Ruben A-OK

Check out Ruben Tejada and his 4 RBI on the day.

Sophist shorty post today:

BMF is really becoming a BIG Tejada fan.  I CERTAINLY don’t want Jose leaving but at least we have an insidCe policy in case Jose leaves.

And if he stays Tejada will bump over to second - this kid jaz a career ahead of him.

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - loosen your cap, you’re wearing it way too tight. There were points and counterpoints which, is the way it’s supposed to be. At no point was anyone argumentative, at least not from my perspective.

    Good for Tejada. He has shown a lot of development from last season. Between the DL stints and Tejada, the Mets are holding a lot of cards. We can dictate a price on Reyes and if he and his agent don’t like it, we have another SS. If we signed Reyes at all costs, the Mets lose credibility from this fan. If they hold their grown & refuse to overpay, they will have earned a lot of credibility.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    “We can dictate a price?” Your kidding right!….There are going to be at least 4 other teams besides the Mets!

    We are not dealing from strength!….Don’t get hooked on Sept stats.

    Tejada is not that good!

  3. USMF Says:

    Um yeah, I like Tejada and I don’t want to put him down…but dude has a carreer OPS (including minors) of .646! (that’s Castillio 2008 territory) He strikes out more than he walks…he doesn’t hit for any power and has no speed. he’s got a decent glove, but it’s not really as good as we want to think it is…in most advanced fielding metrics, Tejada is pretty average defensively.

    What worries me even more is; when Tejada first comes up from AAA, he looks pretty good at the plate, but them he starts to trend down pretty quickly…does his swing get long as the season goes, or is he getting exposed as a weak hitter?

    As much as I like Tejada, he doesn’t excel at anything, he’s a backup middle infielder…nothing more.

    Now I understand that money is tight for the Mets…I understand that Reyes is gonna get paid and will have a few clubs going hard after him I also understand that giving a guy whose biggest weapon is his legs with injury concerns is risky…I know you can’t give him 7 years (at least without giving yourself an out). But Sandy has to make a legitimate attempt to sign him. If we don’t, then 2012 and beyond are gonna be complete busts.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    BB, you can call it whatever you want. But in general, you make statements, people debunk them with real stats and facts, yet you refuse to admit you are wrong.

    Also, this is the second time (at least) since you asked me to stop name mangling and poking fun that you have done so yourself. If you want others to respect you, you need to respect them. Didn’t anybody ever teach you that?

  5. IrishMike Says:

    While I generally agree with USMF on Tejada let’s remember he is only 21 years old and could conceivably still be improving. It’s funny but with Daniel Murphy everyone was quick to believe that this year was the real Daniel Murphy - that his .320 BA was indicative of who he really is as opposed to the .270 hitter that he has been (neither version of Murphy can field). But when Tejada’s offensive numbers take a jump it is somehow not indicative of who he really is or is becoming as a player.

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    There has been a tremendous change in Tejada this season from last. Last year he would swing at everything, looked totally lost at the plate and wasn’t that great fielding. He has improved a lot from last year, hes gotten better in just about every category.

    2010 NYM 78 216 28 46 61 12 0 1 15 22 3 38 2 2 .213 .305 .282 .588 1.13
    2011 NYM 88 297 25 83 99 14 1 0 32 32 2 47 4 0 .279 .356 .333 .689 1.20

    Not saying he’s the ideal person to replace Jose should Reyes sign elsewhere, nor am I saying he’s the answer to 2nd base. What I am saying is for 21, hes a damn good player who shows potential to become a solid infielder and an asset.

  7. USMF Says:

    IM, you do have a point, but Tejadas numbers have been pretty consistent throughout his Major and Minor league career so it’s hard to imagine any drastic change.

    Now, it could be argued that Rubin has been pushed through the system pretty fast and played above his development level. You could also say that it’s possible that Rubin will fill out as he gets older and get a little more pop…both are true…

    Odds are, Tejeda will not get faster with age…that’s pretty obvious. And even filled out, Rubin will never be a big HR guy.

    So if Rubin has no speed and little power and it’ll take him a few years to fully develop anyways and his skills with the bat aren’t good enough to hit MLB pitchers everyday…what do we do? give him a few years, and he might be a very good hitter given time to develop?

