Mets Playing Fast and Loose

Maybe the pressure’s off, maybe the youngsters are making a difference, or maybe the Marlins just suck but the Mets are suddenly playing winning baseball.

To be honest all 3 are true but it sure does feel good to win a series like we just did. 

Didja hear about Danny Herrera? He’s one of the players to be named later in the K-Rod deal - a lefty reliever. But whats cool about this guy is he’s 5′6″! 

Yes 5 feet 6 inches… Tall!

Oh man I can’t wait to root for this guy - let’s hope he’s at CityField this September.

You’d think the cashed strapped Wilpons would bring him up just to sell tickets.

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    Looking forward to BitterBill’s update about Murphy leading the team in RBIs.

  2. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Collins needed someone he can tower over and intimidate ..5 foot 6 .. is he the bat boy?

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Yeah, especially because he doesn’t…

    Total RBI:

    Beltran - 66
    Murphy - 49

    RBI per game:

    Beltran - 0.67
    Wright - 0.61
    Turner - 0.47
    Pagan - 0.46
    Murphy - 0.45

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    How great is it that we beat the “Crappy Fish” 4 out of 5 games!!!!…I loved it!

    Spring Trainining 2012 has started with the “call ups” Keep it up Mets and let the newcomers play!

    The other prospect the Mets got in the K-rod deal Adrian Rosario ptiched down here in Melbourne for the Brevard Manatees (Brewers High class A ball) and has been just average. he was 4-6 with 4.32 ERA


  5. ProfessorReyes Says:

    When I read that on the Mets site yesterday for a sec I thought that 5-6 was his record.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    I know some of you are still in denial about it but, Mr. Beltran aint no Met no more. He’s taken his A-game to San Fran. Time to let go & move on…

  7. buck Says:

    I’m sorry BMF I can’t get excited about a 5′6″ pitcher under any circumstances…..unless of course we plan on using him as a late inning PH when we need to work out a walk…..a la Eddie Gaedel in 1951!!

    Seriously though…..the Mets would have taken a bag of balls in exchange for getting out of the weight of K-Rods contract option!!!

  8. IrishMike Says:

    “I know some of you are still in denial about it but, Mr. Beltran aint no Met no more. He’s taken his A-game to San Fran. Time to let go & move on… ”

    And I know some of you are still in denial about it but, Mr. Murphy has taken his A-game home. Time to let go & move on…

    Beltran (in the books), Bay, Duda, Pagan, Turner and Wright will all finish the season ahead of Murphy in RBI’s. Beltran, Wright and Duda will do so with less at bats. What exactly is the point of all these Murphy RBI posts B-Bill?!

  9. USMF Says:

    I have a question, everyone was calling this series vs the Fish as a battle of the basement…but do people realize that the Mets are still in 3rd place? The basement is is full of Fish and Nats…The reality is, the Mets would be 3rd place in any NL division right now.

    I know it’s a small compensation, but after a season of…

    -No Ace
    -Pelf stinking up the place
    -Trading our closer
    -Trading our top RBI hitter
    -Horrible season by Bay
    -missed time by Reyes
    -Losing a top 5 BA guy to injury
    -Losing our top Power threat in Ike
    -Losing lots of time from Wright
    -A BIG step back in our CF’ers mental capasity
    -A guess who game at 2nd base
    -A game of “pick the name out of a hat” for who starts were in the infield…

    To be a few games under .500 in a division with the two best teams in the NL isn’t that bad.

    I give a ton of credit to Terry and the players for what they’ve accomplished.

    I think the real test for Sandy doesn’t begin until this off season. The reality is, this team was made up with 95% Omars guys. All Sandy did last year was cut Ollie and Castillo and sign a few “high risk/high reward” pitchers to cheap contracts.

    He’s got at least one more year before “Generation Tween” pitchers are ready to hit the show…he’s got to figure out what to do with Pagan and Pelfs contracts…(I’d say let them walk) and what to do with Reyes and how to find a position for Murphy. Not to mention, we need a closer and if they let Pelf walk (I hope), then they either have to resign Cappy or find someone else to start.

    That doesn’t even cover the fact that Santana, Murph and Ike are coming off pretty serious injuries…and how they are going to tweak the wall Sh!tyF!eld….

    Maybe Sandy should hire the Mongolians to tear down his Sh!ty Walls…(how many here will get that reference?)

  10. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Gotta love Sh!tty Wok!

    As for next year, I really think that it will be more like next year, just hopefully with a healthy Reyes, Wright, Ike, Johan and Murphy. As you said, Wheeler/Harvey/Mejia will at best be September call-ups next year, and this year’s FA market, unless they move Ike to RF and sign Prince, pretty much sucks. It really looks like it is going to be a 2-year process.

