Please Shut the F Up Mets Fans!!!


It’s an incredible personal achievement and now we as a franchise can tick off one more item on the “Still haven’t had” list.

I really hope we can behave ourselves and refrain from bashing Jose because we run the VERY REAL RISK of alienating our prodigal son.

I know the clowns on talk tv and radio will do their best to stir up controversy but we as a fanbase can’t allow ourselves to be baited into that. 

The one thing Jose loves about NY is the fans and the energy we provide. If he feels we’ve turned on him or simply aren’t celebrating with him like he deserves he may just end up in Frisco.

I was shocked and dismayed Reyes came out after 1 AB… But I understand 1,000% why he did it. 

I know it’s fun to say “Ted Williams is rolling over in his cryogenic state” but there’s loooooonnnggg list of batting champs that took limited AB’s in game 162 or didn’t play at all. 

Personally I thought Jose could easily have picked up 2-3 hits to slam the door and it woulda been great to see but the guys just won a batting crown with a .336 BA — YOU CAN’T BE MAD AT HIM!!!!

He’s in the record books and now has a tremendously sexy stat to thrown around in contract negotiations.

I know the people who went to the game were hoping he’s play 9 but that’s life.

It’s too bad it all happened so fast. I can’t figure out why Collins didn’t let him take the field and call him off from SS. It would have given the crowd a chance to cheer him and it would’ve felt a little less like a blindside.

Regardless we gotta get over any childish, pettiness regarding game 162. 

Because we can’t afford to be anything less than 100% supportive, welcoming and loving to Jose right now. The next 8-10 years are too important.

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    “The next 8-10 years are too important.”

    If the Mets sign Reyes to an 8-10 year contract, then I will take back EVERYTHING I’ve ever said or thought about Alderson being a smart GM, because that would be insane. Anything more than 5 guaranteed is a real risk; 8-10 would be mind-numbingly crazy.

    While I won’t hold the move against Reyes if he resigns, I still think it was a punkish move, and moreover, I think the “damage” of possibly being seen as a “me first player” will potentially outweigh the value of the “Batting Title,” especially when you consider the increase in SABR in front offices, and the general devaluing of BA.

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    LC: I disagree. If the Mets sign Reyes to a long term contract (and I don’t think it would really be 8-10 years) it’s making a commitment to a franchise player as you move forward towards building a championship caliber club. Despite the recent financial debacles with the Madoff clawback suit (much of which has been dismissed) the Mets remain one of the most valuable of all sports franchises and in the largest of US markets. It’s only crazy to sign Reyes to a big deal if it means you won’t be able to make other deals. I think the whole idea of breaking down contracts to “years” is sort of misleading, anyhow. It’s really about the dollars rather than the years. I don’t think you can evaluate the Pedro Martinez signing or the Beltran signing or the Santana signing totally or even mainly on the way that player performs in the last year or years of his contract. If it costs 120 million to sign Reyes and he has only five good seasons of his hypothetical eight year deal, so what? Just change the divisor if you want to focus on the years. So he costs $24 million a year for those five years, rather than 15 million for the eight you had hoped for. Is that really significant? Five good years from Reyes, along with some other significant signings and the development of some good young players could easily yield a championship or two. So the calculus, for me, is the amount the club is willing to invest in a player and the possible returns on that investment, rather than how long the player is going to continue to perform at his current elevated level.

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that people are seemingly forgetting the Mets when crowning the Red Sox and Braves as the “Worst September Collapses Ever?” While they did blow bigger leads, with 17 games left, the Mets were up 7, while the Braves were up 6.5 and the Sox only 4.5.

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    My concern is that I don’t think the Mets will get 5 good years out of Reyes. Guys who’s primary weapon is speed (not to mention shortstops) often start to see significant dropoffs in production around 30-31, just look at guys like Vince Coleman, Rafael Furcal, Jimmy Rollins, and even Alan Trammell and Carl Crawford). Given that Reyes will turn 29 next year, and has been hurt each of the last 3 seasons, I think the odds of getting 5 good seasons out of him over the next 8 years are extremely low, with 3 out of the next 5 being much more realistic.

