Obtw That was a BIG Win!!!

Ike Who? 

BMF has been resisting the temptation to say Lucas Duda can replace Ike Davis - but after seeing Duda tumble into the stands ala Ike while snagging a foul pop I think it’s safe to say Ike Davis has been replaced.

This is no dis to Ike. I love rooting for the kid and I truly hope this leg injury doesn’t ruin his career. It’s not supposed to be career threatening but it wasn’t supposed to be more than a couple of days so…

Another bow should be taken by Duda after powdering a HR to right, collecting 3 hits, a BB, and getting robbed of an RBI when his rope up the middle hit the ump 

I’ll even call it a statement win from Terry Collins’ NY Mets. And the statement was: we don’t care if we’re 11 out of the Wild card. We love the game and we’re playing our asses off.

I love it when Thole hits. I’m convinced this kid can be a productive bat as a Big League catcher he just needs time. And nights like his 3-3 with a HR and 3 RBI made me know he’s gonna be worth the wait.

Awesome for Izzy to ring up save #300 as a Met. I really like having him on this team.

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  1. Pillsbury Dough Boy Says:

    How exactly do you “powder” a HR?


  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Just read in the NYT today that TC is thinking that he should soon move Duda off of first and back to the outfield, as he fully expects Ike Davis to man first for the Mets next year. Good to hear. If Duda’s going to patrol the massive right field at Citi, the more practice he gets at it now, the better off he’ll be. I’d be moving him out there ASAP. Why wait?

    Duda was reminding me a lot of Ike in the 9th. First he goes into the stands for an Ike-like grab of that foul pop, and then he almost runs into Tejada on the next out. “Calling off” ones teammates does not seem to be an organizational strength, at the moment.

    Thole may have wielded a good stick last night, but he’s gonna have to get better at catching the balls thrown to him, or it’s just not gonna matter very much.

  3. KMac Says:

    Let’s hope Duda doesn’t replace Davis but is added as a RF. It’d be nice to have 2 big left handed bats in the lineup. “Ike and Lucas” or “Davis and Duda” sounds good together.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Davis and Duda. The Double Ds!

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    The Double D’s, I love it! These are a lot of ifs, but IF Reyes comes back, and we have DW, Murphy, Bay (hopefully hitting), Davis and Duda in the lineup, that would be a very fun, young group of guys to watch. Still would like to add another bat somewhere, but nice to see Duda’s confidence grow day by day.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The BIG WIN is the that the Mets finally signed all their top draft picks for the year. This is a great start to starting to get the farm system back into shape for the long term!

    Hopefully we can see a bunch of home grown players in the next few years.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Quite a day…a win, Duda homers, Izzy gets 300th save, Mets sign draft picks.

    As I mentioned last night, while tdfkabl was frantically posting as the team was frantically trying to secure the W, I think this lineup would be solid:

    Reyes SS
    Murphy/Turner 2B
    Wright 3B
    Ike 1B
    Duda RF
    Bay LF
    Pagan CF
    Paulino/Thole C

    Of course, the team may not keep Reyes, Ike might not come back healthy or the same as he was, Bay could return to his awful slumping, etc. But if they all perform to their “normal” levels it would be a run-scoring lineup with speed and some power.


  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I’m so happy the Patented BlondiesJake Sign-Offs ™ are back!

  9. The Coop Says:

    “I’M A BIG FAN OF THE DOUBLE Ds!” That’s what HE said!

  10. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    It is really bad scheduling that the Mets are on a West coast trip in August.

    I understand that we are out of playoff contention and that takes a bit out of the rest of the season, but do we also have to be subject to Mets vs. Padres in August?

    It is really not a compelling match up and on top of it football is starting up.

    Can’t they schedule these games and get them out of the way by July.

    Also Monday night baseball which is usually on ESPN was switched to ESPN2 in favor of a NFL preseason game!.

  11. Met Your Expectations Says:

    I can’t get too worked up about Izzy’s 300th save because I remember Glavine’s 300th win and all the good will that it brought came crashing down less than 2 months later.

  12. IrishMike Says:

    FMFR I don’t understand your point about Mets - Padres in August. Are you saying to not play any division games until August/September? And mostly non-Division games for the first few months of the season? Besides the impossibility of that from a scheduling perspective I kind of like the “rivalry series” spread throughout the season. With the usual strong September finish.

  13. jmazz889 Says:

    Duda is the man, but this post ain’t cool. Where’s the love for Ike? I’d much rather have Ike on the field than Duda if it came down to it. Both next season would be great.

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