Met Over/Under 84 Wins

At this point BMF is setting the bar at what should be a fairly attainable mark of 84 wins.

It’s still early and a lot can change between now and opening day but here are a few assumptions I’m making for the sake of a Dec over/under:

• Santana will prob be lost for the season - even if he returns you can’t expect any production

• i’m feeling a respectable season from Beltran - .265 23 94 … and maybe 8 SB - can’t imagine there’s much speed left in those legs 

• Big Pelf will continue to develop and find more consistency - but he may not exceed 15 wins

• Ike will begin to develop into a legit power threat 

• for better or worse i’m guessing K-Rod will be back as closer… I have no idea what to expect from him though 

• Pagan should continue being Pagan, one of the most underrated players in the game

• Reyes and Wright will both be back and are each due for an impressive campaign — especially Jose

• A new administration should refocus the troops and I expect a more patient and fundamentally sound squad 

The bad news is at this point I think I might take the under…

10 Responses to “Met Over/Under 84 Wins”

  1. oktoday Says:

    Over 84

    I feel that Beltran will be way better then a “.265 23 94 … and maybe 8 SB”, I can see him being in between these numbers. 285/300 28/35 110/120. As he got better last year he started to move in that direction. And with all of his time off I feel that most of his injury will be long gone.
    And he can be a power house when he is healthy.

    I also expect Wright to be right with runners in scoring position next year. I feel that head job may be forgotten. And I also felt that is what held him back after he got hit. But enough time has past for him to have gotten over it.

    Reyes had a crazy year this season, and that came about because of his injuries going and coming a few times around, and also along with the manager, which definitly threw him way of stride.
    I believe this will now be his main move upward that so many of us always expected from him. I believe from here on in, he will become a superstar.

    Murphy will be the 2nd basemen and hit close to 300.

    Ike will improve over last year, and there is a chance that he may do much better with the long ball.

    Angel will be angel, And Bay should overcome his concussion, and slump.

    Thole should still bat close to 270

    They will have enough pithers to do the job, but they will not have an ace going into the playoffs. That is if they get there?

    And the Bench/Pen will be good enough.

  2. Paul Says:

    I’m going to take the under. We will not see a full, productive season from Beltran. I expect nothing from Santana or Bay.

    Wright has shown that he is not an elite player capable of carrying a team. He is a very good player who needs a supporting cast to bring him to his potential. I don’t think the Mets will provide one this year.

    I have no idea what to expect from Reyes, Davis or whoever plays second base.

    I still think if everything goes perfectly, the Mets could contend for the Wild Card. But 4th place and a third straight losing season seems like a safer bet.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    UNDER-WAY UNDER!!….BMF get off the Holiday Eggnog!!!…Its all about the Pitching and as of right now if you haven’t noticed we don’t have any!!!! How soon we forget how the S.F. giants won it all last year PITCHING!!…Who is our 4th and 5th starters?….NOBODY KNOWS!…..We haven’t pulled them out of the Dumpster yet!

    All of your comments except one is about hitting, except for Big Pelf not even another starter in mentioned!!

    Don’t look noW but Pitchers and catchers report to Florida in 2 months!!

    Went to the Holiday Sale in PSL at Digital Domain Ballpark. There were alot less Met fans there this year than last year. Almost all of the fans were not happy about next years team!

  4. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    I’m going to go with the under and say between 77-80 wins. I actually think the offense is going to be pretty good. I am expecting Beltran to have a great contract year. I also think Bay will be much better and that will make Wright and Reyes better. I think Ike is going to improve his power numbers and I think Thole has the ability to be a very good contact hitter and fill the role Paul LoDuca filled in the 2 spot back in 06. I also expect P

    As FMFR points out, it’s going to be the pitching. Pencil in Pelfrey, Dickie, and Niese, then what? Neise faded towards the end of the season, but he also showed signs of brilliance (I was at his one hitter last year). Can Dickie do it again? I think he’ll be solid, but fall below what he did last year. I love Big Pelf like most BMFers, but I still don’t fully trust him, especially as the number 1.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:


  6. USMF Says:

    What FMFR said…

  7. BrooklynBill Says:

    Lee back to the Phils!!?? r u effin kidding me!!!?


  8. Luis Says:


  9. earl slick Says:

    This is a really lousy team - worse than last year.

    78 wins will be a miracle.

    The more interesting over/under is Alderson’s tenure as GM..I say he quits before 2012 Winter Meetings…he is going to find out how f**ked up this organization is, and he’ll be well into his 60s…

  10. Kenyetta Settino Says:

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