Ya’ Want Relish With That Yankee Loss?


Oh how BMF relishes a yankee playoff loss. 

I swear to God it warms my heart to see the Yankees lose their second game of the ALDS to the Tigers.

I always try to root NL but I gotta say I’d love to see Detroit win it all. The Tigers are such an old skool franchise, the city has gotten it’s ass kicked economically and I’ve always had family in Michigan.

And if they could dispatch the Yankees with ease in the first round it’d be SO FRIGGIN GREAT TO BE AROUND YANKEE FANS!!!!!

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    When the Mets are not playing I always root for the underog and the low payroll teams, like the Rays!

    I keep thinking that if the small market and low payroll teams continue to be productive that maybe the salaries and crazy spending by the the “haves teams” will one day be curtailed.

    Lets Go Rays!….and Tigers!

  2. USMF Says:

    FMFR-I’m with you on the underdog thing…even during a game, I end up rooting for the team that is losing the game…

    But I will always cheer against the Yanks, Phils and the Braves. I’m not the biggest fan of the Cards or Dodgers…but that distaste goes back over 20 years…that means that while I hate the Phils, I do have a hard time rooting for the Cards…it make me feel dirty.

    Lets go Brewers! Lets go Tigers!

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    “I keep thinking that if the small market and low payroll teams continue to be productive that maybe the salaries and crazy spending by the the “haves teams” will one day be curtailed.”

    Along those same lines, here is what each team spent “per win” this season (Payroll/Wins; values are in millions of dollars):

    Rays $0.5*
    Royals $0.5
    D’backs $0.6 *
    Indians $0.6
    Pirates $0.6
    Padres $0.6
    Blue Jays $0.8
    Marlins $0.8
    Nationals $0.8
    Brewers $0.9 *
    Athletics $0.9
    Reds $1.0
    Rangers $1.0*
    Braves $1.0
    Tigers $1.1*
    Cardinals $1.2*
    Rockies $1.2
    Orioles $1.2
    Astros $1.3
    Dodgers $1.3
    Mariners $1.3
    Giants $1.4
    Mets $1.5
    Angels $1.6
    White Sox $1.6
    Phillies $1.7*
    Cubs $1.8
    Twins $1.8
    Red Sox $1.8
    Yankees $2.1*

    Yankees 97 wins don’t seem quite as impressive when you consider they paid 4x as much per win as the Rays…

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well done LC!…Note that 2 0f the top 3 are in the playoffs also!

    I wish we could steal a few pages from the Rays playbook on how to build a team from the ground up.

    If Joe Madden is not the unanimous vote getter for Manager of the Year in the AL there should be an investigation!

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    “I wish we could steal a few pages from the Rays playbook on how to build a team from the ground up.”

    I do too. Of course step 1 in that playbook would be to let Reyes walk and bank the two compensatory 1st round draft picks (e.g. Carl Crawford).

  6. USMF Says:

    LC-I’d like to see how those numbers look over a 3-5 year span. Because of the huge gap in pay between guys who’ve been FA’s and gotten big contracts vs the guys who haven’t and get paid the minimum or have only gotten a year or two in arbitration and high priced players on the DL skews things a lot.

    I do think MLB needs to do something about the payroll structure…while I don’t think MLB needs a salary cap, they do need to change the rules on how the money gets distributed.

    I think it’s BS that teams like Florida and Pittsburgh gets tons of money but don’t have to put it towards payroll.

    My idea is, take all the luxury tax, national TV contracts and MLB merchandising and put it together as revenue sharing. Then rank the teams biased on payrolls. The team that spends the least amount gets the larger percentage of the money…but the only way a team can collect that money is by one of two ways.

    1. The team has to increase payroll and equal to or greater amount than what their shared percentage is. Example: The Marlins are slated to get 15mil from the Revenue Sharing pot, but only increase payroll by 8mil. They then only get 8mil of the 15mil and the 7mil goes back to the pot for the rest of the teams. The Royals are slated to get 10mil, and the they increase payroll by 12mil, they they get the whole thing. The Mets are slated to get 3mil, but lowers payroll, then they get nothing.

    This makes sure that low payroll teams spend money on the product on the field and high payroll teams feel that they aren’t just paying for some other owners 4th vacation home. It will also even the playing ground a little bit more…it will empower the low payroll teams to be more aggressive on going after FA’s and make high payroll teams think twice on signing guys like Burnett to big contacts just because they can.

