Wednesday nite’s game was washed out. No makeup date announced as of yet.

Oh well, I’ll take this as a good reason to take a day off …

But the interesting news from Flushing is TC’s announcement that Parnell or Beato would have been closing had there been a save situation. No disrespect to my favorite Generation K’er but I’. exponentially more interested in watching either of the kids try and save a game than Izzy.

I’m just sayin’…

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    Not a shocking statement from TC considering Izzy had thrown a billion pitches during the messes he made Monday and Tuesday.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well thats great!…It only took TC two blown saves in a row to figure that one out!

    I am glad the game got rained out. I could not take the stinking Fish sweeping us!


  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, he didn’t figure anything out. He was saying Izzy wasn’t available after extended work the previous two days.

  4. Howard Says:

    Does anyone know what time the Mets organization officially said that the game last night was postponed? I saw it being shown as a rain delay until around 10:15. That is ridiculous to keep the fans at Citifield for a few hours waiting and waiting when the rain was not letting up. I can just imagine the Wilpons walking around the stadium selling their overpriced beer and food to the helpless Met fans hoping they would get the game in.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    Maybe the organization didn’t have faith in the rain.

    Btw, meant to address previous comment about TC and closers to FMFR (not FGMF) as was in direct response to his post.

  6. IrishMike Says:

    It was earlier that 10:15 - before 9:00 even I think. certainly plenty of time to maximize parking and concession revenue. Although in this case I can’t get on Mets management - the forecast I saw was not as bad as what actually happened and there appeared to be a three hour window that never materialized. Didn’t the Mets cancel a game because of “rain” earlier this year when it never actually rained? I’m not saying that teams haven’t soaked (soaked - get it?!) their fans for parking/revenue money when there was no chance of a game but the decision making around a forecast and actuality is not always easy.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    I think the rain is a headcase. Sometimes it comes down, sometimes it doesn’t. Plus, it’s old enough that we should have a read on it by now.

  8. CW Says:

    I agree with Jake. I think they should trade the rain for a bag of sunshine and two storms to named later.

  9. Howard Says:

    ok, I thought the time they postponed it was much later. Online, I saw it being delayed until after 10 in which they cancelled the game.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    I was at the game last night, they called it around 840 or so. It was only a 90 min or so delay, which isn’t that bad. Unfortunately they did get my $$ in dinner and drinks, thankfully my tixx and parking were free. I kept checking my phone for the forecast, it kept changing every half hour. I’m glad they decide to cancel it, as another loss would have killed any ounce of hope the Mets have of making this a positive home stand especially with the Braves coming to town. With any luck the extra day off gives our boys a chance to clear their heads and they come out fresh for the weekend series.

  11. JoMama Says:

    They should trade Bay for more rain. Especially when we’re playing someone from our division.

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Please, with that performance last night, the best we could get for rain is some overpaid drizzle.

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Can somebody explain to me why the fish always beat us when they SUCK as much aswe do!

    We needto concentrate more and start beating teams in our division. What really concerns me is that we have lost our homefield advantage.

    We are close to losing it and going down the drain this year

  14. keefherny17 Says:

    FMFR, its simply because the mets have no starting pitching, no pen, no jason bay, no threat at all as far as bats go, no pen… need i say more?

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