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    It’s too bad that MLB didn’t have a franchise tag that the Mets could slap on Reyes for next year so they could see what he an Wright do with a healthier complement of players (Ike, Murph, full season from Duda) and, more importantly, the fences moved in. Then, depending on the outcome of that experiment, make the decision to move on with both of then, or neither, if necessary.

  6. JoeG Says:

    Disagree w/BMF-fans paid to see Reyes possible last game… it out to at least 2-3 ABs-have confidence that you can go 2 for 4-that’s what expected of you-very disappointed in Jose and Terry Collins. As far as signing him….agree with LC-to me….anything longer than 4 years is a serious risk and limits what we can do to address other team needs……how happy do you think BoSox fans are that they have Carl Crawford for the next 6 years and they hate him already……..BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, by telling us to shut the f up, aren’t you running the risk of alienating your blog audience. Yet you did it because you felt it was right. Some of us think bashing Jose for the pathetic pre-planned decision is right, because it told us he has no faith in his own skills (and that’s the comparison to Ted Williams I focus on).

    As I stated yesterday, after that move, I’m fine with him leaving and will be happy if the Mets use the $ to seek starting pitching on short-term, high $ contracts.

    tdfkabl, you’re reasoning is solid in theory but the reality is most organizations look at payroll year-to-year and so they take what is on the books for the next year and then add or subtract, they don’t say they already received good value and so the extra year of money isn’t a big deal. Of course, the teams that consistently compete these days (besides Tampa) take the attitude of spending whatever it takes to bring in the talent necessary.

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    “because it told us he has no faith in his own skills”

    Speaking of skills, how about that bunt? To me, and as Brooklyn Bill brought up yesterday, the biggest question in all of this is, “Where has that been all season?” Sprinkling in a few more of those over the course of a season would have not only helped the Mets, but it would have put Reyes far enough ahead in the batting average race that yesterday’s drama would have been non-existent.

    If he does come back next year, I hope TC is quick to remind him of that…

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Bjake: as always, I respect your opinion. But I still don’t see how you can really turn on a guy you’ve supported for nine years, over basically one at bat. He didn’t ask out of playing the game. He came, the fans got to see him, he got a hit. Then, by prearrangement, he came out to give him the best shot at keeping his batting title lead. And in typical Mets fashion his departure from the game was mishandled. I can’t go too crazy over that.
    Braun has been minimizing his AB’s over the past week or so, coming out of one game early and entering another only to PH. Reyes banged out two HR’s the day before, gave the fans lots of thrills, and just wanted to try and sit on his lead for part of one last day.
    I didn’t like it myself when it happened; I still don’t like it, but the idea that it somehow tells you everything you need to know about Reyes and his priorities seems a bit overdone. He’s been a great Met, and I would love to see him continue to be one.

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Who cares about Reyes. I can’t believe—ok, yes I can—how Mets fans can find ANY REASON to complain and call a guy a bum! I’m thrilled he got the title and I really don’t care that he didn’t play out the game, even though I believe he would have gone 3-4 given the chance. WE WON THE BATTING TITLE. Omg, enjoy it!

    We also got to see two amazing upsets, including the HATED HATED HATED Braves. I hate them more than the Phillies!! So today is a happy day FOR ME. Period, the end.

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sorry everybody!!!….The numbers just don’t add up to keeping Reyes. If the Mets are going to keep a $100 million dollar payroll.

    (Numbers in bold are guaranteed salaries; all other numbers are projections)


    J.Santana – $24 million
    M. Pelfrey – $5.2 million
    R.A. Dickey – $4.75 million
    J. Niese – $0.45 million
    D. Gee – $0.43 million


    B. Parnell – $0.54 million
    P. Beato – $0.42 million
    T. Buchholz – $.75 million
    D.J. Carrasco - $1.2 million


    R. Paulino – $1.69 million
    J. Thole – $0.43 million


    I. Davis – $0.45 million
    D. Murphy – $0.45 million
    R. Tejada – $0.43 million
    J. Turner – $0.43 million
    D. Wright – $15.25 million
    N. Evans – $0.43 million


    J. Bay – $18.1 million
    A. Pagan – $4.34 million
    F. Martinez – $0.43 million
    L. Duda – $0.43 million
    J. Pridie – $0.43 million

    That’s $81 million so far, but we should allot at least another $1 million to fill the remaining bullpen spots.

