Funny Thing About a Batting Race…

is when you’re batting .331-.335 on any given September day and you go 1-5 it’s a very bad night.

Give or take a point or so but Jose has been steadily collecting a hit in his third AB without missing a beat.

I remember as a kid when Dwight Gooden had an early season ERA south of 1.00. Meaning if he gave up just a single run in 9 innings his ERA would rise.

Almost the same thing for Jose. Sustain the pace of 1 hit every 3 AB’s or 1-2 hits a game.

It’s insane.

How bout Pelfrey Big Pelfin’ it last night? I really don’t know what to make of this guy… do you? I would love to hear a Collins/Alderson behind closed doors convo about Pelfrey.

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  1. Luis Says:

    Pelfrey, despite so many hopes otherwise, is a #4 starter. His stuff is not good enough to strike many out despite the velocity of his fastball, his control/command is too poor to compensate. After watching him for what seems to be 5 years(and may in fact BE 5 years), it is pretty obvious. I suspect a change of scenery would benefit him a great deal, as he has never appeared comfortable in NY. His consistent inconsistency is maddening.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I just cancelled my flights and hotel reservations in Phoenix and Milwaukee as the Mets got eliminated :(

    My GO BIG PELF shirt lives for another day. You can’t blame him for this one!

    Losing 3 in a row to the NOTS and possibly getting broomed at home!….Does it get any worse than this?

    So lets see .500 is out of the question and third place is “highly in doubt”, so whats left, now that the team is mailing it in for the past two months?

    OH yea!…”Battle for the Basement!” is still left!

    Please end this season, has this been a long year or what??…Put us out of our misery.

  3. USMF Says:

    Pelfs problem is, He doesn’t have an out pitch.

    Sure, his FB is nice, but it’s straight and velocity by itself isn’t enough to beat MLB hitters. His Off Speed pitches are weak and he doesn’t command them well at all.

    His out pitch is supposed to be the Sinker, but it rarely sinks and he doesn’t command it either. Pelf leaves his FB/Sinker up in the zone too often and it loses all of it’s movement and is very hittable.

    So now that means that Pelf has to nibble and try to get guys to swing at a bad pitch.

    If the hitters can wait for a good pitch from Pelf, Pelf will fall behind, then to grove a 2-0 FB and/or his pitch count skyrockets. The worse thing is that once Pelf has runners on, then he slows down and nibbles more making it hard to find a rhythm and brings his pitch count up even more.

    Pelfs FB is becoming less effect every year, his FB% is going up (bad of a sinker ball pitcher) and the contact rate is very high. This is a very poor combination for a MLB pitcher.

    Unless Pelf can learn a new (good) pitch, his value is zero. Sadly, we’ve seen Pelf try the splitter without success, he’s tried a slider, but it’s weak and he’s even brought back his Curve, but it’s only good as a get me over curve and only works a couple of times a game…once guys see it, then they can crush it.

  4. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Well I was hoping this season would be less of a roller coaster and more of the happy pastime it’s supposed to be, away from the global economic crisis and the market’s reaction to it, etc. etc. etc. So, …. go José!

    How about those Tigers?????

    And go U.S. Rugby!!!!

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    What if we could trade Pelfrey to the White Sox for Buehrle?

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BJake: that won’t happen because Buehrle has a clause in his contract that pays him $19 million bucks if he gets traded. I don’t think either team is going there, with two weeks left in the season.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Plus I don’t think GO BIG BUEHRLE! will fit on the front of a shirt!

    Drama today!…Winner is in third place!….Can’t wait to see the crowd of lack of it at the Citi Cemetary!

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