Here We Go Again

Another post season with the Mets on the sidelines is one thing.

Another October of being subjected to watching the  Yankees and Phillies is just downright evil. 

I know we’re only 1 game into the playoffs but I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion the Mets 2 most hated rivals will once again be squaring off in the World Series.


As for the “controversial” Rollins comments about Reyes - who gives a flyin’ F about that. I’m not sure why he’s so concerned with Jose Reyes when he’s got a chance to win the WS but I don’t think he said anything so bad really.

He said he would’ve played the whole game which if you’re gonna sit down after 1AB you have to be prepared to hear.

Yeah he said Jose was a team player for the first time this season - it came in a back handed compliment but it’s not the most offensive thing to say.

Personally I think Rollins is just insecure about the fact Jose is about to get a significantly bigger contract this off-season. 

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  1. Original62Fan Says:

    I never quite understood why people call the Yankees “rivals” of the Mets. I dislike the Yankees as much as the next guy, mostly because of their fans, but they aren’t really rivals. They play in a different league that plays under different rules. Watching an Yankee (or any American League) game is like watching a super-heavyweight boxing match: two guys standing face to face, not moving and just slugging each other. Letting the pitcher bat (in the national League) is what makes baseball a thinking man’s game.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The main reason is that they both wear the N.Y. and only one can be on top dog in a given year!

    Yes I think we are rivals with the Skanks! We compete with them for the back page of the sports section….Fans….radio air time, but most od all repect and pride!

    We have not been coming out on top in recent years!

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    I think Rollins comments were spot on.

    I think the Brewers are going to win the NLCS and I still think the Tigers can knock off the yankees.

  4. Joltin' Joe Says:

    Anyone who thinks the Mets and Yankees are rivals is smoking crack.

    The Mets are inept, irreleveant, classless losers.

    The Yankees are dignified winners.

    The Mets eat the scraps left by the Yankees.

    You keep telling yourself it’s not that way and that the Subway Series matters. Freddie loves it when you think (and spend) that way.

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    Yo JJ,
    Are you talking about the “team” being dignified, or the “fans”
    Let’s see you have a “little league” designed ball park with questionable dimesions.
    You have a payroll that can bring in almost any great player in the MLB to be a “hired gun”. Cliff Lee was one of the few that said “no thanks”…and for many a good reason.
    Your fans are far from “dignified”….and the real fans shudder at the thought of very existence.
    So go sit on your laurels….in fact you can put can put them somewhere else as well, you Troll.

  6. John in Athens Says:

    Who cares what Jimmy Rollins thinks?

    Jose Reyes didn’t win the batting crown by going one for one on the last day of the season. He earned it by having a better batting average than every other player in the National League over the course of the entire season.

    Jimmy Rollins is good.

    Jose Reyes is awesome.

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Jose won’t be so awsome if he is not on the Mets next season:)

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    Go Cards. . Yeah I remember “06…..but they are better than the Philthiea and those ugly philthy phans!

  9. rj Says:

    Hey Joltin, Is it true that you are gay? I mean why else would you give up Marilyn Monroe?

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