Still No Answers on Ike

The latest word in the never ending farcical handling of Ike Davis’ injury is a friday meeting to discuss the possibility of surgery.

It’s MONTHS later, our star firstbaseman
is looking at surgery and we still don’t have any clear answers on WTF is going on. 

The most information we got was the Mets exacerbated the problem by putting him in a walking boot for weeks on end.

It’s so typical Mets to bungle an injury, make it worse and lose the player for the season. These medical botch jobs have been happening for so long I now consider it Met tradition. 

But how is this still happening with Alderson in charge? 

That’s what really trips me up. 

Santana has shoulder fatigue and has a Dr appt too. I hate to say but I’ve telling everyone who would listed that Johan wasn’t coming back this year and certainly couldn’t be counted on in the event we were in the playoff mix

Next spring though we’ve got a chance to get a very good pitcher back.

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    Mets Math: Nobody calling pop-up + Mets medical staff + 65-year-old PR goofball Jay Horwitz = No clue if Ike will ever play again

  2. ACE Says:

    And today the daily news online qoutes sources saying the mets won’t pay & chances are high Reyes is GONE for compensatory draft picks.

  3. Paul Says:

    The old Johan Santana is gone & won’t be coming back. The best-case scenario is that we’ll have a pitcher like Pedro Martinez was during his Mets years - the worst case scenario is we’ll have a guy earning $20+ million a year to sit on the DL and toss a baseball occasionally in Port St. Lucie.

  4. Howard Says:

    Good morning fellow Mets fans. Before we get into Reyes not coming back (sad) and Santana never being the same again (probably true), we still have a chance to make a season out of 2011. As unlikely as it might be, a sweep of the Braves this weekend at home puts us right back in the middle of the WC chase. We have played horrendous baseball this last week but we can mend all fences with a sweep of the Braves at Citifield. I say, lets wait until Sunday night before we forget about this season and what will happen next year.

    I agree with Jake that we need to have Parnell close games starting tonight. I rather go down with him blowing games than with Izzy. With Parnell’s stuff and youth, he gives us at least a chance to consistently close games. Yes, he might blow every game, but he also might save every game too. Izzy is the safe choice, but we know he cannot accomplish what we need from the closer to have a chance to win the WC.

    I am fully invested in Mets 2011 baseball for this series and want to have some hope against all the odds that the Mets will do something magical these next 3 days and on Monday, we can be still be excited about this season.

    Lets see our two stars, Reyes and Wright, carry this team to an incredible sweep.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  5. Original62Fan Says:

    Howard, I like your attitude. You sound like a true Met fan.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Howard I admire that you reallyt still think the Mets have a chance in the Wild Card.

    I for one think we are on the verge of an August swoon and will be in the basement shortly.

    It seems that right noow we can’t even get out of our own way. We lose two games to the crappy Marlins and we can’t win at home.

    I believe its time to actually start looking to 2012. I think management even fell into the wild card hype when we swept the Reds.

    It is time to move on! Let Parnell pitch, let Izzy go! We should have got younger and made more trades at the deadline but everybody bought into the hype. We probably should have traded Reyes also.

    This team is just not ready for prime time, nor did anyone expect it to be.

    I hate to think we did not try to get better just to try to keep people in thhe seats for meaningless games in August in Sept.. I also hope tey are not rushing Santana because of this also.

  7. USMF Says:

    I refuse to believe that Reyes is gone until it actually happens. We’ve heard so many “unnamed sources” tell us 50 different stories and none of them came true. It was a slow day in Mets baseball with the team having two days off, they gotta put something in print so people will bother to read…it’s just another transparent game played by a dying media outlet.

    I can see it now…”Who cares that TV has better coverage than us, who cares that the Blogs have better analysis and incite and people flock to read them, I have the ability to make up….errr…talk to my anonymous source and find out what the team is thinking…you know, because the guy who cleans Sandys bathroom is consulted on all major decisions.”

    I’ve always thought that this year was a house cleaning and evaluation year and next year would be the year that we’d see a real attempt at a playoff run. While I haven’t given up on 2012, with the stacking up of young pitchers, it could be 2013 and beyond before we see the fruits of Sandys labors.

    AS for Ike, was it the medical staffs fault for Ikes problems, or was it Ikes fault for not relaying that the boot was hurting him? I tend to believe that it was a little of both. I’m sure the boot was the correct call, but Ikes gotta say something if the damn thing is causing discomfort.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put much stock in the Daily News or any one source. Just gossip, as usual.

