The Rise of Lucas Duda

I believe one day in the not too distant future we’ll equate the Post-Beltran portion of 2011 with Lucas Duda’s arrival.

Never mind that we lost Monday nite’s game to the Fish - that pales in importance to Duda’s bottom of the 9th game tying 2 run HR.

Talk about a confidence builder. Taking Leo Nunez yard should kick start at least a little swagger since the closer has been lights out all season. 

And a bottom of the 9th bomb is always a shot of adrenaline to the ego. BMF would like to see our gentle giant Duda develop a little ‘tude towards opposing pitchers. ( then maybe he can pass some along to Pelf another Giant who could stand to step up his attitude and swagger)

If you recall Duda was a beast last Sept after starting his big league career 0 for 20-something. 

He struggled again early this year but pulled his avg back to the .280 range last week. And now that his power stroke is back he’s officially become BMF’s MIM - Most Interesting Met

I know you have to give him slack because he’s out of position at first but his mental error resulted in Stanton’s 10th inning Salami. 

Imagine what Murphy could hit if he’s didn’t have the added mental burden of playing out of position… then again it’s been so long since Murphy played third I don’t think he has a position he’s comfortable at anymore.

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  1. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, I like your take on Duda but HBS (Howard the Baseball Savant) already told us we need an intervention if we think Duda can really be the RF so I guess I shouldn’t be interested.

    I really like Murphy but he should be playing 2B. Being involved in cutoffs means he has to think and he’s just not capable of that. I’m not going to bury him for last night because Izzy was atrocious, but he certainly didn’t help.

    Can somebody tell me why TC isn’t starting or at least pinch-hitting Pridie? Is he hurt? Did he get sent down? Is he screwing Collins’ daughter? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

  2. A Phanatic Says:

    You’re a beach angel.

  3. Paul Says:

    I appreciate Daniel Murphy’s effort, but does he even *have* a position on the baseball field? He doesn’t hit for enough power to be a DH, and he’s floundered around at every spot on the field he’s played for the Mets.

  4. Howard Says:

    Why cant Jake be the GM for the Mets? With him as GM, we would have already given the closers role to a guy who has only proven that he cannot take any pressure and at the age of 27 is not even closing on a team in which there is no closer. But Jake knows more than Alderson, Minaya, TC, Willie Randolph and all other current and past major Met decision makers who never dared put Parnell (much closer to 30 yrs old than 20) in the closers role. But Jake is a genius. I mean how can you disagree with a guy who has abstract, ingenious analysis such as ‘You have to admire the Phillies’.

    With Jake at GM, we would give Duda a 10 year contract right now for how much Jake, 20mil? 30mil a year? I mean we gotta lock him in. We cannot take a chance of losing Duda with all of the promise he has shown in 2 weeks.

    And you have to love Jakes absolutely ‘einsteinish’ take on Murphy. As Jake ingeniously tells us, lets have Murph play second base, a much tougher position requiring much more athletic ability than 1st base. And why does he feel he should play 2nd base, oh, because he cannot play first base.

    By the way Jake, you have to take cutoff throws at 2b too. And at shortstop, and yes, at third base too sometimes.

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    “I appreciate Daniel Murphy’s effort, but does he even *have* a position on the baseball field?”

    Designated hitter, with a designated pinch-runner?

    Other than that, I agree with Jake that 2B is probably the safest (least thinking) position. Yes, turning the DP is difficult, but a part of that is just being ballsy enough to stay on the bag and take the hit. Murph might excel at that…

  6. Howard Says:

    Why is Pagan still in there, case in point last night.

    1. He catches a ball in relatively shallow CF and does not even attempt to throw out the runner trying to score from 3B on the sacrifice.

    2. With 2 outs in the 9th down by 2 runs, he is trying to turn a single into a double against a guy who in the same game threw out Reyes by 20 feet at home.

    Jason Bay looks like a superstar compared to Pagan these days.

    Hopefully under the Alderson regime, we will stop trying to turn one teams crap into starting players on the Mets.

