Gotta Love Public Yankee Dissing

Even though the Cliff Lee free agent season turned up snake eyes for the Mets a Yankee hater like BMF would like to take the time to celebrate what just happened to the Evil Empire.

The top free agent on the market, a player the Yankees targeted all season just passed on them to take less money with another team.


Yes the same player all those obnoxious Yankee fans smugly joked “He’ll be in pinstripes next season” just dissed them.


Lee dissed the Yankees, their fans, their money and their bloated rich kid contract offer. Oh it’s so great to see I’m giddy about it. 

This doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s so sweet. A victory for everyone else in sports. 

This just goes to prove that no matter how much money you have you can’t always get everything you want. 

And the best part is those same obnoxious Yankee fans helped drive Lee away by spitting and throwing beer on his wife during the ALCS!!!

20 Responses to “Gotta Love Public Yankee Dissing”

  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    40 win headstart for the Phils….that rotation is ridiculous.

    Oh well…we can always hope for injuries!! and maybe their lineup is too left handed. But that shouldn’t be an issue b/c on most days 1 or 2 runs will be enough.

  2. foxster Says:

    yes it’s great that the DamnYankees and their fans were told to shove their offer of many bucks by Mr Lee. however i see nothing to crow about the fact that he’s now on the Phillies, where it just makes them a much better team. why couldn’t he sign with the Tezas Rangers?

    that said,

    i heard the the new Mets GM is stopping males on the street a to ask about their pitching and pther baseball talents. when asked why he ws doing this, he commented that he only had a limited amount of dough to budget towards roster improvement. he added that he hopes that all loyal Met Fans will be patient because better times are coming.

    that sounds very familar, i wonder where i’ve heard it previously. i just finished rereading AMAZING, AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE NY METS.
    This history left off after the Mets/DamnYankees World Series meeting. however , the teams history has been very consistent. a few years of contention and then the the bottom falls out. it seems that patience has always been the watchword.

    i can only hope we older fans have the time to be patient.

  3. USMF Says:

    I believe the hardest thing about being a Mets fan this year is the absolute lack of anything to look forward to this season. I don’t really care about anything the Phils or Spanks do because this season, it doesn’t matter.

    There won’t be any new star players added to watch and anyone to make us believe that having them will make the team compete for the playoffs.

    We don’t have any young players from the system to look forward to. Ike’s, Thole and Neise are already here…Mejia and Tejada already showed they need at least one full year in the minors. Everyone else is a few years away.

    Duda looks promising, but his weak glove and three OF starters already on the roster means that he’s starting in AAA. F-Mart has entered Alex Escobar territory. Gee is nice, but he’s a 4th starter at best…

    So what do we have to look forward to? The possibility that Reyes and Beltran bounce back so they can get traded in June? Will Bay hit or will he turn into a mega bust? Will Murphy win a starting job at 2nd? The over/under on Johan’s return? The over/under on cut dates for Castillo and Perez? The idea that Pelf is ready to become an elite starter for the 4th year?

    As sad as this season is looking, I’m actually glad it’s happening. The Mets have been gambling big with a questionable hand for the past few years. The hardest and best decision the Mets could have made is the one their making now. I’ve made it through terrible seasons in the past, I’ll make it though this one because I believe Sandy has a plan and this is the necessary step 1.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ USMF, I agree totally! In the previous years we would make some changes and at least you had HOPE, even though you knew it was false hope.

    There is nothing to get excited about this year. I would have a hard time renewing my season tickets or becoming a season ticket holder this year. I believe that they are going to have a big drop in people coming out to see them.

    I actually think they are either going to have to reduce ticket prices again (Since we will be out of it by May), reduce fodd and beer prices, or come up with an “April ticket plan”

    We need something and I think it will happen in Jan to give us a little tease.

  5. Big D Says:

    Completely unrelated to this post but I am still getting the warning that there is hazardous material on this site and it may affect my computer. Anyone else still getting this?

  6. CowCrusher Says:

    Big D,
    I chimed in on that issue last night so you are not alone. Android browsers seem to be ok with it.

    Back to the Metropolitans…..didn’t we say the same thing back in ‘69? Yes, I know the game has changed and so have the ability of the players but the fundamentals have not.

  7. BMF Webmaster Says:

    Big D and CowCrusher, I have just (1130am Wednesday) checked and things seem to be ok. If you are still getting that warning (I’m not), clear the cache on your browser and that should help.

  8. Jim Says:

    The Yankees not getting Lee doesn’t effect the Mets… all.

    The Phillies getting him does. A lot.

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    If they pitch as they did in that series against the Phillies last May, it won’t matter how many aces the Phillies have. They still have to score some runs. And they won that series without the help of Niese or Santana.

    Of course, they did have Takahashi–but now we have Boof Bonser, so….. :)

    And let’s face it, the Phillies are Werth-less, anyway.

  10. AJW Says:

    Cliff Lee’s agent showed him the video of Yankeeography: Ed Whitson.

  11. Patrick Says:

    I’m still getting the warning. Can only view this website on my iPod.

  12. USMF Says:

    I still see the warning once and a while.

    If you go into FireFox preferences - under security you can disable “Block reported Attack site”.

    Also in preferences, Advanced - Network -Offline Storage- set “use up to __ MB for offline storage for the cache”, I recommend setting that to Zero. At least hit the “Clear Now” button.

    This is for the Mac, but PC should be similar. You can do the same with Google Chrome, Opera and Safari too. NEVER USE MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER!

