Capuano Robbed

Chris Capuano is BMF’s nominee for most underrated Met of the year. He’s quietly posted quality start after quality start and deserves more W’s to show for it. 

Last night was especially frustrating to see his W evaporate on a horrendous throw by Justin Turner. Aside from 2 pitches that Omar Infante turned into 2 solo shots Cappy was dominant.

The Mets even did him a solid by scratching out the go ahead run in the bottom of the 6th. I love seeing a starter in the dugout react to the go ahead run scoring while he’s still the pitcher if record. Too bad Izzy blew it.

You can’t complain about Izzy since he’s been great closing so far but you gotta wonder about Parnell who was sizzling in his 1 inning of work touching 100 while K’ing 2.

I trust TC has a plan to get Parnell up to speed by next year and innings like last nite make you think sooner than later.

Meanwhile Duda collected another hit and smoked line-drive sac fly. The Kid’s confidence is growing by the day.

Pagan got a couple hits too, could he finally be coming to life?

BMF had to laugh at yesterday’s thread which saw a BlondiesJake v Howard smack down. For the record I can’t condone voting anyone off but a good old fashioned thumb wrestle between these two might be good for a goof.

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30 Responses to “Capuano Robbed”

  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I don’t know about underrated (except from some people here), as the booth seems to have a bead on Capuano’s worth.
    The poor guy has had one woulda-shoulda start after another this year. Still love him and he deserves a season in front of a solid A-list group of Metropolitans.

    Congrats on the premier, BMF! We’ll tune in for the BMF connection alone.

  2. Howard Says:

    That was some loss last night.

    What I do not understand is this.. If the Mets believe that Parnell is their closer of the future, why is he not out there in to at least start the 9th inning? Let him start the inning. If he starts to falter, we can then bring in Izzy or Igarashi, etc. To bring in Izzy in the 9th, a guy who is definitely on his last leg, when in the 8th Parnell was blowing guys away, makes no sense. Is there a pitch count on Parnell now too? Is he unable to go 2 innings? TC, you cannot do 8th inning set up guy, 9th inning closer guy when we are short a closer.

    I could not believe that they had Izzy ready for the 9th as if there was no question that you make that move. Izzy has performed admirably this season but it was obvious a week ago that he is running on fumes.

    Horrible, horrible loss.

  3. Big D Says:

    No mention of Jacob Resnik’s great call on the Reyes homerun last night? It was the Highlight of the game

  4. IrishMike Says:

    Big D - right there with you. Kid gets to call one play and it’s a first pitch home run by Reyes. Awesome.

    PS Howard is right.

    PPS a pig just flew past my window.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’m guessing the Mets were trying to keep Izzy’s value up by having him close. But I’m in the camp that believes Parnell should be closing the rest of this year to see how he handles it.

  6. USMF Says:

    I was saying this long before the K-Rod trade…if we lose K-Rod, then the whole bullpen losses depth and could fall apart. Despite K-Rods WHIP being around 9 (OK it’s actually around 1.4, still not great) he got the save and could pitch every day.

    Izzy can’t do that and now you’re seeing his age catch up to him. You can easily blame Murph and Turner for the loses, but even if Murph made that play the other night, you’d still end up with the bases loaded with one out. Even if Turner didn’t throw the ball away, it still would have been a tie game.

    You can’t keep loading the bases in close games like that.

    As for Parnell, I don’t trust him…, but we should see if Bobby or Pete can handle the job. But I’d wait till after this weekends series vs the Braves before I’d start auditioning for next year.

  7. CW Says:

    “You can easily blame Murph and Turner for the loses, but even if Murph made that play the other night, you’d still end up with the bases loaded with one out.”

    USMF- I agree that Izzy shares the blame by giving up all those hits, but if Murphy makes that play then there are 2 outs and man on 2nd and 3rd. And Izzy doesn’t have to groove a 3-2 fastball to Stanton with 1st base open. Either he gets him to chase, or he faces a much weeker hitter with 2 outs and bases loaded.

  8. cleonjones Says:

    I agree with Howard- if Parnell is our closer of the future- put the kid in there in the ninth and lets rock- why hold him back???? Rough lose last night. Lets get the W tonight. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Congrats BMF on the show!! I will be out of town but hopefully I can tune in.

    This is starting to get depressing. It’s like someone pulled the plug on this team and now we are watching them wind down on a dying battery. But, we are seeing what we got—or in several cases, what we DON’T got.

    Parnell is still young and I really hope he works hard in the off season and gets a shot next season—if he’s ready. But I’m not sure he’s psychologically up to the job yet—he gets overamped in the 8th, how would he handle the pressure of closing? I think he needs to learn some control first. The last thing we need is yet another nutcase closer like Benitez that melts down constantly. Izzy is falling apart but he does inspire more trust with his coolheaded approach.

    Bring Cappy back for sure, let’s see how he fares in a decent rotation (which I hope we will have next season).