    The last three games is why people cannot take the Mets anymore and have stopped going to games; the team has no guts. You lose 3 games in a row to the Nationals and Marlins when you had incredible opportunities to gain on the Braves? Teams with guts do not do that. Against Vazquez, we cant score? Incredible.

    This team is sinking quickly. They are about to call out the divers. We have a drowning ship and 25 casualties.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Paul, the Mets should play him at 2B where his productive (.320, 6 HR, 48 RBI) bat will outweigh his fielding issues a la Jeff Kent (though obviously Kent hit for more power). As LC astutely points out, 2B can be tough but is more physical than mental.

    HBS, here are some answers to your hysterical rants:
    -I would love to be the GM but Alderson is much more equipped to do the job at this point.
    -Admiring the Phillies wasn’t analysis, merely commenting on how well that organization is currently run.
    -I’m not in favor of giving Duda a big deal, but I am in favor of giving him a shot like the Mets are doing since he has hit and been productive and is now starting to hit with power at the ML level after beating up pitching in the minors. You declared him not worthy of consideration and told those of who did we needed an intervention. Don’t try to turn it around and claim I’m hysterical in the other direction.
    -You once again proved you don’t understand baseball with your comments about cutoffs. Middle infielders take cutoff throws from outfielders when a relay is needed. There’s very little deciding what to do except catch the ball and fire to the base your teammate yells to you. 1st and 3rd have different situations where they need to decide, with help from the catcher, WHETHER OR NOT TO CUT THE BALL OFF. There’s a big difference, just like in the loss column between the Mets and other WildCard teams.

  8. Howard Says:

    Jake, guess what, when the 1st baseman is involved in cutoff plays, other players are also telling him where to throw to, such as the second baseman.

    You did not refute any of my comments about Parnell’s role on the team. Did I finally help you understand that situation or do you need more clarifying?

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    Howard, I wouldn’t give up on Parnell. Sorry I failed to also comment on that. And you obviously can’t understand the cutoff difference so I won’t try to explain further.

    To all other BMFers, I promise this is the last time I comment specifically on Howard’s posts. Apologies for those who were annoyed. I decided it made no sense to beat my head against the wall anymore.

  10. Lord Charles Says:

    “The last three games is why people cannot take the Mets anymore and have stopped going to games; the team has no guts.”

    Complete, and total BS.

    All season long, all this team has done is fight and claw to get where they are. They were projected to finish 20-games under .500 before they lost Wright for 2 months and Davis for the season. Now, they are well on their way to winning 81-85 games.

    The lead the league in most offensive stats with 2 outs, including runs scored.

    The last two games, saw 2-out HRs to tie the game.

    None of these are the mark of a team that has, “no guts.”

    The bullpen sticks.

    The starting pitching is questionable.

    They make too many errors.

    But guts? As much as I hate the unquantifiable, they appear to have in spades.

  11. Howard Says:

    Jake, why don’t you go one step further. I think a lot of members of the Mets blog would be happy or shall I say overjoyed if you stopped blogging at all.
    It never fails that the loudest are always the most clueless. Try finding an actual person to talk to in person to express your ingenious thoughts although I am sure that would be extremely difficult.

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    BMF, could you please supply Jake and Howard with each other’s email addresses so they can coo sweet nothings to each other in private? It’s only a matter of time before they consummate this flirtation, and I for one don’t want to be trying read about RISP and accidentally stumble over those two in a feverish embrace.

    There is no position I would trust Murphy at—as far as I’m concerned, trade him now while his value is high (and before other teams realize how unbelievable stupid he is about baseball. Did he not play Little League?). Like, TODAY.

    Painful end to the game, which aside from Duda was flat as a pancake. I think they are having a dog days + road trip + delayed reaction to Beltran leaving slump. But, we’re seeing what these kids have—and I’m sure a lot of moves will be made in the off season.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, as I wrote, I will not be responding to HBS anymore so you don’t have to worry.

    Lord Charles, great post. I can call this team a lot of things but not gutless.

  14. A Phanatic Says:

    I like it when you two play with each others statesticles.

