’t “Bail Out”

    Of course attendance was down and it will be down again next year because you are going to be looking at possibly a last place finish (as the Nats will be better and the Fish will be signing big names for their new ball park)

    I have been to every other teams website and NOBODY is discussing next years tickets yet!

    So there is either a major cash flow problem AGAIN or they do not plan to sign Reyes or field a competitve team next year AGAIN!

    How dumb do they think people are?

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    FMFR, 2.35M people went to Shea2 last year. They think people are really really dumb and they are right.

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: every team is discussing next year’s season tickets, even those teams still playing this season. I got an email from the Nationals back (as I am on their email list for some reason which escapes me at the moment) back on August 4th advising me that if I wished to put down a down payment on season tickets for next year, I would be entitled to see the last two months of this year’s home games for free. Every team wants your money now for next year’s season tickets– at least they want a deposit. Next season is only six months away and the season schedule has been finalized for a while. Of course, they want people to make commitments now, but it’s not a demand: you can still get season tickets up to and during the season.
    As far as the dynamic pricing plan– it seems like a wacky idea to me too, but they are not alone in that. Besides, with a rebuilding club, chances are it will mean still lower prices most often. And there’s always stubhub for even better deals.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well maybe they can test this “Dynamic Pricing down here in Spring Training?

    When the temperature is between 70-85 degrees, they can jack up the prices.

    If it goes above 85 or below 70 they can reduce the prices.

    They used to ask for your deposit to be in by mid Dec, not the day before they don’t sign Reyes!

    I guess this confirms the lower end of the salary range they put out. Since they are reduing ticket prices they can reduce payroll!

    The problem is who is going to be playing? Will it be the St. Lucie Mets or the New York Mets?

    I think you will be looking at a “Dynamic Last Place Team” next year, since the Nats will be getting tougher (Strasburg, Harper, etc) and the Fish will be going crazy in the free agent market since they are moving to a new stadium and re branding as the Miami Marlins.

    May I suggest another 10% drop in attendance in Shea2 next year?

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Speaking about the above post, does anybody know if the Weather the day of the game will have an effect on the “Dynamic Pricing”?

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    Of course we’re not signing Jose Reyes…I think its practically a forgone conclusion at this point.

    I can’t believe the Mets are pulling this stunt AGAIN. Actually, I can. They did this several years ago with the Gold, Silver, Bronze tiered pricing plan. As if anyone knows going into the season which games would be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than others.

    2MM+ in attendance would actually be pretty good if that were accurate. I think the Mets included the dogs people brought to Bark in the Park.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This really sucks!….There are 7 teams, fans and blogs still talking about playoff basball and we are stuck with attendance figures, walls moving, and the new “Taco in a Helmet”!….Geeeeze!

  8. USMF Says:

    The reduction in prices is to get more money coming through the gates…you’d make more money from two people buying tickets for $30 than one person buying a ticket for $50. It’s basic supply and demand.

    Plus, the real money maker is from those people in the park paying for parking, beer, food and any other merchandising crap that people would buy.

    I’ve never been to CityFeild, but at Shea, I’ve spent more money on Beer and Food than I’d ever spent on tickets…same goes for Frontier Field here is Rochester, and it gets more expensive when I bring the kids…you have to buy Chicken Fingers, Hot Coco or Ice Cream (depending on weather) and cotton candy…that gets expensive. I’m sure CityField is the same way.

    But I’m sure that Sandy knows that, no matter what you do to adjust ticket prices, the only way to get more people watching the games (especially in NY) is to put a winner on the field.

    BB-I don’t buy into “forgone conclusions” it was a forgone conclusion that Jose was going to be traded mid-season, but that didn’t happen. I find it’s better just to wait and see and not assume anything. This is really the first year we get to see what Sandy’s approach to building a team is gonna be.

  9. IrishMike Says:

    “Speaking about the above post, does anybody know if the Weather the day of the game will have an effect on the “Dynamic Pricing”?”

    You may be joking but the answer is yes in a matter of speaking. On a day with a poor weather forecast ticket sales will be slower than normal in the day preceding and the day of the game. So prices will be lowered to entice fans to buy. The opposite will occur in a day expected to be beautiful. The Mets were bound to go to this type of pricing sooner than later - every team will be there soon. I went to two Giant games at Pac Bell in July under this pricing.

  10. IrishMike Says:

    By Adam Rubin

    The Mets have made major changes to their coaching staff. Here’s the team’s press release:

    The New York Mets today announced that Bench Coach Ken Oberkfell, Third Base Coach Chip Hale, First Base Coach Mookie Wilson and Bullpen Coach Jon Debus will not return to the major league club for the 2012 season.

    Tim Teufel will take over as Third Base Coach and Ricky Bones will become Bullpen Coach. Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens and Pitching Coach Dan Warthen will return to Manager Terry Collins’ staff in the same positions next year.

    Hale declined an offer to remain on Collins’ staff to pursue another Major League coaching opportunity. Wilson and Debus will be offered other positions within the organization.

    Teufel was the Manager of the Buffalo Bisons (AAA) of the International League for the 2011 season and Bones was Pitching Coach.

    The Mets will announce further additions to the Major League coaching staff in the coming weeks.

  11. Lord Charles Says:

    Be interesting to see what Teufel brings to the table. Thought he did a great job with B’lo this year and you have to wonder if he is next in line for the Mets’ manager spot. (Not pushing TC out by any stretch.)

  12. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I always said, “if it wasn’t for Mookie and Chip this club could have really made some noise this year.” Thank god those two losers have been put out to pasture. Tuefel will do a great job: I hear he’s a great high-fiver and his “take” signs are not to be missed. Plus in a pinch he can always play 2nd.

  13. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    If you want a good idea of how the Mets will deal with Reyes in the off-season, look no further than these coaching changes. Hey, who do fans love more than Mookie? Nobody. So, perhaps canning him tells us a little something about Sandy and TC’s consideration of fan’s sympathies.
    I guess Backman will move to AAA now, so that’s interesting.

  14. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Wow that was a bit surprising!…Knew Hale was going to the A’s, but Mookie was a shocker, guess we didn’t steal enough bases.

    I would have thought that the pitching coach would have also been gone!

  15. BrooklynBill Says:

    USMF - I’m reading between the lines…if Sandy declares October “Jose Reyes Month” then, it’s pretty obvious his mind is not made up. I suspect the Mets will drag this out & in the end, they’ll make it look like Reyes and/or his agent walked away, not the Mets.

    TDFKAB - Don’t fans love Mr. Met?

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BB: Please Don’t tell me they dumped Mr. Met!!

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