    I haven’t mentioned Francisco Rodriguez yet – the Mets are on the hook for at least $3.5 million to buy out his 2012 option, but it certainly looks like it will vest. If that happens, it will spare us the growing pains of Parnell or Beato in the closer’s role. But it will tack on another $17.5 million to the 2012 payroll, bringing us to $98.5 million.

    If the 2012 budget is $100 million, it looks like keeping Reyes is out of the question unless Sandy Alderson can trade away other high-salary players.

    ConGrats to the RAYS with a payroll of about $40 million. Maybe we should be stealing a page from their playbook. Pitchinhg, Pitching and more Pitching….sprinkle in some defense!

  12. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FGMF: how great was last night’s baseball? I agree: I can’t stop smiling about that. It was MLB at its best. I had three games on at once, flicking back and forth all night. Totally awesome baseball evening. Such drama.

  13. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: must be some pretty good sh*t you’re smoking!! Francisco Rodriguez………………. uh, oh Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

  14. A Phanatic Says:

    He took himself out of a game to win an individual award ‘for the fans’. So who is going to buy a replica Batting Average Crown of

  15. A Phanatic Says:

    Finished a task this morning. Can’t be more productive than 1 for 1, so i shall be leaving for the day.

  16. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Bottom line Ryan Braun still has more at bats in his season and ours is over!!

  17. Original62Fan Says:

    I rescind my attack on IrishMike from yesterday.

    After reading Jose’s statement after the batting title was official, I changed my mind. When you look at his career, it is a crowning moment for him.
    With all of the early injuries, the thyroid condition, the hamstrings, all of the lost time on the DL. When you think of it all, Jose never lost heart. He played hard every day. He never lost his smile. He deserves the title for himself, his fans, New York and the Dominican Republic.

    BTW - I still love you IrishMike.

  18. IrishMike Says:

    “the Mets are on the hook for at least $3.5 million to buy out his 2012 option, but it certainly looks like it will vest. If that happens, it will spare us the growing pains of Parnell or Beato in the closer’s role. But it will tack on another $17.5 million to the 2012 payroll, bringing us to $98.5 million”

    How did you manage to turn that $3.5 million into $17.5 million?

  19. IrishMike Says:

    Orig62 - that’s what I am afraid of.

    I’m enjoying the back and forth on Jose and I probably land in the “middle” on the whole thing - cheesy move, poorly executed (take the field for God’s sake) but the famous Ted Williams story aside this type of thing has been done plenty of times. Right there in the same series Brandon Phillips came out of the game Tuesday night when he got his average to .300 and then didn’t play yesterday. Our boy Los B did the same thing.

    But after being consumed and annoyed by the Jose drama all afternoon yesterday I watched the most thrilling night of baseball I can remember - epic comebacks, extra innings, rain delays, meltdowns…by 10:00 P.M. it was Jose who? What an incredible finish to a season that supposedly had no September drama to it. Wow.

  20. USMF Says:

    FMFR: Sandy came out and said that payroll will be $110-120mil next year…So I say we could still resign Reyes…

    Adding a closer could be costly, and we need one badly…I don’t think Paulino will be back and rumors (which should never be taken seriously) say that Pagan is done here.

    Both moves I agree with…I’d rather see Pride play center until Kirk is ready for a shot…or even better, I’d move Wright to CF and put Muprh at 3rd

    Personally, I’d dump Pelf and resign Cappy for $2.5mil +/-. Sadly Cappy is a better pitcher and that’d save the team about $3-4mil.

    The biggest thing Sandy has to focus on is have a payroll match what the team is able to bring in revenue. So his questions is; does have a higher payroll lead to more revenue from ticket sales, TV and merchandising? Maybe, but the only way to make any money in NY is to win. Sure, having Reyes (or any other marketable star player) will bring in money in merchandising sales, but it’s the W that brings in the bandwagon fans and keeps us real fans interested.