  15. GroteFan Says:

    I’ve been trying to get rid of BlondiesJake from BMF and personally since 1995.
    Howard, why don’t you take it to the next level?
    Why don’t we vote to find out which one of you gets’ to stay? Any regular can vote, this way neither of you can stuff the ballot box like the early Reds management of the early ’70s when the game was going to be at Riverfront……

  16. USMF Says:

    we all know that Murphs problems are about his reacting without thinking…hustle before cation…sometimes that type of play works out for the better and sometimes you get burned. Sadly when it works out for you, it’s hardly news, but when you get burned, you are the goat and there is no place to hide.

    As for the infield stuff, I still play baseball…Typically I’m either pitching, someplace in the OF or at first base. I’ve also played games at 2nd and even once at 3rd. I was completely lost at 3rd, I didn’t know the position at all and I was constantly out of position, especially on any cut off plays.

    2nd was relatively easy…sure you have to be agile to run 20ft and reach down and field the ball…fielding the ball and making the throw across your body with out looking bad takes a little practice, but the position is a lot easier mentally, you react to the ball that’s it…even if you don’t field the ball cleanly or take a strange route, you still have plenty of time to make an easy toss to 1st.

    1st I found is one of the more difficult positions to learn.

    -Any ball hit towards you typically is hit hard enough that all you can do is react, or it’s hit so softly that you have too much time to think about it.

    -Getting you footwork down takes practice and getting in position to catch a bad throw, is tricky…deciding if you should try to scoop it, pick it or just try to block it is a split decision…do you stay on the bag and stretch? Do you come off and hope that you can get the tag down?

    -You gotta know your infielders…I know that my SS throws always tail towards home…my one 3rd basemen throw’s sink…my others throw can easily end up in RF…my 2nd basemen’s throw’s are slow, sometimes knuckle and could end up anywhere…

    -Then it’s knowing where to be on the cut off…that depends on the arm in the OF and how’s on what base and what the situation is.

    -And lets not forget about where you start when the pitch is thrown (Mex’s biggest complaint)…do you play the line of the hole? do you play close or back…how far off can you play to get to the bag in time? do you hold the runner? do you hold him tight or just hang at the bag to keep him from getting a big lead? Is the pitcher going home or throwing over…you gotta know because you need to get off the bag fairly quickly….holding a runner when you got a hard hitting LH hitter up is nerve wrecking.

    -Lets not forget knowing when not to go for balls…there are a lot of balls that you can field to your right that you have know to let go (the slow bouncers are the hardest)…being RH, making the throw to 2nd is very hard to do, especially if you don’t think your pitcher/2nd baseman are going to cover 1st on the return throw.

    -None of that stuff you need to worry about when playing any other position like you do when playing 1st…it’s kinda like being a infielder and catcher at the same time

    With all that, I’d rather have a thinker at 1st and the reactor at 2nd or 3rd. Maybe wright should play 2nd and Murph move back to 3rd

    Now back to the main point, Murph will play first until Ike returns and then either move to 2nd next year or platoon or get traded…it’s really that simple…and for the record…only 3 of the 9 full time (qualified) DH’s have more than 10HR’s only one has more than 12. That idea that most have on what a “traditional” DH is almost doesn’t exist other than Ortiz. The rest seem to be past their prime players (ex-Yanks) who can’t play in the NL and are trying to hang on for a few extra years.

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’m all for that. If I’m voted off BMF Island I’ll go away.

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    GroteFan, how long will the polls be open? I recommend the rest of the week to give everybody who wants a chance to cast a ballot.

  19. USMF Says:

    Can I vote both you off?

  20. A Phanatic Says:

    and i will vote both of you back on.

  21. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Can I vote for you to be separated? No passing notes either or you get detention for the rest of the season!

  22. ProfessorReyes Says:

    TC can tell every single guy on this team—every one—that in the off-season they have to coach a travel team.

    Nothing helps you to understand a difficult subject like trying to explain it to others. Those who can’t do….

