Bay Headed for .250?

Quite frankly it would be big news if Jason Bay finished at or above .250 on the year. Normally thats nothing to brag about but for Bay it would signify a very hot September which might mean he may not be the worst free agent signing by the Mets after -all…. maybe….?

What an ass thrashing the Nats dished out last nite 10-1 jeez.

Schwinden pitched pretty good allowing only 1 ER in 5IP.

Val Pascucci’s in the mix again. I gotta say I’ve always been happy to watch this guy hit… oh the power potential is so intoxicating ain’t it? 

Reyes sat out, and with the Brewers catching an off day seems like a good time to rest Jose.

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  1. USMF Says:

    That was a horrible and embarrassing game (and Home Stand). Why should anyone be excited about this team and come out and watch the last two weeks when that’s the effort we see.

    This team needs a little bit more Murphy and a lot less Pagan right now.

    One thing I’ve noticed yesterday (and all season), if Sandy gets rid of the 2nd level of wall in LF, we’d see a nice job in HR production…That, plus even out that hole known as the Mo Zone will even out the field and should make our hitters more confident and comfortable.

    Anyone going to see Money Ball?

  2. Billy Beane Says:

    Going to the movies isn’t cost-effective.

    Pick up a $5 bootleg, instead.

    My movie opens September 23rd. Check with your local bootlegger for availability.

  3. ProfessorReyes Says:

    To me Bay is a textbook example of numbers telling only half the story:
    He was unproductive in meaningful games,
    and productive in meaningless games.

    I was going to say “insignificant” instead of “unproductive” but I seem to recall his ABs actually being destructive in games. It’s kind of a fog.

    If we can barely raise our pulse over José’s record year, there’s no way in hell I’m having a pity party for Bay.

    Oooh. Was that harsh?

    I’ll go to Moneyball on the optimum free movie night.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    I chide BrooklynBill because he mentions Bay so much but his point about how Bay and Wright are converging with their stats is telling about where the biggest offensive problem with this ballclub is..the middle of the order expensive guys.

    If Alderson keeps Dumb as a Box of Pagans, he’s not the GM I thought he was. (Insert Dennis Green rant here)

    I read Moneyball a long time ago and loved it. I have no clue how it’s going to be a movie and the fact Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill star in it makes me think it will be a classic Hollywood piece of garbage. If somebody tells me I’m wrong after seeing it, I’ll consider watching it on TNT when it plays Fri, Sat and Sun on some weekend in 2015.

  5. USMF Says:

    What’s a meaningless game? aren’t all games meaningful? By that logic, it’s OK that the team has completely give up because these games are meaningless…

    And was batting .382 w/ 9RBI v Alanta Meaningless?

    Batting .286 w/ 3RBI (6 games) including a walk off meaningless?

    Batting .304 v the D-Backs, .333 v the Cubs, .333 v Texas, Washington and Oakland Meaningless?

    But for all the good series he had, there are plenty of bad ones too…

    I think saying it’s because he’s performing in meaningless games is the answer to why he’s doing good is just a sign of frustration because Bays be unbelievably streaky…and when was was bad, he was a pile of dog vomit bad.

    lets be completely honest…75% of the time, he’s completely sucked, he could hit and looked completely lost….the other 25% of the time, he’s be unbelievably hot. For a guy who makes what he makes, he shouldn’t be having such drastic swings in performance and his sucking is completely overshadowing is great hitting. (which it should)

    His streaks have more to do with trying to do too much to perform beyond what you’re capable of doing. He’s gone back to his old approach and he looks much better and more relaxed, sure he’ll have a lower BA and he’ll still be streaky, but hopefully it won’t be as drastic as what we’ve seen this year.

    My question is, Why the hell did it take so long for Bay and the Mets to figure out that Bay should go back to what made him a star in the first place?

  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    USMF you know exactly what I mean by meaningless. That word has been kicking around on this site by everybody but me for weeks.
    And your “by that logic” is not logical.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This team will never be a winner until we change the attitude and culture of it. Yesterday we took a serious step back!

    I don’t blame TC!!!….I wish he blew up even more!…Nice homestand!

    Losing four in a row to the NOTS is completly and totally embarrassing and unacceptable!

    You would have to be under “Mental Observation” to show your face at this last homestand! The only thing they will be selling at the next homestand is “PAPER BAGS” and each fan “GETS HIS OWN SECTION”!!

    With 12 games to go and a four game lead over the Fish, we have to “Hang on” to just finish above the basement!….I Hope!

    Oh wait!!…. Maybe we are “Tanking It” to get better draft placement!…Thats the ticket!..Geez!

  8. Jomama Says:

    Everyone here knows exactly what you mean by “meaningless” games - Bay is just not clutch (at least not in a Met uni). I can’t recall how many times I’d see the dude hit a bomb with a 4 run lead against an awful team but ask the guy to drop a single with 2 on 2 out in the 8th vs the Phils and the guy chokes. It’s insane how many times he’s up with a chance to make a difference and he softly singles to 3rd - I’m know I’m not imagining things here.

    Can we talk about Wright though? He had a month long vacation when we needed him most but still feels the need to cash it in now? WTF man, his play the last few weeks has been abominable.

