Izzy Goes Benitez

Wow that was a long way to come back only to lose in the 9th.

This game has devastating loss written all over it - only we’re not in a pennant race so it’s really not devastating at all so much as frustrating.

I guess I’ve already come to rely on Izzy because when he sufrendered 3 walks and a hit w/o retiring a batter I was shocked. Full on meltdown mode.

That was an absolute crazy game. K-Rod returned only to give up a 2 run shot to Pagan in the 8th. I was sorta surprised to see people booing him.

BMF was super pissed at him when he went thru all that drama way back when but I’m not max at him anymore.¬†

Another big hit for Duda delivering a 2 tun dbl after not stating the game.

Capuano has become just awful - worse with every start 

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  1. IrishMike Says:

    I don’t particularly care about individual games any more so the blowout wasn’t bothering me too much (other than realizing that Capuano is deteriorating before our eyes like BMF said) but the great comeback had me fired up. Then Izzy just spits the bit and sucks the air out of the ballpark.

    Fan are idiots. Ot at least schizophrenic. The same fans booing him yesterday were cheering for him this year every time he came into a game to get a save and cheering even harder when he did. So now they boo hime because?? What - he abandoned the team? No -the franchise abandoned (i.e. traded) him. Because he beat that guy up? Nobody was booing him for that in May.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    What bothers me is why is Izzy even pitching!… TC says he wants to give the young guys a chance….well!

    Memo to TC…This is not the 2011 regular season, we have already blown that and .500….We are heading to the basement!

    This 2012 “Spring Training” ….hence the triple A line up & the Bufets!!

    Play the kids!!!!…….The season is over!…

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM, you were right the first time, fans are idiots. And TC should be pitching Parnell or Beato or Costa or somebody else in the 9th. Not because of Izzy’s performance but because there’s little to gain now except experience and he already has it and his 300th save.

    As to K-Rod’s outing, Pagan KNEW what was coming when he homered. From the replay you can see him wait and then whip the bat through the hitting zone to crush the changeup. If only he used that mental sense all the time.

  4. foxster Says:

    the obivious solution would be to play seven inning games.

    i still feel that CitiField should be modified in several ways:

    1) huge fans installed in the outfield. when the Mets are at bat, the fans would be set to exhaust, pulling all fly balls out towards the distant fence. the the visiting team is at bat, the fans would be reversed, retarding the progress of any ball hit in the air, so it’d drop into the waiting outfielders glove.

    2) first base should be on a spring, when an opposibg runner is approaching, the Met first baseman simply steps on a trigger, making first base a longer run from home plate.

    3) home plate should n ot be anchored, but set with a lock. when ever the Met Catcher sees an important run sure to score, he has a key and unlocks home plate, and then runs from the stadium, with the base runnere in hot pursuit. the run couldn’t count until home had been touched. in the meantime the Met fielder with the game ball, chases the runner as well, ready to tag him out, perhaps either in Westchester or even New Jersey. think of the suspense. progress reports could be broadcast. if the players make the nearby airport, they could go almost anywhere.

    these simple changes may or may not change the Mets chances of a winning record, but at least the frustration of constantly losing games they should have won would be alliveated. there would be renewed interest in the final score which could be determined who knows when.

    i give my ideas to the Mets free of charge and hope they will be put into effect very soon.

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