    I never like the idea of storing Website data on my Computers anyways (that’s what the cache does), but you may find that some sites my load differently. You can always allow certain sites to save data if you want, but it’s safer for you to choose the sites instead of just saving everything.

    Hope this Helps.

  13. USMF Says:

    back to Mets…For all of you who wanted Omar fired, you can’t complain that Sandy isn’t doing much.

    With a new GM, you get a new approach. What’s the point of firing a guy and then bring a guy to do the same type of risky (err…stupid) moves that the old guy did?

    I like what Sandy is trying to do…it sucks that it may take a year or so for the results. And it really sucks that Reyes will probably be traded…but this is all necessary to turn the franchise around.

    Still think they should keep Reyes…

  14. Thomas Says:

    ummmm….not to burst your bubble, but i think from what i read, the Phillies offer was for more money annually. Yes the yankees total offer was for a higher total dollar amount , but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best, most valuable offer.

  15. Jeff Says:

    “Back in the day,” say the 60s, 70s, 80s and most of the 90s, there was no internet to remind us how bad or good our Mets would be, day after day. We just toughed it out, year after year until we came across a ‘69, ‘73′ ‘86, ‘00 or ‘06, for that matter.

    Screw the Phillies AND the Yankess — I’m still curious to see what happens when everybody has to actually play 162 games of baseball next year, injuries, egos and all included. If the SF Giants beat the Gods of Moneyball, it’s still anybody’s game, dammit.

  16. foxster Says:

    hope may grow eternal, but we older fans aren’t eternal. we spent a lot of years hoping and while there have been two World Series wins, they were a lot of years ago. i can truly identify with the fans of teams who never seem to go anywhere. maybe i was spolied by my childhood (1947-1956) my Brooklyn Dodgers contended for the NL Championship each year (Damn Walter O’Malley). i would like another Mets Series win before it’s too late to enjoy it.

  17. rj Says:

    No matter what anyone says we are at least lucky to have 69 and 86..Look how long SF fans have waited and millions of Cubs fans died not seeing a WS. I am not a Met fan because they are poised to win every year like those idiots in the Bronx I am a Met Fan because I am a Met Fan. What is all this crap about nothing to look forward to? The only time I wasnt looking forward to a Met season was in 93 after that dreadful on and off the field 92 Mets.. that team just made me ill.. as Met fans we still have alot to look forward to and it may not be a pennant but there is always hope. I dont want to buy anyone or anything..I am so glad I am not a Yankee fan.. they never won with class

  18. Big Tony Says:

    Only one thing makes me happy about the Cliff Lee saga. Fat Man Francessa didn’t get his man.

  19. johnny murphy Says:

    rj -

    we should expect more because it’s the national league franchise in new york. that means the mets have had assets other teams you mention can only dream of.

    adjusted for their resources and opportunity, the mets are a good contender for worst sports franchise ever. the knicks and jets are in the same boat.

    look at what the yankees, lakers, celtics, etc. have done with their big-city status. they’ve used the $$ that comes with a large fan base to succeed. some would say they bought success, but still, they’ve succeeded.

    the mets inherited TWO rabid fan bases who would rather chew glass than switch to the yankees.

    i give them a pass on the first 7 years because they went the nostalgia route, signing duke, gil, yogi, etc etc to give the fans a thrill.

    has anyone here ever, as i have, calculated the number of 90 loss seasons by each mlb franchise since 1969? i don’t have the numbers handy, but damn, you should see it - our bleeping mutts have lost 90 games so many f**king times, it’s shocking. i think the cards, bosox, dodgers, and yanks are all zero to 1 season since ‘69 w 90 losses.

    so, no, i am not happy w only two WS, but that’s no the issue. i’m more concerned about the 90 loss seasons and the literally countless humiliations on and off the field. this is a hateable organization and the minaya gangsta era better f**king be rock bottom.

    to put it another way - i’d gladly trade the two ws victory years to take away all 90 loss seasons since ‘69, take away the mo vaughan era, the coleman sabes bonilla era, the second coming of bonilla (wtf was that?), every minute that omar minaya was employed by the team i any capacity, ditto for gangsta, take back timo perez, luis castillo, cone beating off in the bullpen…get the picture yet? should i keep going?

    horses**t, embarrassing team my dad saddled me with from birth. my son will choose and if he goes yanks, he has my full support.

    no, i am not happy w the two ws wins becasue the cost has been DECADES of a disturbing appetite for failure, embarrassment, incompetence, 90+ losses, and disaapointment.

    good luck, sandy….

  20. rjit doesnt matter Says:

    Johnny Murphy, There is 162 games a year. 81 losses gives you a .500 record if you lose 81 or 90 what is the difference if you dont make the post season? Would you rather just miss the post season by a couple of games? Nobody remembers who lost more games unless you are a fan of that team. It makes you mad because this franchise has had alot of 90+ losing seasons but no one outside of the Mets knows or cares about that.

    The Lakers and The Celtics are storied franchise like the Yankees and they are two of the teams like the Yankees where they make so much money merchandising it is tough to compete. The Mets don’t have that luxury. That is why we will never be able to compete with these big organizations…You can buy Yankees, Lakers and Celtics merchandise anywhere..I dare you to find a Mets shirt and hat in Central Podunk…So why compete that way? We can’t and this is why this Mets team needs to go back to basics and build a farm system of young talent so we could compete for years to come not just one year.

    I think you are probably the only one that would trade those WS victories.. I know I wouldn’t..And what you say you might as well become a Brewers fan..the epitome of mediocrity in baseball..

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