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    Agree with all about how compelling last night’s games were…and how much fun it was to watch the Red Sox unravel again.

    tdfkabl, I’ve had a night to sleep on it and I’m still disgusted by Reyes. That said, I won’t boo him if the team re-signs him, but I won’t care very much if they don’t. And while not re-signing him might be the wrong move for the Mets, if they take that money and use it on serious starting pitching, then the team will be that much better for it.

  22. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    There was so much drama switching around between those games last night. Just one example: watching the O’s comeback to against the Bosox, flicking the channel over to Yanks/Tampa just in time to see the announcement come on the scoreboard and hear the crowd react. Cut to Longoria striding to the batter’s box. And it was like that all night long. It was like some giant Bill Webb choreographed MMOG. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  23. bryen Says:

    how many of you were ticked off when he hit two homers the day before and was called out for a curtain call.. leave the kid alone, he did what most of you would have done in the same boat.. He played his heart out this year, and was the only true reason to watch this team after the all-star break..

    some you have all the qualities of a dog except loyalty..

  24. USMF Says:

    Can’t say I’m disgusted by what Reyes did, but I’m a little disappointed…

    …I’m assuming Met Fans would rather have Reyes go 1-4 and lose the title then go 1-1 and win it…Being Mets fans means we never do things the easy way, so why should our players?

    But on the other hand, Players have been doing what Jose did for a 100 years…why should we get so disgusted by Jose? Deadspin did a nice article

    “Jose Reyes Is A Selfish, Gutless, Stat-Padding Quitter (Just Like Derek Jeter)”

    It shows that even the “Great Derek Jeter” bowed out early in 2008 to protect his stats.

  25. BlondiesJake Says:

    tdfkabl, there have been other criticisms of Reyes over the years, including questions about him dogging it at times (remember the fiasco with BIC Willie because he didn’t run out a ground ball). In those instances, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. In this case, I can’t get past the feeling he didn’t have faith in his own abilities. Heck, it was a great bunt, but as was pointed out, he has barely bunted all year. The likelihood of him being thrown out on a bunt is small, if anything, the likelihood of him bunting foul is greater than him being out on that type of play. I’m not killing him for that, but I do think it also told me he was worried about not getting hits and took the paths of least resistance. That’s not the type of ballplayer I like rooting for and so I’m no longer a big fan of his. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m saying that’s how I feel.

    FGMF, how come because you don’t agree with the stance of some of us who don’t think what Jose did was right, then suddenly those of us who do are “finding ANY REASON to call the guy a bum?” Why aren’t we allowed to criticize?

    bryen, if somebody does something good one day, you’re not allowed to call him on something you believe to be bad the next day?

  26. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    BJake, relax—you can complain or argue to your heart’s content. I’m super busy with work and just checked in to cheer for the Mets because we finally won a batting title AND the Braves choked. Go crazy, criticize your heart out if that’s your idea of fun. Today is a good day! We should all have fun. :) I say that without sarcasm—I have love for all the BMF regulars. Even the Phan!

    Anyway, sorry to have been absent lately for all the excitement around here, but happy off-season to everyone! Looking forward to playing Hot Stove this winter with all y’all.

    Here’s to 2012!!


  27. foxster Says:

    what’s the big deal about Jose Reyes not playing a complete game to insure his batting average and a batting title? as i recall Brooklyn Dodger Carl Furillo won the batting title after suiffering a broken hand in a brawl with The Giants. his hand was in a cast and he wasn’t able to compete the last portion of the 1953 season and no one could reach the average that was left frozen.

  28. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, you win the prize today. I commented, you bashed me and others like me with ALL CAPS, I responded to that, you told me to relax. Well played!

  29. Jomama Says:


  30. ProfessorReyes Says:

    What a night for baseball. WOW.

    Hear Hear, BMF. Exactly. He won the batting title AS A MET. We all have that now, so a huge Thank You to José for the way he’s played all year, and for getting the title FOR US. For once (if god forbid he goes), we have a player that has a league-wide as a Met, and not after he goes to elsewhere and pitches phenomenally or etc. etc., just not enough space to list them all. For once!!

    Don’t forget they also faced a very different set of pitchers coming up to the finish line, and Braun was running neck-in-neck with José.