    Lastly, Dickey is awesome:

  9. USMF Says:

    The point is, Bay has been “clutch” when he’s going right, but when he’s not, then he’s an easy K…but it has more to do with Bay struggling with consistency than him not being clutch.

    When Bay had clutch hits, it’s when we has going well. It’s not because the game was meaningful or not.

    We can sit and rip just about everyone on this team and most players in general about not being “clutch”. If Wright got an extra base hit yesterday with the bases loaded and two outs, it would have been a completely different game. But it was a “meaningless game” so does it matter?

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Stop being a baiter!
    USMF I’m worried about you, I thought you were smarter than this. Because I think you’re suffering from a brain fart I will break my personal rule of no constant back-and-forth just this once.

    Bay was unproductive — didn’t help the team in a game — in meaningful games — games that might have made a difference in the Mets’ drive to the postseason in the National League of Major League Baseball.

    Bay was productive — helped the team by reaching base or driving in rbis— in meaningless games — games that made virtually no difference in said drive.

    I think you’re getting too metaphysical about the word….What is the nature of the word “meaning,” can winning a game still be meaningful to a baseball player who has no hope of reaching the playoffs?? yaddayaddayadda…….

  11. foxster Says:

    i don’t understand the NY Mets at all. even with this debacle of a season, they are still having a September SWOON.

  12. USMF Says:

    I’m not trying to bait…I just making a point, which is that to say that Bays problems are “because he can’t perform when it matters” is a over simplification of what the issue is…and unfortunately it’s a label that gets slapped on every star player that struggles….including Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Delgado, A-Rod, Giambi just to name a few.

    Bay did have some big clutch moments when he was doing good this season (the game winning hit vs the Spanks was just one example) but because Bay was cold for much of the season, we only think about the bad and throw a label on him and the problem.

    The dude was money for Boston in two playoff runs while replacing a Sox Legend…I don’t think guy has a problem with performing in meaningful and pressure games.

  13. Jomama Says:

    USMF: I think we’re talking semantics here. Regardless, the notion of Bay being non-clutch isn’t just perception - heck, I’d love to NOT argue about how bad the guys was - but the reality is he gets paid a lot and has done near to nothing. We can go back and forth about what “meaningless games” are but generally speaking, mid-season, when we were still in a race, he never really produced. Sure it can be said about virtually every player on our roster not named Reyes but not a single player making his kind of loot underperformed all year. That’s just a sad fact and not really debatable.

  14. ProfessorReyes Says:

    But nobody is saying that “Bays problems are ‘because he can’t perform when it matters,’” so you don’t have to keep refuting it.
    Just saying what I saw happening, no implications of why or why not. Who the hell really knows, anyway.

    Dammit! I broke my rule again.

    Please……just let me watch Cappy tonight. And then if Cappy is doing crappy, I’ll switch over to the Fringe season finale.

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    Professor, should I now pile on and complain about your complaining and repeatedly arguing a specific point? Or should I just be the better person and leave it alone?

  16. BrooklynBill Says:

    I would love to weigh in but, am I allowed? BJ do I have your permission??

    Yes - let’s talk about DW…we love our home grown 3B so much that we tend to go a little too easy on him. He really has been a one dimensional player over the years. A guy who can play the bunt great yet struggles with routine throws. A guy who feasts off mediocre LHs, shrinks into Rey Ordonez vs a RH. A guy who probably changes batting stances more than some bloggers change underwear. A guy who probably doesn’t real drive a Lincoln. A Gold Glove ‘all-star’ 3B who probably doesn’t get the votes in any other market.

    I’m obviously very very down on our 3B. He wasn’t this bad before Bay got here ;)

  17. CowCrusher Says:

    12 to lead over Braves…wow!
    I hope Terry can “bottle” the talk he made last night for next year…too little, too late…let’s go Bosox and Rays…beat …you know who! :-)

  18. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    D Wright MASHIng. Jose en fuego. Ditto Duda. Equally Evans. Totally Thwocking Thole! And what can you say about CC? Except this: dude has pitched some of the worst games for the Mets this year, and some of the best. We could do a lot worse than bring him back for an encore, especially if we’re in the poor house.

  19. BlondiesJake Says:

    BB, you can absolutely comment on other people beating a dead horse to death a lot!

  20. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BJake: what thinkest thou about Capuano? Is you or ain’t you a fan? Would you consider bringing him back? What about Thole? Anybody believe that he is improving enough to be a big league catcher?

  21. BrooklynBill Says:

    See…all I need to do is rag on a guy a little and he’ll hit 2 HRs.

  22. BrooklynBill Says:

    Wow - Duda’s got the avg up to .290 now. Not too shabby.

    I like Capuano, a lot. I’d like to see him finish at .500 or better, would be a nice story. The IP should help his arm strength…I’d expect him to do well next year. He knows how to ‘pitch’.

  23. BlondiesJake Says:

    tdfkabl, I think Capuano is fine for a team going nowhere like this year’s Mets. And he’s fine as a 5th starter on a team with a solid front four. But he’s not a top starter on a contender, imnsho.

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