Shhhh the Met Bats are Sleeping

Remember last week when the Mets were scoring like crazy? 8 runs, 8 runs, 10 runs, 8runs… well that hot streak is  gone as we’ve scored exactly 1 run in the last 3 days. 

I’m being dramatic since we had a rain out and day off but you get the point. 

The good news is Dickey continues to deliver solid games. I still feel like I’m waiting for the glass slippers to wear off but they just won’t.

Hey, Wright got a pair of knocks so in the spirit of finding a silver lining there ya’ go! 

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  1. Howard Says:

    Well, that is the end of that season. Overachieved, underachieved, whatever you might think is the case, once again when the team had to perform they went in the tank losing 5 in a row now, including 4 in a row to the Nationals and Marlins. Just like they do every year.

    Jason Bay being in left field next year is no different than having Oliver Perez on the roster. You are saying in no undefined terms that money is more important than winning. I cannot watch another year of this f**kin loser in LF.

    I like Justin Turner just like everyone else. But lets face it, he is a lovable loser on a bad team. If the Mets were good, we would not accept him as an everyday 2B.

    Where is the mother f**kin ticket back to Puerto Rico or wherever he is from for Angel Pagan? Can we please stop as an organization taking s**t from other teams and think they will become top players on our team. Pagan must be gone next year.

    Thole, please. Let him be Dickeys personal catcher, personal chef, personal chauffeur. The guy is not a major league player.

    We must have the absolute worst relief staff in the major leagues. I cannot imagine a worse one. It is so awesome to see Venters on the mound for the Braves in the 8th while we have Igarashi on the mound with Carrasco in the bullpen. Is there anything worse than that? Oh yea, Izzy is our closer. And one of our main guys is Beato, a reject from the Orioles.

    It is just too much to take this crap every year. I know that Ike was hurt and it would have helped but this team still stinks and is so far from being competitive, it is ridiculous.

    We better pray that Mejia, Harvey, and Wheeler all work out because otherwise, we are dead meat going forward.

    We have a starting rotation of 2 #3’s in Niese and Dickey, a #4 in Gee, a #5 in Capuano, and a guy who needs therapy in Pelfrey.

    I still wish we had hired Backman as the manager. He would not have stood for this f**kin bulls**t play when it mattered. I can take losing to the Braves, but losing to the f**king Marlins and Nationals four in a row when we had a chance to gain ground on the WC race was pitiful.

    I just cannot take any more of this. And btw, I hope the Wilpons saw the crowd if that is an appropriate word for the game last night. Fred Wilpon and Silver Spoon Wilpon, get it through your heads, you need to sell the freakin team and move on. You have placed a black cloud over this entire organization.

    And one more thing.. Omar, go f**k yourself. Any team that would hire this guy should look at how this guy singlehandedly destroyed this organization in only a few years.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    It was fun while it lasted!….The only silver lining I see is that we have the Washington Nationals in the NL East with us to hold off the Basement Bertha jokes for awhile!

    Was that Los Mets or LAST Mets on those uniforms last night?…How apropos!

    Look we all knew this team was a .500 team at best, and that was before all the injuries, so know it all starts to unravel. At least we can look forward to a TC meltdown or two.

    Let the tumble weeds and the crickets roll into Shea 2! As my father used to say, “Its all over but the Shouting”…Turn out the lights….Last Rites…

    Bring on the Bison-Mets! Let the kids play!

    Only 191 “Disgruntled Days” till the four most beautiful words ever said, “Pitchers and Catchers Report”!

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    I have to laugh about people getting upset about what has happened. This team was a .500 team at best this year, then had a slew of injuries. They have battled hard but don’t have the talent to compete at a high level.

    Management (Alderson, TC, etc) has started to change the culture and make moves to help the long-term prognosis. Youngsters have taken advantage of opportunities and shown some promise. Of course, plenty of work needs to be done but you can see a foundation being built.

    Previous “leadership” put the organization in a massive hole. You can’t fix all of this immediately and trying to do so would keep the Mets in the same bad position they were already in. Though bummed about the competitive portion of the season being over, I’m still optimistic about the future, which I couldn’t say coming in to this season.

  4. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I’ve been game-to-game for a while, it’s the only way I can enjoy them.

    Once again, I put last night on TC and Thole.
    Thole is a rally killer.
    He almost never gets it out of the infield, and he’s never gonna have an infield hit. That’s almost unicorn-like for a catcher, who is supposed to have such power in the core. Boo.

    Praying for Reyes to pick it up and start having fun again.

    The think I find remarkable about Turner is that he doesn’t leap or avoid when turning 2.
    And altho he gets taken out he still manages a decent throw.

  5. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. But mostly I put it on Thole for his role as backstop, how confident would you be on the mound throwing to Thole last night? Give Dickey props for that.

  6. USMF Says:

    Jake, I agree with you on almost everything expect the previous leadership putting the team in a massive black hole.

    True, Omar had some big issues…

    he spent too much money on guys like Perez and Castillo…but then again, their declines may of been predictable, how fast and how drastic is still a little surprising. Luckily, after this year, they’ll be nothing but bad memories.

    Omar did give big money to Alou who has an injury waiting to happen and he bet big on Pedro and DL’uque to hold down the rotation. Those predictable injuries hurt…

    But the other injuries to Delgado, Beltran, Reyes, Wags, Wright and others weren’t predictable and while they were mishandled, I don’t think they are the reason for the current funk.

    In fact, Omar is responsible for young stars like Gee, Neise, Davis, Turner, Parnell, Murphy, Duda and future prospect like Flores, Harvey, Flores, Nieuwenhuis, Mejia, F-Mart.

    In fact, Omars hole is closing up…the only black mark he has left is Bay. But I’m still not convinced he’s done. He just needs to get his confidence back and stand closer to the plate.

    Sure, not all the prospects will make it, few will be stars, and some of the young talent on the roster has some question marks…but the little success we’ve seen this year is mostly because of Omars drafting, not so much anything Sandy has done, outside of dumping Perez and Castillo.

    I’m not trying to say Omar is/was better…in fact Omar was great at spotting talent and poor at handling it…Hopefully Sandy can manage the talent properly and his staff can help keep filling the system up.

    If anything, this black hole the Mets are in have more to do with the Wilpon/Madoff thing. If the Mets weren’t worried about losing 1 Billion Dollars, then Sandy could add about 40mil in payroll next year without going over the teams recent budget. Imagine, we could resign Reyes and add a decent starter and beef up the pen.

    Unfortunately, there are no 2nd basemen, catchers or OFers available that would be any real improvement available next year.

    Sadly, until we know if Fred has to pay 3Mil or 1Bil, Sandy is stuck in a limbo not knowing how to proceed.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, we will have to agree to disagree. Omar spent a lot of money and a lot of it poorly. Would the team have a problem re-signing Reyes if he hadn’t given Bay, Castillo, Perez and others big money? Heck, he would probably still be the GM.

    While there are some prospects, he didn’t exactly stock the farm system. He left the organization with a team that can’t win as is but doesn’t have many trading chips unless Alderson wants to completely blow the team up which would suck.

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