Dickey Robbed Again

RA Dickey wasn’t gonna be in Cy Young contention no matter what went right but he wuz robbed yet again.

RA threw a gem 7.1 IP with a single run allowed but Hudson out dueled him.

Reyes slipped .001 batting avg point behind Braun. 


What do ya make of the Mayweather fight???

I certainly wasn’t dropping 60 bucks on ppv and realized that a simple YouTube search gave me everything I needed to see.

What was with all the lovey-dovey sh*t? One apology OK but he wants to hug it out again??? WTF put up your dukes and fight! 

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Guys - looking at the Reyes situation, once again I cannot see it happening…not with this FO, not in our financial mess.

    Reyes OBP .378 168 H and 37 BBs 36 SB

    consider Pagan who’s line is:
    OBP is .322 122 H and 41 BBs 31 SBs

    I’m pretty sure DePodesta’s computer is telling him that the gap in leadoff production isn’t going to be worth the mega-millions Reyes will want.

    Add to the mix Ruben Tejada who will slot in just fine at SS with his .275 BA and .350 OBP. He’ll make all the plays and a few web-gem candidates here & there. He’s got plate discipline, has some flash in the field AND, he’s only 21 and cheap.

    Adios Jose!

    Now…if we are honest, we probably know we are not a signing here or trade there away from being in the same class as the Filthies or the Braves. So, if it’s going to be another season of lowered expectations, what’s so bad about this proposed 2012 rotation:

    Capuano/Gee (let them compete for it)

    On opening Day, Harvey will be 23, Wheeler 21.

    Seaver was 22, Pedro was 20, Kershaw was 20, Doc was 19….if these guys have the talent and they can pitch, what are we waiting for?? Are we babying their fragile psyche’s? That didn’t exactly do Pelf much good.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^BrooklynBill- I have seen both Harvey and Wheeler pitch down here in the Florida State league. I don’t think they are quite ready yet, but I certainly think you will see them in 2013.

    What about Gee and Dickey? I am not sure about their contract status.

    Agree with you that we will not sign Reyes. I dont think it has to do so much (OBP, Hits, Avg, etc) numbers as it has to do with (money, cash, doe, greenback) numbers.

    I think 2012 is going to be another year like this and hopefully we will make our move in 2013! Be prepared to “Suck it Up” literally and on the field as well for one more year.

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    BB, Jose Reyes is a dynamic shortstop that gives the Mets a massive edge at a tough position. Pagan is a dumb centerfielder that gives opponents extra bases at an easier position. Even number crunchers can see that. Personally, if they let Reyes go, I will have to make a decision as to whether I’m gone as a fan of this team.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - Jose Reyes is no rocket scientist either, he’s made his fair share of bone headed base running blunders.

    I think the interesting point is how much $$ will our new Moneyball FO attach to intangibles such as passions, enthusiam/energy, clubhouse cohesion, leadership, etc that Jose may bring to a lineup. How do they value that and does it add up to 15MM/yr for more than 5 years, assuming that is what it will take to sign him.

    FMFR - you are lucky to be down there and see these young guys pitch!! Would bringing them up in 2012 ruin them you think? would the under perform the alternatives (another year of Pelf?)

    I should’ve mentioned that if Chris Young rehabs ok and can still pitch, his style is perfect for CitiField but, since he’s always an injury risk, need a few Plan Bs.

  5. IrishMike Says:

    Once again B-Bill with the cherry picked, out of context stats. Looking at the whole picture:

    Reyes - .332 BA .377 OBP .482 SLG .859 OPS
    Pagan - .261 BA .319 OBP .375 SLG .694 OPS

    If Podesta’s computer sees no difference between players with gaps of 71 points in batting average, 58 points in OBP, 107 points in slugging and 165 (!) points in OPS then someone needs to buy him a new computer. And a new pair of glasses if he thinks that Tejada (of whom I am a fan but lets get real) and Reyes are equals in the field. Or on the basepaths for that matter.

    The Mets have to make a run at Reyes to maintain any shred of credibility with the fan base. If another owner goes nuts there may be nothing the Mets can do but they have to try.

    Also Dickey is one of the few players the Mets have under contract next season and their best pitcher right now. And you are cutting him next year? Podesta’s computer is not going to like paying a good pitcher to stay home.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    IM - right…I forgot Jose Reyes always leads the league in hitting.

    I’m not suggesting Tejada is Jose Reyes. A SS who will make all the plays and bat .270something and potentially get on base at a .350 clip is one I think most teams will sign up for. He is only 21 and comes with a lot of upside. Reyes is 28, is DL prone, and wants a long term mega-deal. I see a lot of downside. Once that deal is done, that is a lot of $$ locked up in one player for a team that is more than one player away from even contending with the Nats. The fan base will be happy when we’re winning again, I think we are tired of losing with the so-called stars that we’ve had.

  7. BrooklynBill Says:

    Another point on Reyes…for a player who is supposedly coming into his ‘prime’, despite the high BA this year, he is 6 seasons removed from what was arguably his best overall season: .300 BA .354 OBP 19HRs 81 RBIs 64 SBs 122 Rs. Granted, some of these are a function of the ballpark and the team at the time but, he is not even remotely close to the HR & RBI totals. He also had ~100+ additional ABs.

    Sandy is too shrewd to throw so much limited $$ into one player who may past his so-called ‘prime’. Beltran was 27 when he signed his deal and the backend of that contract didn’t work out very well.