    That being said, an entirely healthy roster (within reason) could produce 85-87 wins. With little luck (a Bay bounce back, Harvey or Wheeler advance quicker than expected and are the real deal, injuries/aging catches up to the Braves/Phils), they could approach 90 and be a contender.

  11. Jomama Says:

    ^how likely is a “Bay bounce back” and what does that mean? Like his Red Sox days? I can’t ever imagine the guy hitting 30 HR’s at s**ttyfield.

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, thanks for putting what I said yesterday to BitterBill in basic statistical form for all to better understand.

    USMF, good points.

    IM, BitterBill is doing it because Bay Bashing no longer garners attention.

    Speaking of Bay, after last year and almost a full season this year, even I find it unlikely he will return to form. I hold out hope he’ll be better than this year in all categories, but a 30 HR, good BA, very good run production season isn’t something I would be on.

  13. Lord Charles Says:

    Jake, no problem. And I def agree about Bay. Based on Beltran’s struggles his first year in NY, and Wright’s struggles his first year in Citi, I was absolutely ready to give Bay a pass on last year. Now, you really have to wonder if he is one of those players who just goes into decline very rapidly.

  14. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    There is a pitcher with the St.Lucie Mets that is a rising star that nobody ever mentions!

    Darin Gorski was named Florida State League pitcher of the year. He is a 2009 7th round pick!

    He is 11-3 with a 2.15 ERA 136K’s and 29 Walks.

    He is going to start the first game of the playoffs and Wheeler is pitching Game two!

  15. USMF Says:

    I don’t care about HR’s as much as cutting down on K’s and getting RBIs…If Bay hit .270 +/- but hit over 100RBI but only 15+/-HRs I’d be very happy.

  16. Buck Says:

    Did anyone else see this article on Hojo? He just signed a contract to play a couple of days with his son. Very cool…….I’d go to the game if it was more local just to see HoJo play.

  17. Jomama Says:

    I agree 100% USMF - .270 with 100 ribbies would be a freaking Godsend. Then I wouldn’t feel bad putting in the 5 or 6 hole. As it is, the guy is a #7 or 8 batter hitting middle of the order - goes to show how weak this team is (injuries aside).

    Now in terms of next year - can someone tell me how we’re going to shore up our rotation/pen? Zambrano? Who else is there? Our arms suck and who knows what Johan is going to look like. Even at his worst, I feel like Johan can muscle out 12-15 wins…

  18. USMF Says:

    “can someone tell me how we’re going to shore up our rotation/pen?”

    That’s my question…

    This is the best via Free Agency that I can find…I know we just talked about the lack of worth of stats like ERA and Wins/Loses…but for a quick look, they give a decent impression of what the pitcher can do…lets be real…good pitchers win games and have a low ERA…

    Chris Capuano: 10-11 4.41 ERA
    Mark Buehrle: 11-6 3.05 ERA
    Aaron Harang: 12-4 3.92 ERA
    Rich Harden: 4-2 4.55 ERA (only 11 games started)
    Edwin Jackson: 11-9 3.83 ERA
    Javier Vazquez: 8-11 4.42ERA
    C.J. Wilson: 13-6 3.29ERA

    Not really anything that blows you away…Wilson and Buehrle are pretty good, but they’ll probably get big and long contracts…not something I’d be interested in doing if I was the Mets GM.

    I’d think I might jump on Edwin Jackson. He’s not great, but he’s good for 200+ innings and 30+ starts. You can get him for pretty cheep. Bad thing is, he does walk too many and gives up a ton of HRs. Granted, he’s a place keeper next year until the Gen-Tween guys are ready and at least an upgrade over Pelf for the same amount of money.

    I left off CC Sabathia, Carpenter, Wainwright, Oswalt or Garland they all have options for next year (CC has an opt out clause) and non of them would be coming to the Mets anyways.

  19. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, if you’re not worried about winning next year, why sign any of these guys? Why spend some $ when you can spend none?

    That doesn’t make sense, because this team could contend for the WC with a decent rotation and some luck on the injury front. I would definitely make a run at Beurhle and Wilson, who are good pitchers that will be better in NL and Shea2. I would also sign Harang if I could get a decent price.

    Edwin Jackson has been on so many teams I’ve lost track. He is so inconsistent and clearly drives teams batty so they get rid of him. I wouldn’t touch him, Cappy, Harden or Vazquez because they are as mediocre as they come.

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