    I used to think Murphy was too heavy in the legs to play 2nd but he is much more agile than he looks. I don’t understand why he’s not playing 2nd, he had a pretty good start there and this would have been the perfect year to slot him in there while Tejada is ripening. Meanwhile Turner is learning the spot. I don’t feel sorry for him though and don’t cut him any slack….he is getting to play every day which for him is an upgrade period.

    Duda is quickly becoming a booth fave, Gary loves him. I like his swing, there’s no awkwardness to it like you usually see in big guys.

  23. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    USMF, all good points—but still, I only hear arguments for what position he’d be least bad at, not which he’d be GOOD at—except his fabled ability at 3rd which I’ll believe when I see it.

    But what excuse does he have for the boneheaded baserunning?

    I think we have a lot of, frankly, STUPID players. Guys with physical ability but no baseball smarts. From what I can tell, Sandy Alderson is about a bazillion times smarter than Omar (as O would say, repeatedly: “ya know what I mean?”). I’m hoping he brings in some players that have a higher baseball IQ than: Pagan, Pelfrey, Murphy, etc. Bay not hit, but he isn’t dumber than a rock. Dickey is never going to be Cy Young, but he’s not making dumb mistakes on the mound. Some of these guys just do not have enough gray matter to absorb the simplest rules of the game. Half the time I don’t think they even know how many outs there are. I’ve seen those 3 kids play and have determined that they need to go.

  24. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. I think BMF is the only one who should have final veto on “voting people off,” this is his blog, isn’t it?
    The fact that some people like to ignore BMFs posts and use his space to run their own “topic of the day” because they know people actuallly READ this blog….well that’s up to them.

  25. BlondiesJake Says:

    ProfessorReyes, my guess is BMF is too nice to exclude anybody. Having said that, Howard issued a challenge, Grote asked us both to put out $ where our mouth is, I agreed. I find it humorous that Howard has suddenly gone silent.

    USMF, great info on the positions.

  26. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, Murphy’s not a gold glover and he doesn’t have a set spot, so it is a matter of deciding where playing him minimizes damage defensively because his bat does plenty of damage offensively. Hence why I’ve made the Jeff Kent reference multiple times recently.

    And I hate to break this news to you, but most athletes are closer to Murphy and Pagan in brainpower (or lack of) than Keith and Ronnie D. People are generally blessed with brains or athletic ability, not both. As somebody who has been involved in sports and media for almost 20 years, I can say firsthand the talent and the thinking combined make superstars but as we know, they are a rare breed.

  27. A Phanatic Says:

    i like turtles.

  28. cleonjones Says:

    tough lost last night. We will get the W tonight. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I don’t expect them to be Rhodes scholars—I’m not talking school smart or even street smart. I meant baseball smart. I still expect them to not consistently make the exact same baserunning or fielding or hitting or pitching mistakes over and over again.

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask that baseball players be good, i.e. smart, at playing baseball. How low are we setting the bar here?

    Anyway, I also like turtles and also STILL think we should trade Murphy asap while his value is at its highest. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! And take Pelfrey and Pagan with you when you go.

  30. JoMama Says:

    I personally like the bickering, reminds me of 6th grade, keep it up guys.

    As for these Mets, “gutless” is not a word I’d use. They are resilient, scrappy and show some moxie - even when down 2 late in the game. You wanna see “gutless” - check out the Reds during our series (they did just sweep the defending champs, Dusty must have been PISSED after our series) - the facial reactions, their posture in the dugout, their at-bats, etc.

    Here’s what pisses me off today:

    1. Wright and Reyes’ sidearm throws - WTF is up with these guys? OVERHAND is something I teach my kids in every sport. It’s a very, very difficult habit to break and as much as it may look “cool,” it is absolutely a cardinal error in all sports just exacerbated at this level.

    2. Pagan luckily sneaking into 2nd down 2, with one out in the 9th. An out there and we lose by 1 (hindsight being 20/20 this would have been better than seeing the GS)

    3. Murph/Duda in the field - the dudes is lost. Repetition at one base can’t hurt, right? Right now, they’re both liabilities wherever they play. Hopefully, TC ingrains some knowledge - I think they can overcome some of these mental mistakes. Considering we’re always one or two bad plays away from a W, TC needs to clean this up fast.