    I still feel that with the level of pitching we have, we need the strongest defense possible playing behind them.

    Jacob was AMAZING in the booth!!! What a kid!

  10. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I feel the “Dog Days of Summer” coming on and a giant fall to the basement coming. It does not look like they are playing very smart baseball at this point in time.

    Lets hope that they don’t begin to “Pack it In” and they just start playing for individual statistics.

    I must admit that those last two games were really UGLY!!

    Why can’t the Mets win at home?

  11. USMF Says:

    CW-OK, lets be fair…you can blame Murph, Tuner and Izzy for the losses. Sure being on the mound, making a good pitch and seeing the D give away outs is very difficult. (but Izzy did put he runners on that set the table for the mistakes to hurt). And Yes, Turners mistake led to the tying run, and Murphs mistake led to Izzy being in a position that forced him to be perfect.

    But then we could even go further…Izzy shouldn’t have been pitching last night because of the work the night before…so put some blame on TC (even though I think he’s do a pretty good job with the bullpen).

    And of course, if the Mets offensive hadn’t fallen asleep, then things wouldn’t have led to trying to protect one run leads in the 9th…

  12. Paul Says:

    I’d rather lose games with Bobby Parnell closing than watch Izzy try for his 300th save. Unless the Mets run off a big win streak that includes a sweep of Atlanta this weekend, the pennant race is over - it’s time to focus on 2012.

  13. GroteFan Says:

    How many “horrible” losses can a .500 team have….I guess about 81 of ‘em.

  14. JoMama Says:

    I am so happy I left this $hitstorm of game in the 8th….2 nights in a row of these correctable meltdowns leaves me to believe changes need to be made. I’m with a lot of the folks on here - have Parnell close. The kid is already somewhat of a headcase, needs these experiences to get better. Blown saves when you’re team has no shot of the WC is a great way to groom a kid - Izzy is tired and it shows. No life to his stuff lately. TC should be using him to close maybe 3 nights a week and that’s about it. Maybe some spot duty here and there if/when Parnell falters. The D is atrocious, the pitching mediocre but I still like the fact that this team has some fight. Young guys stepping up at the plate but still making bonehead plays to lose games. Why does this always happen when we’re playing someone in our division?!?! Why the heck can’t this happen when we’re playing the NL West??!? Man, I hate the Fish (and the Braves, and the Phils)….lets win one tonight. Should be 5 games back of ATL right now, Nats taking care of business.

  15. Howard Says:

    Jo Mama, that is the killer that the Nationals are doing the dirty work for us and we cannot get out of our own way and beat the Marlins.

    Have people noticed that the Nationals, who are in the basement and really totally out of it are getting reasonably good crowds at their home games and Citifield attendance looks like a crowd at a WNBA game (no offense to the women members).

  16. Howard Says:

    Got cut off there… Not that I can say anything since I was not at Citifield lately. I was going to go to Citifield over the weekend but now it is really hard to go with the team free falling the way it is.

    I possess one more ounce of enthusiasm for this year and will hope for a Braves lose, and Mets win tonight although now the Giants and Diamondbacks are starting to get away from us.

    With my last ounce of enthusiasm hoping for a needed reccessitation of wins… Lets Go Mets!

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    I know Parnell has had a few rough outings recently after a fantastic stretch when he first came off the DL. Last night, after an infield single (which could’ve been an out if Reyes throw was on the bag…not saying easy play, just noting excellent play gets an out) and a passed ball, he fell behind 3-0 to Mets killer Gaby Sanchez. What does he do? He comes back and blows away Sanchez and then Dobbs to preserve the lead.

    So my question is, where do people on this blog come up with the analysis he’s a head case? I’d love to know where the proof of that statement is. And just as a point of reference, Papelbon throws hard, is emotional and gets quite a few saves. Is he also a head case? As BMF might say, I’m just askin’.

  18. keefherny17 Says:

    The mets just love to lose to the fish and in dramatic fashion. Whether it be at home or at sun life or in Puerto Rico (remember that debacle??). Obviously, this team is going nowhere this season, so let’s hope they finish off in a respectable manner and not be the Rodney Dangerfield of baseball. But I can understand why they are after the last few games. The Mets should do a lot of things, but at this point, there is no way they are going to make the wild card, so what needs to start happening is building for the future with reyes and wright as keystones to build around. wright my not be a “superstar”, but he’s a solid 3rd basemen with a good bat and reyes is a catalyst. They need a true ace because who knows how santana is going to be after missing a full season and coming off of surgery. The pen needs lots of revamping and maybe pick up a decent catcher, cause thole sucks behind the dish IMO. They just needs a major facelift and keep a few key pieces. IMO, everyone is expendable with the exception of Reyes, Wright, Davis, Niese, Dickey(?) and why not throw in Collins, cause I like his attitude.