    It keeps bringing us back to the point that Rubin needs time to develop…which is fine, the kid was rushed through the system and has done admirably, I give him a ton of credit…but we are talking about giving him a starting job next year possibly at Short (replacing guy who’s top 2 or 3 at his position) when we are hoping that he can develop into something more than what he is…but we still want to compete next year?

    It ain’t gonna happen…if Rubin is our SS, then we are looking at another 4th place finish.

    BTW: you look at most MLB players who start their careers at such a young age, while they did get better as they filled out but who they were are 21 was a good indicator of who they will be their whole career. Sure, sticking him in AAA all next year and maybe the year after that would do him a lot of good development wise…but his MLB clock has already started ticking…it’s hard to get a guy going than sit on him and let him mature in AAA a few years…oh yeah, he might be our starting SS, forget that.

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    I will give Tejada this, his OPS and OPS+ his first two seasons (Age: 20-21; 168 games) are significantly better than Omar Vizquel’s during his first two seasons (Age: 22-23; 224 games). Obviously, Vizquel was one of the great defensive shortstops of all-time, but he was able to develop into a guy who would hit .280-.300, with an OPS in the mid-to-upper .700s, and Tejada is no butcher with the glove.

  9. A Phanatic Says:

    hee hee

  10. USMF Says:

    and what was the Seattle Mariners record during that time that Omar Vizquel was learning how to hit?

    Hint: It was bad…

  11. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Yeah, but their pitching was terrible during those years, and Griffey was didn’t become a monster offensive player until 1993. Tejada could be a starting SS on a team with a decent lineup (Mets might be okay, here) and good pitching (Mets aren’t close, here).

  12. Lord Charles Says:

    I’d also add that I’m not advocating the Mets just let Reyes walk away, but if he doesn’t accept a legit offer during the Mets time of exclusivity, then I would move on.

    While I do believe that if everything goes right for the Mets next year (Reyes resigns for 4-5 years, Wright continues his 2nd half #s, Ike and Johan are healthy, and either Harvey or Wheeler can be a late June call-up) then they could make next year very interesting. However, it is also very possible that next year is the proverbial, “darkest before dawn.”

  13. USMF Says:

    True, but even though Griffey wasn’t a monster, he was still batting over .300 and 20+hrs…that’s pretty damn good. (Better that anything the Mets have)

    The only thing keeping this team close to decent was Reyes (and Beltran and Murphy), everyone else has been pretty disappointing. (OK, not everyone, but Wright, Bay, Pagan and Pelf have been a huge let down and Ike’s been injured).

    For the Mets to compete next year they need a lot of thing to go right…like:

    -Ike healthy and playing to expectations
    -Santana healthy and playing to expectations
    -Wright to play like it’s 2008
    -Bay to play like it’s 2009
    -Duda to keep hitting
    -Pelf, Neise, Gee, Dickey (or whomever is here) to combine for at least 48wins (+ another 15 from Santana)
    -A CLOSER!
    -A 2ndbaseman
    -A CF’er with a brain
    -At least one decent catcher
    -Jose Reyes returning…

    Now that’s a pretty hefty laundry list…each part isn’t that radical of a request (unless you what to do it for under $110mil), but for everything to go right is asking a great deal.

    Now if you want to say that; We can’t afford Jose and we don’t expect our laundry list to be achieved and our best hopes are to start Tejada and wait until our young pitchers are ready before we fix our SS…that’s fine, but get used to 4th place (maybe 5th because everyone in the division is getting better expect us).

  14. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well aren’t they planning for 2012 to be “Another Rebuilding Year” or “Part of the Process”?

    With the payroll they are projecting there is no way we are going to step up and compete.

    I thought the plan was fopr 2013 to come out of the darkness!

  15. Lord Charles Says:

    ^That’s pretty much exactly what I am saying. IF the Mets can’t sign Reyes (for whatever reason), then I would like them to go the Tejada route. He’s not that much of a drop-off from the non-Reyes SS who will be on the market, and going the scrapheap/patchwork route is what got the Mets in this position in the first place. Rebuilding a team that has as little in the farm as the Mets did at the end of last year is rarely a 1-year proposition without spending $150-170M.