    2. MLB needs to take a page from the NFL and implement a Franchise Player Tag. Example: If the Mets could slap a franchise tag on Reyes, then Reyes will get paid by evaluating his value compared to other players at his position (much the way arbitration currently works). A percentage of that money paid to franchise players will come from the Revenue sharing if you’re a low payroll team and high payroll teams will have a percentage of those salary’s subtracted from their taxable payroll.

    Of course you have to put restrictions on it to keep high payroll teams from franchising their entire roster to keep from paying out on revenue sharing.

    Imagine how good the Fish would be if they kept all the star players that they’ve pumped out and traded because they don’t want to sign big money contracts. Imagine is the Brewers could say: hey we can now afford keep Feilder? CC, Tex, Lee, A-Rod, Halladay Santana and Miguel Cabrera (to name a few) could all be on their original teams.

    Keeping star players on their original teams is good for each club and good for baseball.

    I hear a lot of people defend the Yanks payroll saying that they don’t buy their championships because they’ve brought up Jeter, Mo, Cano, Posada and the others. Sure, they brought them up, but almost any other team would have had to trade them years ago and rebuild because they couldn’t afford to pay them the way the Yanks could.

  7. Lord Charles Says:


    Here are the numbers over the last 3 years (asterisks denote playoff appearance):

    Padres $0.5
    Marlins $0.6
    Rays $0.7**
    Pirates $0.7
    Athletics $0.8
    Rangers $0.8**
    D’backs $0.8*
    Blue Jays $0.9
    Royals $0.9
    Reds $0.9*
    Nationals $0.9
    Indians $0.9
    Brewers $1.0*
    Rockies $1.0*
    Braves $1.0*
    Cardinals $1.1**
    Giants $1.1*
    Twins $1.1**
    Dodgers $1.2*
    Orioles $1.2
    Mariners $1.3
    Astros $1.3
    Tigers $1.3*
    White Sox $1.3
    Angels $1.4*
    Phillies $1.5***
    Red Sox $1.6*
    Cubs $1.8
    Mets $1.8
    Yankees $2.1***

    Also a good indication of how poorly the Mets have performed since moving to Citi.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    Successful teams are successful because they can evaluate talent. The Rays keep winning games despite losing players off their roster to free agency because they continuously draft and develop talented players. The Mets and Orioles and Cubs continue to spend lots of money and go nowhere because they are lousy at evaluating and developing youngsters.

    I hate the yankees, but they do develop good talent in addition to buying or trading for more of it. To say the only reason they do well is because of money is sour grapes. Having said that, GO TIGERS!!!

  9. USMF Says:

    LC-Nice…now I gotta think up another request for you..

    …I’d say the that the Mets probably have a huge difference in payroll vs amount payed to players actually playing games…I did some quick math, took the Mets 2011 payroll and subtracted out Santana’s, Perez’s, Castillo’s salaries and fractions Wirghts, Ikes, Bays, Reyes and others and subtracted out the money spent on GMJr and such and my numbers (not exact and non-scientific) show that the Mets spent about 77mil for the talent on the field while 66mil went to players on the DL or no longer on the team.

    77mil and 77 wins means they spent 1 mil per win and spent 66mil that went to nothing. I’m guessing that 2007-2010 showed similar ratios.

    This isn’t an excuse for the teams poor performance…and I’m sure almost every team could make a similar argument. It just shows that Sandy has to make better investment with the money he spends and honestly get much luckier. While many of the injuries in the past fours years could be expected, the overall amount is staggering and unpredictable.

    But back to your numbers…to me it shows that neither approach to payroll/roster is a guarantee for winning…either you build from within or sign big name FAs, if you’re not smart about it, you’re not going to win…

    Although I could argue that the Spanks have out spent their stupidity.

  10. USMF Says:

    B-Jake: I’d argue that the Spanks reputation for developing talent is vastly overrated…other than Cano and Nova (who’s TBD) the Spanks haven’t produced/developed a better than average player in 15 years.

    Even the guys who look good on the current roster are overrated because that park is a joke the the line up is stacked.

