Emaus Intrigues

It may be a sign of a very lean winter for the Mets but BMF is definitely intrigued by Rule 5 draftee Brad Emaus.

Second base is certainly an issue this year and it looks as though Alderson and the gang are open to moving on from Castillo.

Tejada is already ticketed for AAA so the gate is wide open for Emaus. 

On paper he looks respectable - a 2nd or 3rd baseman with 15-20 HR potential. But the fact that Ricciardi knows him from the Jays system leads me to believe we may have gotten a steal. 

The intangibles are all there for this Rule 5 player to stick on the 25 man roster: a void at position, at least one suit in the front office championing his cause, versatility to play more than one position, and he’s a patient hitter with good pitch selection.

I love Rule 5 guys. I guess it’s the all or nothing gamble that makes ‘em so alluring to root for. If you’re a Rule 5er you’ve gotta have upside or you would never be selected.

But once the new team has you it’s a high wire act trying to stay with the Big club all year. Fall off the 25 man roster and you’ll prob end up back with the same team that left you unprotected in the first place.

Emaus doesn’t exactly come with the hype of a Beltran, Santana or K-Rod but I’m very excited about the possibility of him blossoming as a Met.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sounds like it is going to be the most competitve positon we will have during spring training.

    1) Castillo 2) Murphy 3) Emaus 4) Tejada 5) Turner

    Least we not forget we still are going to need some people who can thow the ball over the plate (like starting and relief pitchers) so the second basemen can participate.

    If that is the case we shoud be bringing 100 pitchers to spring training.

    We can talk about all the player positions we want, but this team is seriously pitching deficient, which really concerns me.

    I don’t think that come Jan and Feb that we are going to be the only team going through the Goodwill bin for pitching either.

  2. USMF Says:

    I have very little faith in the rotation right now.

    Santana is probably out for half the season and who knows if he’ll ever fully recover.

    I like Pelf, but lets be honest… We’ve been expecting him to develop into an ace for three years now and it’s still the same story. He’ll probably going to be nothing better than a 15 win pitcher who mentally can’t keep it together.

    Dicky was great, but he was on a slow decline last year. His K rate dropped a ton in September and his ERA shot up. His BA against was on the rise as the season went on too. I have a feeling that the league was slowly figuring him out and while he’ll be decent, he won’t come close to what he did last year.

    Neise really impressed me…he went deep into a lot of games and didn’t look like he was over his head too often. Not too bad for a 24 year old. I think his overall numbers suffered because he got tired as the season went on. The last two games in Aug, and September he looked like he was running on empty. When a guy is struggling with his arm slot already, being tired is only going to make it worse. The kid needs to balance his curve and his Cut-slider better and I think we could see a big improvement in 2011.

    You want to build a sustainable winning team…you start by building your pitching from within. The price of starting pitchers is outrageous and most SP’s start breaking down shortly after their first FA contract.

    You think Pedro was getting paid a ton when getting too old and fragile to pitch at the top of his game? Just think of how Santana, C.C., Lee and Hoiliday will look in a few years.

  3. Big Tony Says:

    We sure could use some luck

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