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In his latest article, ESPN’s Jayson Stark writes that it’s likely Mark Buehrle and Roy Oswalt will be free agents this offseason. I know this has been brought up before and I know the Mets “don’t” have the money. But I would gamble on offering both big money for a one-year or two-year deal and try to compete for the Wild Card next year for multiple reasons.

Short term signings won’t block any youngsters from getting a crack at the rotation (especially since there should be at least two if not three rotation spots open, even if Santana can come back). And it’s not like the next generation of pitchers the Mets hope will have an impact (Mejia, Wheeler, Harvey) are on the cusp of reaching the majors right now. Plus, even for big money, there’s no albatross if it’s at most a two-year deal.

Beuhrle is an innings eater (at least 200 every year since his first full season, 2001) who pitches to contact which will be just fine in Shea2. Oswalt is a power pitcher who could throw anywhere. Separately, neither might be interested in coming to the Mets, but together, they would have to see the team as a legitimate playoff contender. A rotation of Santana, Oswalt, Buehrle, Niese and Gee would be a formidable group.

What the signings would do is give the Mets a real shot to compete, because the lineup is solid and has a chance to be good if Ike returns and the youngsters keep progressing. Without top of the rotation arms, it’s going to be the same as this year, where realistically the team has no chance. If that happens, Shea2 will fill up, especially as the summer wears on and fans realize the team is actually a contender. The moves will essentially pay for themselves so it will be a win-win.

Do I think there’s any shot of this happening? NO! But do I think it’s the right move? HELL YES!

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sorry I totally disagree!…That’s the same thinking that got us in this mess….short term thinking! …We are going to build through the farm system!…..That money could be used for the draft.

    No more old pitchers!… We already suffered this year to begin this process….No more shortcuts!!

  2. Original62Fan Says:

    I just realized that it is Sept 14, with 2 weeks left in the season, and the Mets are still mathmatically in contention for a playoff spot. Of course I have always been the optimist for the past 50 seasons.

  3. JoeG Says:

    Ah……no! If anything….I would be trading David Wright for salary relief and BODIES….we have so many holes to fill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    O6fan. Then you will love when they add the 2 new wildcards.

    The last 22time will all be in it till the last day of the season!


  5. Original62Fan Says:

    Actually, FMFR, I oppose the single wild card format (let alone a double wild card), the unbalanced schedule AND inter-league play. Why do the Mets have to play the Yankees 6 times a year while the Phillies get Baltimore? While we’re at it, let’s do away with the DH.

  6. IrishMike Says:

    I will like the double wild card if they make them play a one game playoff - it will bring back importance to the division championship which the single wild card takes away.

    I don’t see Oswalt and Buehrle looking at themselves as a package and I assume that someone will offer each of them a longer term deal. But if in fact they were to package themselves and go looking for two year deals and I would be onboard with Jake’s plan. But those are slim odds.

  7. Luis Says:

    Better sign #7 first……As enticing as the Buhle/Oswalt idea is, I fear that(thank God Omar is gone) were they to pitch well, the temptation would be to extend the contracts beyond what is prudent. And I am wi Original62-No WC, No DH..

  8. Stephen Reiter Says:

    This entire article is blasphemous because your projected 2012 rotation doesn’t include the best pitcher currently on this staff…DICKEY!!!

  9. USMF Says:

    I’d love it if we could pick up Buehrle for a two year deal, but it’s not gonna happen. He’s coming of a 4year $56mil extension. This is his first year in the FA market and odds are he’s gonna want to get paid and he’s gonna want (and probably get) a four year deal.

    Buehrle is a very good pitcher and he’s very consistent. But he’s also 32 years old. His best years are behind him and there’s a good chance that he’s looking at a step decline in the next 2-3 years.

    Oswalt I wouldn’t go near at this point of his career.

    I’ve been flowing GM Jake for a while now, and if it was up to him, we’d be stuck with ManRam, Lackey and Zito with “Stings” playing CF. I’m not sure if He’s the guy Sandy should be taking advice from :)

  10. KMac Says:

    USMF makes a good point about Jake’s ability to evaluate talent. According to him Lasting Milledge was going to be the next Mickey Mantle :-)

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, if you want to point out who would be on this team if I was GM, it would also have either Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee or both, as well as Carl Crawford. Feel free to let me know where the Mets would be if they had those guys (and don’t tell me about financial constraints because there was no reason to expect them without the Madoff scandal).

