Swept Outta Desert

Does anyone else get the feeling the Mets are slipping close to the abyss?

But IMO it doesn’t really matter. There’s no playoff hope this year and even if we plummeted through the final 6 weeks of the season Collins and Alderson aren’t losing their jobs.

So as we sit 4 games under .500 our goal for the season remains the break even point. 

But there is good news: Namely Lucas Duda who blasted HR number 4 and picked up 2 hits on the day. The big man is really getting into a groove and I’m elated to see him manning first. 

Who knows what will become of Ike. I sure do want hmmm back healthy for next year but I’m starting to get a bad feeling Ike may never be the same after the medical debacle the Mets just put him through. 


Is Capuano about to get traded? 

Send him packing if it’s a good deal and considering he cleared waivers he’s ready to go. I’ve loved Capuano but let’s be honest he’s replaceable.

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  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Yes I get that feeling…and what’s holding them back is what they’re playing for now: career stats, roster spots.

    A while ago a radio guy said he had to admit, “they’ve been a good look this year.” No question; and now they’ve morphed into a weird off-center look, kind of on their own track…a fun win or a LL loss.

    Please don’t say that about Ike, he’ll make a Beltran-like comeback, cmon!

    I don’t want to lose Capuano. I think Collins has a lot of love for the guy too. He’s too much of a fighter to write off.
    See that’s why I like the Ron/Gary combo. Gary will tell you Thole has to block that WP, and then Ron will tell you how not blocking it affects the way Cap has to pitch.
    Thole may be Dickey’s guy, but I’d rather lose Thole than Capuano.
    When Chris Young comes back, I’d rather tell Pelfrey to make room for him.

  2. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. Great job on the Gridiron show, BMF!

  3. JoeG Says:

    -yes…it’s that time of year again…playing out the string!!!!!!

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Good news:
    1) Spring Training is only 6 months away!

    More good news
    2) The Jets are on tonight!

    Its that time off year and our usual lousy West coast trip. The team is lifeless and the games are meaningless. We should be used to this by now!

    I guess the goal would be to play .500 but IMO, I don’t see us being close to that by the end of the year. I would like to think that we can stay out of last place but I am not sure about that either.

    Time to hit the beach and get the “Tail Gate” parties ready.

    Are you ready for some football?

  5. IrishMike Says:

    FMFR had the same thought - every year nowadays the Mets go west in late summer, lose every game and basically announce to the fans that the season is over. To their credit it probably happened later this year than anyone expected considering who they are putting out on the field.

    The good news - as Gary and Ron were saying at some point over the weekend there are plenty of open roster spots for next year so the guys playing right now should be very motivated to play hard for the duration. Unlike the unmotivated veterans of years past.

    The bad news - other than the above there is really nothing interesting or compelling to pay attention to in the next six weeks. I was looking forward to a few Johan starts but I guess that’s out. September call-ups? Who can they possibly unearth that we aren’t already familiar with? They’d have to plumb the depths of the Rookie League. Bringing F-Mart out of the witness protection program would be mildly interesting I guess but it’s not like the fans don’t already know him.


  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    I don’t think they are being held back by anything at this point except the lack of talent. The starters are mediocre and the lineup is missing the bats of Reyes, Ike and yes, Daniel Murphy. Baseball isn’t like football, basketball or hockey where playing for yourself in general drastically hurts the team. In baseball, players getting more hits or pitchers recording more outs are good for individuals and the team.

    If this team wants to seriously compete for a playoff spot next season, Capuano and Young cannot be slated for starting rotation spots. Young always gets hurt and Capuano can’t get through the order more than once or twice before they solve him.

    I thought this team was done by Tax Day. Turns out they were competitive into August, more than I could’ve hoped for. As Pelfrey said (and whether he should’ve said it is immaterial), this team wasn’t going to the World Series as constituted. But we’ve seen lots of promise from youngsters and the front office has made some good moves so I’m hopeful the course is now correct.


  7. ProfessorReyes Says:

    IM I agree that’s what’s holding them back from the abyss, I also wonder what TC’s thinking is. This year might be his mulligan.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    Oops, there goes my reading comprehension score dropping again. The “holding them back” comment wasn’t about them not doing well, it was about keeping them from the abyss. My fault folks.

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Jason Bay, Chris Capuano, D.J. Carrasco, Willie Harris and Angel Pagan have cleared waivers, a source told ESPNNewYork.com.

    WOO HOO!…….

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    So what does that mean exactly about them clearing waivers? Were we trying to dump them? If so, can we dump Igarashi too, because that guy just sucks.

    I’m very disappointed with the lack of fundies lately in both defense and pitching. TC has a lot of work to do with these guys in the spring. I do not want to see these guys drop a step just because we are out of the race. That may be understandable, but that’s exactly the attitude I do NOT want to see in a young player.

    Re: Thole, as I have been saying for months, is not very impressive and I definitely think we can improve at catcher. I know he’s young, but if the guy isn’t going to hit, he better catch the ball or block it at the very least. Sure seems like wayyyy too many passed balls etc this year to me—haven’t checked the stats though.

    Without Beltran, Murphy and Reyes, not too hard to see why we aren’t winning many games, not to mention the mediocre pitching night after night. It does get exhausting to watch the batters figure these guys out and the meltdown begin.

    But somehow I still like this season. I’m excited to see what Sandy does in the winter!

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, in case you weren’t sure, it means they could’ve been traded, released or pulled back if somebody made a claim on them. Some guys are put up for money purposes to see if any team is willing to absorb the contract (Bay). Others are to see what the team might be able to receive in a deal.

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Oh, thanks. I gathered the trade part—but why now? Is there a deadline? It seemed to come out of nowhere.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    The waiver trade deadline is Aug 31st so teams start pushing players thru waivers when they decide the team is no longer in contention. The league tries to keep the info quiet but it always gets out somehow.

  14. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Jeez, didn’t we just play the Padres? I can never figure out what these schedule makers are thinking. For one thing, the Mets seemed to be rarely home all of June and July. Only 11 home games all of June and 10 in July. Why is that? Seems a bit odd. I guess it gets fairly complicated scheduling all these games, but trying to figure out the logic isn’t that easy.

  15. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Ah yes. Thanks, BJake. You’d think I’d remember these things from year to year.

    I wonder what this means for these players going forward?

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