Irene 2 Mets 0

It’s crazy out there right now - I have no idea what’s about to happen but I believe NYC is hunkered down and ready for what’s coming… at least I hope…

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Stay safe BMFers!…..Im predicting a 4 to 0 “Whitewash”!

  2. CowCrusher Says:

    While it’s better to be safe rather than sorry, this whole Irene thing looks a bit blown out of preportion..
    CC- reporting from the “Land of Lake Effect”.

  3. CowCrusher Says:

    Just a suggestion. But since the Mets will be Home for the !0th anniversary of 9/11, if there to be any ceremonies besides ones dedicated to NYPD, FDNY, PA, Ems and the military, they should retire Mike Piazza’s #31 …for his Home Run that not only helped heal NYC, but the whole country as well.
    Let’s see if those %^&/$_##$!!! In the Bx hijack that!

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    CowCrusher, the home run was great, but “not only helped heal NYC, but the whole country as well,” is just ludicrous. However, I’m fine with retiring that steroid-induced monster’s #31.

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    CC I agree with ya! I don’t know how many people here were in NY after 9/11 but at that moment it was such a boost and a “win” for NY. It seemed like everyone Met fan or not felt that the Mets winning that game and Piazza hitting the HR in dramatic fashion brought us all back. Everyone in NY was happy and was talking about that game with a smile on their face for days (and a decade) after that. As for it healing the nation, I don’t think it had as big an impact on the rest of the country, but I got calls from my friends in college round the country saying how everyone who was watching the game felt happy NY won and it helped usher in some normalcy into a hectic time.

  6. CowCrusher Says:

    I think what Met_Maven said hit the nail on the head and clarified what I was initially saying.
    To be fair, the game by itself did not cause the “healing” but did help kick start the momentum that was needed to get ourselves back to “normal”, especially in the NY Metro area. Shea 1.0 played a very vital role in the aftermath of 9/11. It served as “recovery” area so the authorities could try to account for the missing and/or perished. As macabre as that may sound, it was necessary. Just a few weeks later, that same facility helped bring “life” back to a physically and emotionally beatened city.
    What people fail to realize that it was the Mets that first embraced the fallen after 9/11 and not the “steroid induced” ring counters in the Bx.
    Alleged use of ‘roids by Metalhead Mikey is just a blip when compared to the use by a self serving juggernaut that is the Evil Empire. Even though the Post season looks like a no-go for 2011, but Let’s Go Mets Go!!!

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