Mets Open Can on Braves

Y’know those old trick cans of nuts that have a springloaded snake inside that leaps out upon opening? That’s what the Met offense was like tonite. They immediately scored 4 in the first and kept scoring until the 9th.

Come to think of it you never see those snake cans around anymore do you? I bet they’d be a big hit if people started using them again. Except some a-hole would prob try and sue you for emotional springy snake damage.

A day earlier the Nats were whooping our ass but yesterday it was out turn to romp as the Met beat the Braves into submission with 20 hits in a 12-2 rout.

Everyone’s favorite batting leader Reyes had 3 hits to push his avg to .334. Jose suddenly has a little cushion as Braun sits at .330

Duda continues to hit-hit-hit going 4-5 to lift his avg to .290. I swear to the God of MrMet I become a bigger Duda fan every day. Of course his power is what catches your eye but the kid can handle the bat. He’s surged past Ike as my favorite young Met. 

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, we all love when the Mets kick the Braves’ asses, when Reyes expands his lead in the batting race and when Duda has another big night. But allow me to change topics because I think a nightmare situation (as far as I’m concerned) is about to unfold.

    On July 26th, in BMF’s No K-Rod No Problemo post, I wrote…
    “As I voiced last nite during Jake-A-Palooza at Blondies, my only concern is Beltran is moved and has success with SF, re-signs there and helps convince the Giants to make an insane $ offer to steal Reyes (think Jayson Werth deal) and helps convince Reyes to take it. Yes, it’s a stretch, but it does have some logic to it and now that I thought of it, it terrifies me as a Mets fan.”

    The wheels were set in motion with the Beltran deal for Wheeler, which I think was a great trade. But now comes an article in the NY Post saying Beltran is trying to lure Reyes to SF.

    Of course, we have no idea if SF will try and re-sign Beltran, but I get the feeling they will be the team to throw monster money at Reyes and I’m worried he will take it. I know he gets hurt at times, but he’s still one of the best shortstops and leadoff men in the game and I don’t want him playing for anybody else but the Mets.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me be wrong about this!

  2. IrishMike Says:

    So BrooklynBill correctly bashes David Wright yesterday and he parks two in the stands in the first 4 innings. Is that all it takes? Maybe we should ask someone to bash Jason Bay and see if that gets him going…er I guess we’ve already tried that.

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    Is Brooklyn Bill really just Terry Collins’ screenname? ;)

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    All part of my unconventional motivational methods. Some guys respond to criticism better than others.

    I think it was FGMF who alerty pointed out the fact that Reyes isn’t just a SS, he also has a record label! and appears in some rap videos!! So the questions is:

    Is Jose Reyes an East Coast rapper or a West Coast rapper? That may determine where he signs.

    Maybe he knows who shot Tupac & Biggie.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Would love to see the Mets sweep the Braves and put some pressure on them for the WC.

    Sorry….I just don’t see the Mets making a serious play for Reyes. I would imagine that they will blow it in or out fairly quickly!

    I think if he wants to play the “Wait and see game” of “Who can bid the highest” the Mets are going to pass.

    Oh yes sure they will make a small run at him to apease the fan base, but I do not really think they will be a serious bidder!

    Football is king today 3 great games in FL today!

    LETS GO METS!!!!

  6. Yoob Weebank Says:

    In other news the Cowboys are claiming they lost to the Jets because they were wearing their WHITE jerseys.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Hahaha BrooklynBill—you have a point!

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