    My only thought is a positive one. Congratulations, and THANK YOU.

  31. ProfessorReyes Says:

    *league-wide accomplishment*

  32. CowCrusher Says:

    We wouldn’t be true NY Metropolitans fans if we didn’t call what Reyes did a “bum” move, otherwise somebody would of done it for us:)
    Whether Reyes is aware of it or not, it appears that he has put himself in a “punk” position. If he doesn’t get himself out of this “Peter Pan” mental state, then the Mets are better off without him.

  33. CowCrusher Says:

    I suggest that Keith have a “Father-Son” chat with Jose. No matter where winds up next season and beyond , “Punks” don’t get commercial endorsements, and that’s where the real money is.

  34. CowCrusher Says:

    I meant “where he winds…”

  35. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Congratulations to Rays!!!…..What a comeback and year considering they lost 10 players from last years team.
    Maybe we can pattern ourselves and steal a page from their playbook. A ton of pitching tonight and defense.

    40 MIL payroll….Go Rays!!!.._.Will be there Mon night!!

    Gotta love them sweeping Spanks!!!

  36. BrooklynBill Says:

    Another point on Jose. I think some fans find his antics endearing, that it’s just ‘Jose being Jose’ the way ‘Manny being Manny’ was to Boston…it’s not his fault, he’s just full of energy, enthusiasm, has so much fun yada yada yada.

    To me, Jose Reyes appeals to the silly dumbed down Met fans who goto Subway Series games to chant “Yankees Suck!”.

    While some of us older, wiser fans find Jose Reyes somewhat of an annoying dog, who is already overpaid.

    I’ll take him back for 3-4yrs 10-11MM/per. Otherwise, I’d rather have Jose Oquendo at SS.

  37. old timer Says:


    Never thought I’d hear someone else call Jose Reyes a dog and say they don’t like his antics.

    I would have said Raffie Santana over Jose Oquendo.

    Still would take Jose over Rey Ordonez though.

    Hey longtime BMF participants. Listen to BrooklynBill. You don’t like it when non-regulars say such things but they’re true “irregardless” (as blowhard Dude Formerly Known says) of who says them.

    I agree on those contract terms, BTW. Open w 3 years, club option for 4. Go as far as 4 with club option for 5. Avg annual pay $8 to $10 mill.

    Reyes doesn’t care about winning at all. He has an easy life here with extended family in Long Island. Mets will be in driver’s seat bc the opportunity to go to the WS every year with some real organization means nothing to him bc winning means nothing to him.

    Therefore, the Mutts may get him for a fraction of what we fear, esp since smart money teams have a giant poster in their offices with the word “hamstrings” on it to remind them not to get all Omar on the situation and give Reyes dumb money.

  38. Met_Maven Says:

    I still can’t believe that Reyes is the first person in baseball history to do something like this to protect a batting title. Its shocking. This totally negates all 530+ ABs he had all season. He totally dogged it this year. In fact I think he was trying extra hard this year so he could get signed to a huge contract. I hope this doesn’t catch on, other players might start doing that too.

    This was one of the few positives the Mets had going for them this season. While this wasn’t handled the best way, he was going to win weather he came out in the first or was pulled after his next AB.

    While I don’t think he should get Crawford money, (nobody should get that much). $20 million a year is insane. I’d offer him a 5 year $60 / mill club option for 6th year, and incentives for stolen bases, winning batting title, leading team in BA, stuff he can attain but would still have to work for.

  39. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Reyes made $11MM this year, so I think the chances of him signing for an average of $12M a year are about as good as the chances of Terry Francona managing the Sox next year. $80 over 5 is probably a more realistic offer, but even that is probably lower than what he’ll get in the open market.

  40. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, you are right. But I don’t think he will accept an offer that isn’t at least $100M and somebody will give it to him and I won’t blame either side for doing so.

    I just hope the Mets make their best offer and say take it or leave it by the time the exclusive negotiating window ends and if he takes it, fine, and if he doesn’t, move on and sign some starting pitching (and I don’t mean Pelfrey).

  41. BrooklynBill Says:

    This is where the sports agent comes in.