  19. JoMama Says:

    Jake - you’re kidding right? Parnell pitches in the 8th of a tie or close ballgame and falls apart. I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit - it’s not fallacy. I’m not digging up numbers (will leave that up to you) but he’s faltered quite a few times in situations that I don’t think are that stressful. Add a pennant or some “meaningful” games and his head would do a Pelfrey. I don’t mean to denigrate the kid, as a matter of fact, I actually like his stuff but as I’ve mentioned before, 100 on the gun does nothing if you don’t have placement.

  20. keefherny17 Says:

    Parnell is a thrower and not a pitcher. He gets into jams sometimes he gets out of it and sometimes he does not. He was never really that good in the minors and he’s mediocre, at best, in the majors. And Papelbon is proven, Parnell is not.

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, I’m not disputing he isn’t always the best pitcher. But does his lack of control and sometimes hittable heater mean he’s a head case? That is my question, not whether he’s as good as Papelbon or any proven closer yet. We all can see he doesn’t always get the job done, but to me it’s a leap people are making without facts to say he’s a head case.

  22. USMF Says:

    I wouldn’t call Parnell a head case, but I doubt his ability to be a reliable closer. He is a thrower…he dons’t have good location and his slider is spotty.

    But who knows…many closers can only close…they suck any other time…some may take some time to develop…

    People love to bash Omar for trading Bell. But Bell was a joke and didn’t show enough to prove that he deserved a chance to be on the roster. He got traded, was given a chance and now he’s looking for a big payday…you just never know until you try.

    But it does seem that most closers (even the successful ones) are a all little bit of a head case.

  23. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    1)This is a big problem.This team can not win on its own home field! It seems like they are getting psyched out in their own home park or are swinging for the fences.

    2)There seems to be a total lack of focus, or playing heads up basball.

    3) As the year goes on it seems that our pitching is going to wear down a bit!

    Please…Please don’t let the Crappy Fish Sweep us at Home!


  24. JoMama Says:

    Since the term “headcase” isn’t scientific or something you can talk about in black & white, it’s hard to say whether that’s “fact” or not. Is Pelf a headcase? Most would say so based on his meltdowns and his general demeanor once guys start hitting him around. Is Zambrano? Possibly, but a much different one than Pelf in that he get stronger when the going gets tough. Point is, this isn’t about fact or not, it’s about people’s perception.

    Which leads me to Parnell. Perhaps we’re being a bit premature in labeling him anything but from what I’ve seen in most cases (the last few outings excluded), once he starts getting hit hard, the meltdown snowballs. I’m of the notion that this isn’t something uncorrectable, like I said earlier, the more he gets put into these situations, the better he’ll become at adapting to them (like he has been). So we’ll see. Now as far as pitches - that’s another story. I agree that I’m not sure he has the right stuff to make it. Maybe he becomes a nasty setup guy…we could use one of those.

  25. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I don’t think he’s a headcase—I just think he’s green. He needs to learn control. Let’s remember that a lot of self-confidence is based on experience. He needs to build up successes to trust himself and not just rely on heat.

    I’d like to see him close in winter ball and try out for the spot in the spring.

  26. Howard Says:

    FGMF, the only problem with saying Parnell is green is that he is going to be 27 yrs old pretty soon, and has not even established himself as a major league pitcher yet, forget about a closer. In terms of whether he is a headcase, I would just say that sometimes tells me he is not built to handle high pressure situations and it seems that he gets out of sorts very easily once things start going wrong, a big no-no for a closer.

    The fact that Mets management has absolutely no faith in him is most telling of all.

  27. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    well, I am willing to give him a shot to fight for the job. Some things you can learn, and some just require confidence. Maybe he doesn’t have what it takes, maybe he does. We will have to see. But what’s the harm in letting him try in the spring? It’s not like we have all these other potential closers lining up.

  28. keefherny17 Says:

    Parnell is definitely a work in progress. And since this team is going backwards, at the moment, it’s fine to put him in and try to work out the kinks. Ultimately, the team needs a stable pen that can make outs and not walk batters and be more damn consistent! Parnell, to me is a thrower and if he can harness his stuff and gain control and locate pitches, he could be the future. But Bell was awful in the Mets organization, basically, he spent two seasons shuttling between the Mets and their Triple-A affiliate, mainly filling in as an injury replacement. It’s also been reported that he had negative feelings towards the Mets organization because he believes he was not given the opportunities he deserved. And look where he is now… so you never know, I guess…

  29. GroteFan Says:

    Howard-so you have a direct line to Jeff Wilpon, Sandy Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi, John Ricco and and Paul Depodesta and you know exactly what faith they do or do not have in their players? That is one of the biggest horsecrap I have seen on this site. This is a .500 team and trying to figure out what they have for the future. I guess by “faith” you mean running a guy out there just for the sake of running him out there.
    That was so far out of line, and the fact you have no clue what they think about him, screamed to be called out!

  30. JoMama Says:

    Howard - I’m with Grote, please clarify what you mean by “no faith.”

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