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    I love the revisionist history. My point with Milledge is the Mets had a chance to sell high and when they didn’t, it didn’t make sense to just give him away, but to let him play and see what happens. I believe they dealt him for Ryan Church, right? Feel free to tell me how great that transaction was for the Mets.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    Oh wait, the Mets also received Brian Schneider in the deal, and then dealt Church for Jeff Francoeur, who fetched them Joaquin Arias, so I guess they really maxed out on the former top prospect Milledge.

  14. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Watching the Nats these last couple of days and looking ahead to what they’ve got coming up in the farm system, you have to figure that this division is going to continue to be the toughest division in the NL, if not in all of baseball, for the next few years. I can see arming up with those guys, especially Buerhle, if they would come on short deals as Jake hypothesizes. Why not try and sign them under those conditions? But I agree with S. Reiter that Dickey will and should be a part of that rotation. He’s signed, sealed and delivered for next year, isn’t he? And he’s been very good of late.

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    Stephen Reiter (and tdfkabl), I had mistakenly omitted Dickey when I dashed off the potential rotation. I would put him in there ahead of Gee and either go with six or put Gee in the pen and also use as a spot starter.

  16. USMF Says:

    Man GM-Jake, you sure get sensitive when you moves are questioned. :) It’s just fun poking…I thought you’d know that from me by now…

    If i was building the Rotation for next year, it’ll be something like…

    And one FA pitcher (at the very least resign Cappy)

    I’d let Pelf walk and keep Chris Schwinden as the AAA guy ready to come up mid season if needed.

    Sure, make a run at Buehrle or C.J. Wilson, i wouldn’t commit a ton of years or money on them. I’d sign Reyes before anything else and see what I have to work with after that.

    Don’t think for a 2nd the Tejida is our SS of the future…he’s not that good./ Think of it, he’s Rey Ordóñez with out the glove…

    The problem is, the Mets have only six(?) guys under contract next year, so Sandy has a ton of work to do. I’d let Pagan go and consider moving Wright to Center, Bay to Right and Duda to left and put Turner/Murphy at 3rd.

    We also have to find a closer…anyone notice how much our pen sucks after K-Rod got traded? (I won’t say I told you so, even though I did predict it happening) We need a closer…a good one will cost some good money and we don’t have a solid option currently in house.

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, I wasn’t being sensitive, merely responding to your comment.

    Agree with most of your statement but wouldn’t pay good money for a closer since the team as constituted won’t be in any sort of contention.

  18. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    USMF: love the Rey Ordonez line: classic. But can’t see DW in center field.

  19. USMF Says:

    OK, then why spend good money on an aging starter (or two) but not a closer if they won’t be in contention?

    The way I see it, who cares who you have starting, when you don’t have a pen to hold any leads?

  20. Jomama Says:

    I would rather have Denard Robinson on the bump before I see little Pelf again…

  21. USMF Says:

    I’d rather have this girl over Pelf…


  22. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I wouln’t go the big bucks on a sure thing closer either at this point. There are so many good setup guys out there to try and deal for. What would be wrong with a Gregerson or a Motte, a Mujica or Qualls, a Balfour, Veras, Downs, or Romo. And there are plenty more of these guys out there. Plus maybe we have one of our own kids who can come up and be the next version of Storen or Feliz? If there’s unlimited money all of a sudden, sure, but wouldn’t almost any of these guys be a big improvement and for a lot less cost?

  23. keefherny17 Says:

    Moving DW to center is a terrible idea! Why have him learn a whole new position when he’s fine at 3rd, regardless of the errors he makes. If you have great/good pitching, you’ll win games, unless your the giants and have no offense. Pen arms are pretty easy to come by, but SP is where it begins and ends IMO. Burhle and Wilson would be great to have, just don’t see any of them coming to lesser NY team.

  24. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, I would spend real money on a closer IF the team brought in real starters like Buehrle and Oswalt because then you would be contending.

  25. USMF Says:

    B-Jake, I’d spend money on a “real” or “proven” SP if they had a decent closer…

    Sadly, without an upgrade in the Rotation or the back end of the Pen, this team is not going anywhere…

  26. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I just canceled my hotel reservations in AZ and Mil!…..Mets got elimininated today!

  27. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, you can be argumentative, but teams can win with a medicore closer and have done so. But even with great lineups, you can’t win without good starting pitching.

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