    I would never make this case, however, a very slick agent could make the argument that Jose Reyes is the best player on the Mets.

    And, a very sharp agent would back that up with all kinds of twisted stats like the Mets winning % when he’s in the lineup vs. the winning % when he’s out, so on & so forth.

    Next, the clever agent would point to merchandising revenues generated of the #7, etc, etc.

    Now, the evil agent claims that based on all the above, shouldn’t his client, Jose Reyes, be the highest compensated Mets player???

    That would take him to 19MM/per right away which is probably where the agent wants to start from anyway. If I’m Sandy, that is a total non-starter. Adios!

  42. BrooklynBill Says:

    I see bad blood here….already, there is about an $8MM gap in what the Mets will probably want to pay and what the agent wants. Even with most of the Madoff stuff thrown out, I can’t see the Mets meeting in the middle.

    It can get ugly if the agent is really, really evil and tries to make race an issue. Like, how come the Mets are paying white players like Bay and Wright $16M+/per year but refuse to give my hispanic client, who just won the batting title and owns a piece of Mets history a measly $15MM????????

    Ay caramba, dios mio! Hopefully it doesn’t go there!

  43. BrooklynBill Says:

    Oh man, it gets worse!!! The agent will say the Mets traded Beltran and inserted a white guy in RF!!

    The Mets made Thole the starter over Paulino even tho Thole can’t catch the ball!

    The Mets traded K-ROD and are grooming Parnell as his replacement!!!

    Of course, I don’t buy into any of it but, you can see where this can go.

    This could get ugly.

  44. Lord Charles Says:

    “already, there is about an $8MM gap in what the Mets will probably want to pay and what the agent wants.”

    Since when? We have no idea what the Mets want to pay, but Alderson is a smart man; he’d make no offer before offering a contract at of $11MM knowing full well that it is an insulting offer.

    If that truly is as much as the Mets were willing to spend, then they would have traded him this summer. Given that they didn’t, I think it is safe to assume that the Mets are willing to offer a number that they feel will be at the least, reasonable (years, and dollars).

  45. USMF Says:

    I think the big hang up is going to be the guaranteed length of the deal.

    If Sandy wanted, I’m sure he could easily back load the deal so he could keep Reyes for a reasonable price this year, but jump up after the Madoff stuff is settled and the Mets are able to get back into a competitive state…

    But how many years do you give him? Reyes wants a long term deal…Sandy has to concerned about his health. Reyes is a speed guy who has a limited time before his speed is going to go away…

    Now Reyes did show that his value is more than stolen bases…ie; you can’t still first base…but it is a one year bounce in BA and OBP….is this who Reyes is going to be, or was this a one year spike?

    But yes, Reyes is easily the best player on the Mets…Maybe a full year of Ike could take over that position…but it hasn’t happened yet.

  46. BlondiesJake Says:

    BrooklynBill, if not Reyes, who is the best player on the Mets? I don’t think you need to be slick to make the case for him. In fact, considering Ike is injured, Wright isn’t the Wright of old, Bay has been a bust, Duda is up and coming but now also hurt, Murphy is also hurt and Angel is dumb as a box of Pagans, who on earth could possibly be better than Reyes?

  47. BlondiesJake Says:


  48. BrooklynBil Says:

    BJ - Best or most valuable? Its ok, I’ll take no reply as most valuable :)

    LC - don’t know what Mets are willing to pay. I know I hope its not more than 10-12 per even tho that’s a lot less than they pay those underperforming white guys!

    Forget about Moneyball, can the Wilpons put a price on alienating their latino fan base???

  49. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BrooklynBill: all that racial stuff you are throwing out today is just bulls**t. Sounds more like the guy who signs on as some version of Nomar Sotominaya than you, in fact. As for the rest of it, we’ll just have to see what happens, but really there’s not much question that Reyes is the best player on the club, as well as the most valuable player. You don’t need a slick agent to see that.

  50. rj Says:

    @foxster First of all don’t you ever ever ever ever ever compare today’s player with the guys from yesteryear. There is no comparison. Those old time guys were men who fought in wars………..and how freakin ridiculous is it to compare an inury to what Reyes did? Are you on crack???

