At Least They Don’t Quit

One thing you gotta say for the 2011 Mets is they refuse to quit until the 27th out is recorded.

The Mets tried to mount a rally in the 9th only to have a likely 2 run single end up in the second baseman’s glove after a nice defensive play.

Since when do the Padres have the offense to score 9 runs? I can’t recall them scoring like that since Steve Garvey was in the yellow and brown.

Why on earth isn’t Tejada sliding while tagging from 3rd?? What kind of half assed effort was that? LF Kyle Blanks isn’t known for a good arm so maybe Tejada thought it wouldn’t be close but if he bslides aggressively┬á

I think he scores there. Instead he gave the catcher a little sissy shove that did absolutely nothing.

Hate it when they steal home on you. If it’s a straight steal of home at least I’d respect that but the old double steal is just a slap in the face

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  1. Howard Says:

    In regards to ‘At Least They Don’t Quit’, you have mainly a AAA team out there trying to become a permanent major league players so that the fact they are not quitting is not that inspiring to me.

    Does anyone know exactly where Pagan was throwing the ball earlier in the game that allowed the baserunners on 1st and 2nd to advance a base? I was in a bar with the sound off so did not hear the explanation on that one.

    When the battling cry becomes, ‘At Least They Don’t Quit’, its definitely time to cry. I wonder how many years it will be before we are competitive again. How long will it take to completely rebuild the rotation and relief?

  2. There Hasn't Been A Miracle Says:

    Yet the guy who was OUT keeps posting.

  3. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I have to admit I stopped watching and turned on The Apartment. Watch The Apartment and then Glengarry Glen Ross back to back, wow.

    Anyway, Pagan drove me from the game with that throw. Supposedly he was throwing to 2nd to catch the guy off the bag.

    So I didn’t see Tejada come in.

    I think they scored that many runs because they smelled blood in the water in the 1st inning: no knuckle, and really dull defensive play.

  4. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. At first when I saw the post title, I thought you were talking about the Padres!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    What concerns me about this team is that they have a 25-31 record at home. Where is the home field advantage?

    They have only had one homestand with a winning record! That does not go well with trying to keep the fans interested for meaningless basball in Aug & Sept

    You have to start winning at home as a foundation to building a winning team.

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Well, that was painful and messy. Some super boneheaded plays last night. If I were the manager I would have torn this team a new one after the game. Inexcusable not to slide, throwing to the wrong base, etc etc.

  7. Howard Says:

    Florida Rich, that is a great point about the lousy home record. I have a theory on it. One would think that our team is built to play winning ball at Citifield because we do not have power hitting team but we do have a team that keeps the ball in play with some speed. I think the entire issue is the pitching. With the fact that we have no overpowering pitchers in the starting rotation, the field is really hurting us on the defensive side. And I know last year we had a good home record but last year, we had Johan most of the year and Dickey was new to the opposition and pitched well at Citifield. Also, the stadium seems to be giving up more home runs this year at least to my naked eye without seeing the stats which probably hurts us too.

    You cannot win in Citifield without good pitching and as I have said before, not only is our starting rotation mediocre, but we have to have one of the worst if not worse relief corps in the major leagues.

  8. JoMama Says:

    Good point Howard - we have a bunch of nobody’s pitching for us day-in, day-out - the fact that we’re .500 is just about right. I do love that we’re a pretty good road team though. Regardless, we need a solid 1-2-3, as it is, we have a bunch of 4’s and 5’s - I honestly don’t know who would start in a 5 game series. Kerel Cooper and Dave Doyle did a podcast a few days ago and asked if we had a one game playoff - who would start? My pick was Gee but the answers from fans were all over the place - can’t believe a few jokers said Pelf!!

    As far as the non-slide from Tejada - that was extremely frustrating - the ball was so high, the catcher had to jump and was totally out of position had he slid at all. What an awful play - it was refreshing to see TC scolding the youngster using Paulino as the translater: “No lo entienden? Est├║pido Ruben!!”

  9. Once Again, Howard Knows All Says:

    Yes, Howard, great point bringing up something none of us knew, that the Mets don’t have any overpowering pitchers. Clearly, when we watch this team play, it never occurred to us the starting staff is mediocre. I mean with Pelfrey, Niese, Gee, Capuano and Dickey, we are all shocked this group doesn’t rival the Phillies foursome. And the fact the bullpen is lousy is also a revelation. Thanks for the astute observation, Captain Obvious.

    You mention because the staff isn’t overpowering it hurts on the defensive side (I can only surmise your assumption is because the team has to field the ball more often and presumably isn’t good enough defensively). But the team has only given up 18 unearned runs at home, a little less than one-third of a run per game. Last year, they gave up 29 unearned runs at home, which is a little more than one-third of a run per game. I did the math because you were too busy, even though you’ve now posted twice so far during the work day.

    As to the home run factor, yes, the opposition is averaging .77 home runs per game at CitiField as opposed to .58 last year. The Mets have homered at a slightly lower rate compared to last year, .73 to .78 per game, though without Wright and Davis for much of the season, which would probably put them around the same pace. Your statement “the stadium seems to be giving up more home runs this year” appears to be a claim that it’s because of the park somehow, when in fact it’s just that the Mets pitchers are serving up more longballs because as you so brilliantly let us know, they aren’t very good.

    I’m so glad you are out barring a miracle!

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