    4. The pen - whether it’s overworked or they’re just not good, I don’t trust Parnell, Iggy or Izzy in any situation. Sure they have good outings here and there but Izzy’s loading the bases in the 10th, coupled with idiotic plays in the field (expected these days), lead to heartbreaking losses.

    5. Harris. Nuff said.

    6. Bay 75% of the time.

    7. Pelfrey - can the guy have 2 good starts in a row? 70+ pitches through 4 isn’t gonna get him anywhere. He settled down a bit when a typical meltdown was in order and I commend him for that but he’ll always be a back-of-the-order guy in my book. No way I feel comfortable with him in any playoffs.

    That’s it - I was SO HAPPY in the 9th only to be devastated in the 10th. Can’t blame Murph entirely, but man, my ire was directed solely at him for about 2 hours. Why does it take me 12 hours to get over a loss?? I’m still annoyed…but that always subsides….ah, the life of a Mets fan.

  31. Lord Charles Says:

    ^The sidearm throws are especially glaring coming off the Washington series where he (Wright) threw strike after strike overhand. At least we know the capability is there, now we just need the consistency (kind of like getting him to move closer to the plate).

    Maybe they make a collar similar to the one that zaps dogs every time they bark? Only this time it can do it every time a player’s elbow drops below his shoulder while throwing….

  32. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Brutal loss last night!!! As I was saying last series vs the Fish, they suck worse than us yet they always manage to beat us.

    This team looks like it can go either way now. We are a heck of alot closer to the NL East basement (2 1/2 Games) than the Wild card!

    We need a win bad tonight!


  33. BlondiesJake Says:

    How about we all chip in and buy the team a set of Tom Emanski videos?

    FGMF, I hear ya, but sadly, it is too much to expect most players to have baseball smarts. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

  34. Howard Says:

    Ummm, I didn’t go silent. I actually have to work Jake. You know work.. W-O-R-K. Have you heard of that word? Why not try it?

  35. USMF Says:

    Maybe Murph should play 3rd and move Wright to 2nd…

    As for Murph, I really think experience is something he needs in the field…if he played 2nd everyday, I’d bet he’d be more than adequate..As of now, he’s about average at 2nd if not just a little awkward. (small sample size though) Many poor fielders (especially at 2nd) have worked themselves into decent fielders. Murph has the physical abilities and works hard. That is a good start. (still doesn’t excuse the base running mistakes)

    And yes, it’s easy to blame Murphy for that loss, but the team hasn’t been hitting and Izzy was completely infective last night.

    As for the Pen…losing K-Rod (while necessary) completely hurt the depth of the pen. Sure, Izzy can close, but he’s old and can’t pitch everyday…now Parnell got moved to the 8th and he’s hit and miss, same with Pete Beato. These guys looked good in the 6th-7th innings…but now they are forced into the higher pressure situations with nobody to back them up.

    Duda hasn’t looked bad in right that I’ve seen, but then again, Murph seemed OK in left in 08, but 09 proved that wasn’t the case.

    Trade Pelf if you can…Trade Murph for something good in return, his bat has value to this club…and I wanted to trade Pagan two years ago.

    Maybe Jake can only post after wins and Howard can only post after a loss. I think that fits their personality’s better…At least when Lippy and I battled, we didn’t let our disagreements monopolize our posts…even when I argued with B-Jake we stayed civil.

  36. Realistic Met Fan Says:

    Wow. This used to be a fun board. Instead of somewhat intelligent banter y’all are just name calling and mocking each other. BMF has now become a joke of a blog site as Jake & Howard have turned this into their own personal arena in which they try to 1 up each other. Whoever wins, we lose. So instead of “voting” off one of them off of the site, I choose to go to another Met blog. I can’t imagine any other blog being more juvenile than here. If it is, I’ll find another. I know that exactly zero of the people here care if I leave, the bitching will go on if I’m here or not. But this place has turned into too big of a joke for me to waste my time on anymore. Maybe other will leave, maybe they won’t. But thanks to these 2 guys, BMF has lost at least 1 member. Even Yahoo sports posts don’t have this much juvenile bickering.