  51. rj Says:

    The Met fans have spoken. What Reyes did was a punk move and to me it was a clear indication that he wants big dollars and doesn’t care where he gets it. AND LETS PUT IT THIS WAY MET FANS if we pay him he’ll break his leg and if he walks he’ll become a 5 time all star with another team.. This team has always been damned if we do and damned if we don’t…

  52. rj Says:

    You know what I say to the Mets Latino fan base? F’ Them!

    A Mets fan is not a fan when he roots for one player because he is from a certain ethnic background. A Mets fan is a fan who roots for the whole team.

    If they want to leave if Reyes does..i got one thing to say ..Adios!!!

  53. BrooklynBill Says:

    TDFKAB - I agree it’s BS but I wouldn’t put it past an agent to play that BS race stuff.

    Gets worse if you look at this way - the Mets replaced a Minaya with an Alderson, a Manuel with a Collins!

    RJ - not sure the Mets can disregard a huge % of the NY demographic just like that.

  54. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Excuse me, but I don’t believe “the Mets fans have spoken,” if you’re going by the comments people are posting on blogs. I ‘d like to speak for everybody who is too busy to read/post repeatedly (as I usually am but as I know I’ve done here) on a blog, and for those who just don’t want to engage in the little dust devils of negativism on their fave blog….a million different blogs, a million little dust devils. There are those who think differently but just don’t care to join the fray, or are too busy.

    Anyway, I’m moving on and looking forward to see what the coaching staff/roster will become (as I swear somebody on here said, I just can’t find it).

  55. BrooklynBill Says:

    Lost in all the Reyes commotion is the disappointing fact that we finished BEHIND the pesky Nats who, to their credit, finished 1 game under .500

    Scary thing is, they were almost a .500 club without Strasburg and a healthy Ryan Zimmerman who only played 100 games and had less that 400 ABs.

    What the hell is going to happen next year!!???

  56. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Professor, if you ever have time to meet for a beer, I would love to meet you!

  57. Ed Koolman Says:

    Congrats to Chipper Jones and his wife who have welcomed a new baby into the world, the little tyke will be named September Collapse Jones.

  58. BlondiesJake Says:

    Dust Devils of Negativism. Nice phrase. Some of us call it voicing our opinions, sometimes praising, sometimes criticizing. But nice phrase.

  59. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Thanks FGMF, if I were younger (no kid), freer (no kid), and richer (no kid), that would be a great idea, lol.

    And thank you, BJ. I don’t understand why you always take everything so personally tho; I guess I’m just not used to men being like that.

    We’re behind Tampa Bay all the way here.
    I was hoping those Phillie lefties would have to pull much harder when they get to Busch, but there’s really not that much difference in the dimensions. Oh well.

  60. rj Says:

    It’s like this either you are a Met fan or you are not a Met fan. What i said relates to people who come on board and jump overboard because of a specific ethnicity. I hate that kind of fan but I also understand that most Italians are Yankee fans because of Joe DiMaggio. The difference is that most of them stayed Yankee fans. I’m hoping that most of the latinos stay Met fans but if they leave because Reyes isn’t there then Adios Muchachos! I was also against people saying Omar was making the Mets latino. I didn’t care what they were as long as they could play. I know the deal. The fact is you see people from all backgrounds wearing the Reyes shirt but if they only care about what it says on the back then you can never be a Met Fan. The true Met fan only cares what it says on the front of the shirt. METS

  61. rj Says:

    Professor…a good percentage of Met fans are saying he tanked…deal with it

  62. CowCrusher Says:

    I understand where you are coming from but I agree with the “dustdevils”…. He pulled a “punk” move and he will pay for it (no or very endorsements, especially if he legs blow out again) Also “Latinos” are not a race, they are a culture. Don’t get me started on the “Los Mets” b.s. because in the United States we speak “American ” which is English-based but also contains a cornucopia of words and phrases from a multitude of cultures found no where else. The “lexicon” of this great nation is indeed immense, and it enriches us all, but we need a common root to bring us all together.

  63. CowCrusher Says:

    I meant : no or few endorsements, especially if his legs blow out.

    Dang iPod :)

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