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    If the Mets can get Jose for 4 years and $72-76M, great, but the idea of giving him a 6 year deal scares me.

  9. BrooklynBill Says:

    LC - exactly! I think that’s the sweet spot.

    Don’t meant to come across to down on Reyes as I wait for Jets kick-off…I do love him. He’s a triples machine & there’s nothing more exciting than watching him leg out a triple. But I only want him back at the right price. I can live with him leaving, I can’t live with us overpaying and still stinking. If get into another cr@ppy contract, I may have to renounce my fandom!

  10. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    IM and BJake: After reading BrooklynBill’s first post of the day, I was just about to start banging my head against the wall while contemplating how to respond. Thank you both for taking the trouble to refute/explain/contextualize the difference between Reyes, Pagan and Tejada as ballplayers. My head thanks you, my wall thanks you, I thank you. Now that we’ve got that over with can we sign Reyes, dump Pagan, and keep the kids on the farm until they are MLB ready?

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ BrooklynBill-From what I have heard the young pitchers might be up during the second half of next year or at least by the Sept 1 Call ups!

    Here is another pitcher thatg be a sleeper for 2013

    Organization Pitcher of the Year Darin Gorski!

    Darin Gorski 11 3 2.08 27 21 3 138.2

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    TDFKAB - can you explain/contextualize what MLB ready means?

    Are you saying re-signing Reyes is an imperative, that we’ll never amount to more than a .500 team unless we fork over millions & millions of dollars over the next 5+ years for our SS?

    Are you also saying that Tejada is a ’scrub’ who can’t play SS for a competitive team?

  13. foxster Says:


    Phils clinch NL East for FIFTH title in a row.

    what a rotten way for Met Fans start the day reading that.

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    I say re-signing Reyes is an imperative if this team wants to be taken seriously as an organization. But I wouldn’t give him 7 years, I would offer up higher $s for shorter length.

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    Will also say Mets should make best offer when they have exclusive rights after season and before free agency. If he takes it, great. If not, move on immediately.

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BB: “I would say that re-signing Reyes is an imperative if this team wants to be taken seriously as an organization.” Harvey clearly has talent, but since his move to AA at mid-season, has only pitched past the fifth inning twice in ten plus starts. His era at PSL was in the low twos, in AA it’s 4.5. Harvey’s total minor league inning: 135.

    Wheeler has looked good in a very short sample for St. Lucie (six starts) but he has never pitched above A level ball. His total minor league experience is 173 innings.

    Now, let’s look at the other guys you mentioned– Seaver: a first ballot hall of famer; Martinez, sure to recieve serious consideration for the hall; Gooden who would have been a hall of famer, and Kershaw who, if he keeps it up, would also be heading off to Cooperstown. Seaver had only one minor league season, after a full college career, but it was a full season at the highest level (AAA) for 210 innings. Only then could he come up to a last place ball club.
    Kershaw spent three minor league seasons, logging 220 innings and playing from rookie league up through AA. Gooden pulled two full minor league seasons, logging 347 innings (though never above “A” ball). Pedro Martinez started out in rookie league in 1990. From 91-93 he played at every level of the LAD farm system, logging 558 innings. That’s what I mean by “major league ready.” But what do I know?

  17. BrooklynBill Says:

    I’m sure all the GMs who rolled the dice & brought those young prospects up knew they’d be future HOFs.

    Look, someone mentioned Dickey…I like Dickey. He’s 5 games under .500 on a team that is 8 under. So, roll out Dickey & Pelf again in 2012 if we like the status quo. Or, you can take a shot on guys we deem top prospects.

    MLB ready is pretty subjective & while I realize the curve is a little higher on pitchers than position players, I think it has a lot to do with where the opportunities are on individual teams too. And right now for the Mets, there are opportunities a plenty.

  18. IrishMike Says:

    “I like Dickey. He’s 5 games under .500 on a team that is 8 under.”

    And once again you pull out a single stat with no context to make a silly point. You are a machine in that respect. Dickey has a losing record because of poor run support. Like he pitched poorly yesterday right? He is 10th in the NL in innings pitched and 15th in ERA. So the Mets should jettison a guy they have to pay no matter what, a guy who pitches more innings and gives up fewer runs than 80% of NL starters? That’s what you are saying?

  19. BrooklynBill Says:

    I’m saying, if we’re not in the same class as the Phils or Braves, then 2012 is another year of 3rd or 4th place, again. If we’re lucky. So, if that’s the case why not take a shot on the young, talented arms that we have. Jettison is a strong word, I wouldn’t say that. But, I don’t want to hold a guy down on the farm at the expense of a journeyman knuckle-baller…even if he’s coming off a ‘good’ year with no Ws to show for it.

  20. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BB: look, in 1983, Doc Gooden spent the whole year in Lynchburg, in “A” ball. He totally dominated, going 19-4, pitching to a 2.5 era and striking out 300 batters in 191 innings. There wasn’t much left to prove. Did they know he was going to be a superstar? Kind of. And believe me, they would have yanked his butt right back down to the minors if he had encountered any significant struggles– they weren’t going to mess with him if he still had more learning to do. That level of dominance may be a bit unusual, and baseball has certainly changed–kids do get brought up earlier now, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Clubs maintain this multi-leveled minor league system for a reason. Let the Mets best prospects have the time to develop “down on the farm.”

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    Nice to see IM and tdfkabl taking up the battle. But you’ll never win an argument against because he’ll never admit he’s wrong, irregardless of evidence presented.

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