  16. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I like the way he plays, period. He plays hard and smart.
    You’re not going to get that confidence from every 21 yr old out there.

    I think we’ve got a diamond in the rough, and I don’t want him go elsewhere. This year I think he’s shown real development at the plate and it’s his mulligan year in my book because I can’t see anything but improvement from him next year. I want that Reyes-Tejada energy in the middle infield, anything less would be kind of an exhale to me.

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’d rather have Reyes-Murphy in the middle infield.

  18. IrishMike Says:

    “I’d rather have Reyes-Murphy in the middle infield. ”

    I go back and forth on Reyes - Murphy vs. Reyes - Tejada I just hope we have that to debate next year rather than just defaulting to Tejada - Murphy.

  19. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I’d rather have Reyes-Uggla in the middle infield.

  20. Lord Charles Says:

    I’m more of a Reyes/Tejada guy, with Murphy getting 120 starts rotating between 1B, 2B, 3B and maybe the corner OF, a la Mark DeRosa.

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, I understand why you might do that, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to move Murphy around so much. Let the guy play one spot, learn it and be competent at it while he hits.

  22. Lord Charles Says:

    ^I can totally get that, but the guy played 4 different positions this season (1B: 52, 2B: 24, 3B: 28, LF: 1) and it didn’t seem to effect him too much. I get the feeling that Murph really is one of those guys who could care less where he was playing, so long as he got his for ABs. After all, he is the guy who introduced himself in college as a “3-hitter” when discussing positions.

  23. USMF Says:

    I get that Murphy may not care where he is playing…but the fact Murphy hasn’t had a home defensively is why Murph is has problems in the field and led to his injury.

    Call me crazy, but I’d ask Wright if he’d move to center. Wright has the physical ability to play out there and he wouldn’t be any worse than Angel “if I only had a brain” Pagan. I’d then Stick Murph at 3rd…he has shown he can handle the position, and seems a little better than Wright now…3rd has the lest amount of footwork and work around the bag, it’ll be the easiest for him to learn

    For the record, I’d rather have Reyes/Cano combo up the middle…

  24. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - I didn’t think there was any right or wrong position on yesterday’s posts. Stop being the Mike Francesa of this blog.

    No props for Duda today? He went yard on Kimbrel and he’s 1 of only 2 people to do that all year.

  25. BrooklynBill Says:

    Here’s some interesting perspective. I dedicate this one to IrishMike :)

    507 ABs .376 OBP 39 RBIs
    batting .256 w/ RISP, .239 w/ RISP + 2 outs

    297 ABs .356 OBP 32 RBIs
    batting .286 w/RISP, .289 w/ RISP + 2 outs

    If you were to project the RBIs over a theoretical 600 AB season, Tejada would have about 65. Reyes 46.

    Reyes wants Carl Crawford $$. Tejada is 21 and makes $400k.

  26. BlondiesJake Says:

    BB, you never admit when you’re proven wrong. But if I wanted to be the Fatcessa of this blog, I’d just type in ALL CAPS AND REFUSE TO LET ANYBODY ELSE EVER POST!

    IM, enjoy his latest post!

  27. BrooklynBill Says:

    Great post, BJ. Something to ponder. Thanks for your provoking contribution to the conversation.

    Diamondbacks call up 22yr old pitching prospect Jarrod Parker. Amen…at least some franchise gets it.

    USMF - I know what you mean on Tejada but consider this. Perhaps comparing Tejada now to Reyes now is a tad unfair.

    Reyes @ 21:
    220 ABs .255 BA .271 OBP 14 RBIs 5 BBs

    Tejada @ 21:
    297 ABs .275 BA .356 OBP 32 RBIs 32BBs

    Better bat control, better eye, better hitter in the clutch…a much more mature 21 so, I say let him play up here.

  28. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BB: why not add in a statistic like Runs, just for the heck of it: Tejada: 25 Reyes: 94. Let’s get real, shall we?

  29. BrooklynBill Says:

    TDFKAB - Reyes certainly gets the edge in Rs. Tejada has been batting 8th a lot tho and obviously, unless the P drives him in, given the Reyes avg with RISP, it’s not like he’s scoring very often on a base hit.

    The younger, less expensive SS gets it done when it counts more often then the older, more expensive one!

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