    I do think a lot of moved will happen in the off-season now that the front office has had time to observe. That doesn’t mean we will be stacked next year, but I think we will see some new faces that will help the team, particularly in the pitching dept, and I bet we will get an outfielder too.

    The thing with Ike is absurd beyond measure, but par for the course with our luck. I tell ya, considering how severe these things are, they need to come up with a more dramatic name than “bone bruise.”

  9. Lord Charles Says:


    I agree. For me, “unnamed source” has become codeword for, “I just made this up because it’s a slow news day.”


    Also agree that “bone bruise” way undersells the severity of the injury, as they can often be a precursor to an actual fracture.

  10. Howard Says:

    Maybe the Mets are trying to save money on the backend and Wilpon is doing the medical evaluations himself.

    I want to see Reyes dominate this series on the bases, causing incredible disruption for the Brave pitchers.

    I think that Dickey will give us a great start tonight.

    Lets Go Mets!

  11. JoMama Says:

    As much as I love the optimism and will continue to watch regardless of standings (I have for 20 years), I have absolutely no faith in even sniffing the WC this year (or next). Of course a sweep of the Braves might shed some more light into a currently very dark forecast but who knows. They’ve surprised me before (like in the Detroit slugfest) so they might again. I put the chances of us sweeping ATL at about 5% - maybe less but definitely not more. Fact is, in a one or two run game, our pen will blow it up. If it’s not Izzy in the 9th, it could be Parnell in the 8th and Beato/Iggy at any moment in time.

    As for Reyes - all this talk is garbage. No one knows, not even Reyes - he’s said 100 times he’s playing the season out and not discussing anything about next year. The NY media is so annoyingly clueless.

  12. Howard Says:

    C’mon JoMama, lets have a little optimism this weekend until they lose. I am giving this organization the benefit of the doubt that they know their seasons backs are against the wall and we are going to see great focused, hustling play this weekend. I am predicting big things from even JBay this weekend. I just feel like they are going to show us something these next 3 days, then probably fall apart against the Los(er) Padres…lol.

  13. Met_Maven Says:

    No matter the outcome of this season, it has been more positive than negative. The Mets have done better than anyone predicted. I doubt anyone saw them playing .500 ball in August. Like I’ve said all season, this is a year for Alderson to evaluate the club up close and I think he has given a good foundation to build on.

    While reaching the WC is “mathematically possible” I don’t think our guys can do it, even if we sweep the Bravos this series.

    I never thought Santana would be back this season. If anything I thought if he made a start or 2 to end the season we’d be lucky. I wouldn’t want to rush him back and risk any further damage. Let him take his time and heal properly so he’ll be fresh for 2012. While he may not be the Santana of old, he’ll still a solid pitcher.

    Really, the only big downside to the season has been how Ikes injury was handled. If he wasn’t making progress after 3 -4 weeks they should have opted for surgery so he has plenty of time to rehab and be roaring to go come Spring Training.

  14. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I find it really amusing that we are talking about being in Wild Card contention when I look at the standings and we are only 2 1/2 games from the basement!

    I can’t wait till they add more playoff teams!

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of the media, despite having been part of the media for much of the past 20 years. And there are plenty of times to bash the media. But did people actually READ the Daily News story about Reyes or just ACE’s comment before declaring it bullsh*t?

    ACE wrote that the article says the Mets won’t pay and chances are high the Mets will let him go for compensatory picks. IN FACT, the headline says the Mets are “still nervous” about a Crawford-type deal for Reyes. The article goes on to say one person familiar with the Mets’ plans told the DN in June both the $ and the length of contract were unappealing. After the deadline, the source said nothing has changed.

    Overall, the article says the Mets are extremely reluctant to engage in a frenzied bidding for Reyes. Of course they are. Even if that wasn’t logical to begin with, what franchise would give away its bargaining position by saying they would be happy with frenzied bidding?

    By all accounts, the writer did his homework, checked his facts and wrote an account of the situation. Unfortunately on this blog, hysteria and then bashing without facts took place. Too bad people obviously didn’t take the time to find out the story before drilling a reporter for not taking the time to find out a story.

  16. USMF Says:

    Jake, what hysteria are you referring too?

    We all know the story was released because nothing else is going on to for Mets headlines this AM. The facts still are that nobody knows what’s going to happen to Reyes and all these “Unnamed Sources” or “Top Officials” love to tell stories that can never be confirmed and are usually contradicted the next day.

