Mets Pods Getaway Day

Waay late to open this game thread but at 2-2 in the 7th it’s still anyone’s game…

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    BMF- You must be on West Coast time today!…It would sure be nice to get this win today before this West Coast road trip!

    Wow!…in 8th inning..and Niese has thrown 119 pitches!….Waited a little to long!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We give SD a gift run on Tejada’s second error of the game…Nice

    They SD wants to give it back to us….Walk the leadoff man in the 8th!


  3. IrishMike Says:

    Ah the the sac bunt with a man on first. Significantly reducing the chances of scoring a run. Excellent!

  4. Howard Says:

    I thought my comments about the Mets pitching staff not being overpowering hurting us while playing the field at Citifield and being a major cause of the poor home record was self explanatory but I forgot we have an adult with a child’s brain and behavior in the room.

    Jake, let me simplify the concept for you. By not having an overpowering pitching staff who get very few strikeouts in a very large ballpark like Citifield, putting the ball in play is going to get the team many more hits and consequently runs than in a smaller stadium. The fact that our relief except for Parnell does not strike out a lot of people, we further get hurt with the field the size of Citifield. Do you get it now or do I need to simplify it further for you? So although it would appear that we have a team built to do well at Citifield, our pitching staff not being able to strike out batters on any reasonable basis really hurts us at home.

    Can anyone offer this guy a job?

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Tejada is a one man wrecking machine…..He has screwed up the Mets last two games!

    Nice way to end a homestand and go on a West Coast trip!

  6. JoMama Says:

    Tejada lost this game for us.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Howard I have never thought “we have a team built to do well at Citifield” although i would like to see us beghin to do it.

    We need speed, defense and pitching in order to do that. Kkind of like the Cardinals in the Whitey Herzog days (Mcgee, Coleman, Etc.), guys withe speed that can hit te ball in the gaps and leg out triples, such as Reyes.

    This was one of the reasons why I thought the signing of Jason Bay was bad.

  8. JoMama Says:

    Not if they bring in right field (as Gary so adequately mentioned last night)

  9. Howard Says:

    Florida Rich, Minaya promised us that type of team but it did not happen. I thought Pagan would be much more impactful on the bases. For me, cleaning house starts with getting rid of Pagan.

    At least Bay has looked a lot better lately. Hopefully, he has turned the corner. I thought his career was over but there are some signs that he can still be productive.

  10. Howard Says:

    BTW, does Jake still have Parnell closing next year?
    I know he saw that as an obvious move. I guess if Parnell cannot do the job next year, he wants to bring in Kyle Farnsworth.

  11. There Hasn't Been A Miracle Says:

    Another day, another loss, and yet the man who was out, barring a miracle, keeps firing away with his expert analysis and some of the dopes here have become disciples. Too funny!

  12. Howard Says:

    Jake, people in here just realize that every time you call me out with your infantile remarks representative of a five year old child, I make you look like a fool.

    I have only come back in to protect my reputation every time you call me out. Some people do not realize that you are a child like pest so I make sure they do realize it.

    BTW, do you recommend giving Parnell a new contract to make sure he is locked in as a closer with the Mets for years to come. I know that is an obvious move to you.

    Now once again, spend less time on the blog and look for a job already.

  13. There Hasn't Been A Miracle Says:

    HBS, I’m willing to bet you never played baseball or any other sport past the age of 10. I don’t know what you do for work, but you clearly should’ve been a hack sportswriter.

  14. IrishMike Says:

    “I have only come back in to protect my reputation every time you call me out.”

    See that Jake? So stop antagonizing him and he’ll go away. In theory anyway.

  15. Be Serious IM Says:

    He claimed he was out barring a miracle. He’ll be here every day “proving” he’s right with or without me. He’s a gutless dips**t who figures if he hollers longer and louder it will make him right. Sadly, there are people on here who believe him.

  16. ProfessorReyes Says:

    For Chrissakes, will all of you friggin grow up already? One of you is like the biggest nagging washerwoman, I swear.

  17. GFY Professor Says:

    You post here how you want, we’ll post here how we want

  18. IrishMike Says:

    Uncalled for Jake.

  19. BlondiesJake Says:

    IrishMike, you’re right. But I don’t care. I come here because it’s Adam’s site and it’s fun. Nobody besides him has the right to tell me what I can say, who I can argue with, how I can post, etc. Since logical, fact-based arguments aren’t required, allowing idiots like Howard to run amok, I’ve decided to blast away as I see fit.

  20. IrishMike Says:

    Knock yourself out. But you know that BMF benefits from more clicks, more responses to his daily posts and thus more regular posters. “Blasting away” and telling a respected (and female) poster to ‘GFY’ is a good way to drive people away and, if nothing else, do a huge disservice to BMF, someone I believe we both consider a friend.

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    IrishMike, I didn’t know PR was female but I don’t see how that matters. Having said that, how many more clicks did this site get when Howard and I were arguing. There were 40-50 posts a day. I’d say, sadly, that was good for business. But I will try to play nice.

  22. Howard Says:

    Jake, you are a moron, end of sentence. You really are pathetic and I can go on forever with the stupidity you write (Parnell should be a closer, etc etc), but you are not worth my time.

    Go get a job loser.

  23. BlondiesJake Says:

    Howard, that hurts. I’m not sure I’ll be able to recover from those putdowns. Enjoy your waters at the bar. I’d say tip well but I know you won’t.

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