  11. IrishMike Says:

    “I’d argue that the Spanks reputation for developing talent is vastly overrated”

    Totally agree. The Yanks are living off the success of the core four who were drafted in the early 1990’s. But because it’s the Yankees they actually kept them (exceptong one detour by Pettite) for their whole careers so they are still helping the Yanks get credit for having found them. Had they all been drafted by Kansas City they’d all have had their HOF careers elsewhere and nobody would remember that they were found by the Yankees.

  12. rj Says:

    Cardinals $1.2*

    The greatest major league baseball franchise of all time. 10 WS championships and never tops in payroll. Forget asking the Rays how they do it ask the Cardinals who are only second to the Yankees as far as Championships go.

    The Yankees championships pale in comparison when talking championships versus money spent.

  13. rj Says:


    It’s not sour grapes to say the Yankees do well because of money it is pure fact. Youre not looking at the big picture. They can evaluate talent, trade and keep what they have without worry over a period of years because they have the luxury to never worry about money. They have the money to hire the right people to evaluate that talent and make good trades. It gives them the opportunity to put the highest payroll on the field every single year and if they don’t win with that they can get that big pitcher wearing that WS ring who goes free agent next season. Other teams can’t do that and have to hope that a Cliff Lee is not in this just for a fat contract..

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    Cano, the SS (Nunez?) getting set to take over for Jeter, the C (Montero) getting set to take over for Posada, those guys seem pretty good. Plus, they move lots of prospects in deals, like Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson. I’m not saying they lead the league in homegrown prospects, but they do develop a decent amount of them.

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    And I never said the money isn’t a factor. I said “To say the only reason they do well is because of money is sour grapes.” The key word is only. It’s not only the money. If it was, the Orioles and Mets and Cubs etc would be much much better than they are on an annual basis.

  16. USMF Says:

    Saying the Yanks developed Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson is like saying the Mets developed Phil Humber and Heath Bell…

    I’d wait a bit until we judge Montero and Nunez until they’ve performed at the MLB level for a couple of years.

    We could say that the Mets developed Ike, Ruben, Duda, Murphy, Neise and Gee…include guys like Turner, Thole, Parnell…The Mets have done a good job of developing players.

    Sure, some are one dimensional and haven’t proved themselves…but the young players aren’t the problem the Mets have now…it’s injuries to key players (Ike and Santana) and weak performances by high priced Vets (Wright and Bay)…But mostly it’s the lack of a top of the rotation pitchers and inconsistent bullpen performances.

  17. USMF Says:

    But like I said, the Spanks have over spent their stupidity …no one was stupid enough to over pay Possada, Giamibi, Jeter and AJ to name a few.

    Most other teams have to be smart about the money they’ve spent…ie: Like not giving Perez 36mil…the Mets can’t afford to make this kind of mistakes.

  18. Lord Charles Says:

    “but the young players aren’t the problem the Mets have now…”

    Exactly. From 2006-08, Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Bay, and Santana had the following yearly averages:

    CB: 77 XBH, 22 SB, OPS+: 134
    DW: 74 XBH, 23 SB, OPS+: 141
    JR: 66 XBH, 66 SB, OPS+: 111
    JB: 62 XBH, OPS+: 123
    JS: 229 IP, 229 SO, ERA+: 151

    You put all 5 of those average productions on this year’s squad, and you have a 90 win team, easily.

  19. BrooklynBill Says:

    Sandy touched on this during a recent broadcast booth visit - the Mets have not done a very good job ‘moving players thru the system’.

    They tend to hang on to players too long, waiting for them to season/develop etc at the expense of opening up roster spots for other young players. Player development also means letting go or trading away players when you should. I guess the trick is knowing when you should.

    Alex Ochoa was untouchable for way too long. Escobar is another example…these guys were highly touted OF prospects who never amounted to anything. F-MART, I realize he’s still raw but, we’ve been waiting on him for a while now.

    Yes, there is a fine line b/t rushing someone up and letting them develop…but, in my opinion the Mets have been very reluctant to pull the trigger on some guys b/c of

    A) the win now pressure in NY (which results in overpaying for FAs)
    B) still getting over the emotional damage of Generation K.

    Confidence is a shaky thing…I can understand the Mets wanting to protect some of the young players from exposure to failure. But, I do think the Mets have a tendency to overdue it.

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