    Sad this is, this story was just regurgitation of a story from two months ago, just with a little added fluff…

    Watch it’s easy to do…

    Unnamed sources confirm that Sandy Alderson is worried about the long term health of Mets ace pitcher Johan Santana. Santana has missed the entire year do to shoulder surgery and now sources say it is questionable if Johan will return to pitch this year.

    Johan has been rehabbing all year looking towards a second half return, but after recent setback, Mets top officials say they believe chances are good that Santana will not make his return until the 2012 season.

    Mets top officials also are secretly worried about Santana’s long term health and they are questioning if Johan could ever return to Cy Young form….one official was quoted saying that they don’t believe Santana will finish up his contract in NY and it’s possible that Santanas career may be over….

    Bla bla bla…add some fluff about the amount of money the Mets still owe him, and some junk about Johans injuries in NY and the struggles he’s had to win on a struggling Mets team…maybe add some BS about the Mets rotation next year with Dickey, Neise and Gee and how Pelf is due a contract and Cappy will be a free agent and the fact the Mets just traded for more young starting pitching….

    There, that’s a story that I just pulled of the top off my head, but It’ll pass in the Post as breaking news… do I get the front page or not?

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, did you read the article?

  18. ProfessorReyes Says:

    If there is One Player that would have had us sitting much better this year—especially with the year Reyes is having — it’s Ike.
    And I think BMF hits it with questioning why this botched treatment history isn’t different under Alderson, who should be so extremely sensitive about protecting our assets. WHY?

    Anyway, haven’t read the article and won’t… everything is speculation until it happens. Some of you guys must have swallowed that “1% tax on our bank transactions!!! OMG!!!” email, too, lol.

    GUYS. I’m not registered on Lockerz but the guy’s comment below the picture of Santana’s jersey is GREAT!! If any of you are signed in, maybe you want to 2nd his idea:

  19. JoMama Says:

    USMF is right on, every other sentence starts with “According to sources” or a variation thereof. Total nonsense.

    Jake - there are actually 2 articles on the DN today (I read both) - “Jose Reyes is still a Met after the MLB trade deadline, but that doesn’t mean he will be next season” and “Sources: Mets “still nervous” about Crawford-type deal for Reyes” - both written by Martino and both very similar. Fact is, USMF is right on with his assessment that this is grasping at straws on a slow news day. You can discuss “sources” all day and it means nothing more than you and I bitching about Jason Bay on this blog. All of it’s pure conjecture and doesn’t settle or clarify anything. Conversely, it just exacerbates a situation that not even Reyes knows about. Total and utter garbage if you ask me.

  20. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Let me get this straight: this article was supposed to be “news?” I read it, and I didn’t learn one thing I didn’t already know. If regurgitating the same rumors without naming any actual sources is now considered journalism, then I guess that makes every sports fan in the world a journalist.

  21. ProfessorReyes Says:

    3rd inning coming up…..


  22. USMF Says:

    Yes I read one of the articles…read nothing new or ground breaking and nothing to get worked up over and I don’t think anyone is…funny thing is Heyman (my favorite little speculation and regurgitation weasel) has already recycled this recycled “story”.

  23. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I guess not.

  24. ProfessorReyes Says:


    I put this one squarely on TC and Thole.

  25. Howard Says:

    It was so appropriate to have the season on red alert, with 1st and 2nd and two outs in bottom of the 8th, and for Jason Bay to hit a ground ball as meekly as you possibly can to 2b for the 3rd out.

    I am sorry but I cannot watch the Mets next year with this guy in LF. They have got to find some sucker who will take him if the Mets eat most of his contract.

    And it is time to show the exit to Pagan. I am so sick of this guy. He stinks, period, end of sentence.

    And to see Venters on the mound in the 8th while we have Carrasco warming up says it all.

    This team has no guts and very limited talent.

    Next year should be awesome with Thole at catcher, Bay in LF, Tejada at short, and probably Igarashi closing.

    This team is pathetic. I have had it!

  26. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Howard:

    Howard at 8:00 a.m: I am fully invested in Mets 2011 baseball for this series and want to have some hope against all the odds that the Mets will do something magical these next 3 days and on Monday, we can be still be excited about this season.”

    Howard at 10:00 p.m.: “This team has no guts and very limited talent…This team is pathetic. I have had it!”

    Come on man, I thought you were holding out for the weekend, at least!

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