    Also, does anyone else think Jake and Howard are the same person, and only “argues” to provide some entertainment for himself and gets off on others taking sides on his different personalities?

  37. A Phanatic Says:

    CoreyNYC has a blog.

  38. Howard Says:

    Now that I have gotten over last nights game, the positive spin is that with a win today and Braves loss, we can go back to being 6 out in the loss.

    For me, 6 out seems much different than 7.

    And just for all of the members of BMF, I have been blogging on this site since last year and only reacted to this guy constantly calling me out which I am sure he does to many people. I respect everyone’s opinion in this blog and assume that everyone knows Mets baseball. We all have different opinions, but I like reading what everyone has to say.

    Anyway, Let’s Go Mets tonight!

  39. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Ahhhh Aphan you bring back fond memories, like hard candy stuck together in a flowered dish.

    I don’t want anybody to leave….What’s wrong with skimming and scrolling down to the empty box? Cmon Realistic!

    I actually like Duda in right if his arm gets better. Beltran got a nice triple last night at “home,” and a standing o for his first AB. Nice.

  40. IrishMike Says:

    “I can’t imagine any other blog being more juvenile than here” - then you haven’t checked out many other blogs.

    “Does anyone else think Jake and Howard are the same person” - Jake and Howard are absolutely two different people. Who need to shut up about each other.

    “CoreyNYC has a blog” - where he often has “details.” Where did that guy go?

  41. A Phanatic Says:

    I feel as if I’m perpetually surrounded by nervous Victorian maidens fainting on couches at real or imagined insults. It’s exhausting.

  42. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Hahaha, CoreyNYC! I forgot about that guy.

    Realistic Met Fan, I’ve met both of them in person, so I can vouch that they are in fact real, and *maybe* even not bad guys—but still I like your theory. Maybe they are a team and this is some sort of contest? Or performance art? Or they hate BMF and want all of his readers to leave? Or some twisted sex game? This public death grip/mating dance is beyond my comprehension.

    So Jake and Howard, in case you guys still don’t get it: NO ONE CARES THAT YOU DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER. Enough already! Rise above it. Pretty please, with blue and orange sugar on top.

    PS: I miss Joesky!!!

  43. USMF Says:

    Phanatic…go Phuck yourself you worthless, dumb-@ss loser. Go back to your moms basement and eat your Cheetos while drinking your Natural Ice.

    I hate you and everything you stand for. :)

    Say hi to your girl friend for me (aka Matt the Met Fan)

  44. A Phanatic Says:

    I take offense. I’m more of a pringles person.

  45. USMF Says:

    I never understood the whole “chip in a can” thing…what are you too good for bags?

    I thought the Natty Ice thing would get you…

  46. A Phanatic Says:

    Ha! Kinda liked the artificial potato flavor in the cannister.

    and Natty Ice was a fine touch!

  47. BlondiesJake Says:

    A Phanatic tried the chips with olestra but like most phans of the phoolies he had a problem with anal leakage!

  48. A Phanatic Says:

    Nothing can ruin a romantic evening, like something touching cloth.

  49. A Phanatic Says:

    What? Too much?

  50. USMF Says:

    I don’t know if I should laugh or be disgusted…

  51. USMF Says:

    Who am I kidding, I laughed…

  52. The Coop Says:

    FGMF - Joesky the Mets Brawler! That’s awesome.
    I can attest having met them both, Howard and Jake are indeed NOT the same dude. And Jake, you can’t leave BMF b/c then we’d never know when Jake-A-Palooza is.

    As for CoreyNYC he has quite a twitter following and a little war that causes some entertainment for most of us. Get on Twitter if y’all aren’t already (@Coopz22)

  53. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    St. Lucie Mets have scratched Santana’s next start due to soreness in his shoulder.

    Don’t count on seeing him in N.Y. this year.

  54. BlondiesJake Says:

    My favorite part of today was Realistic Met Fan spending multiple paragraphs to announce he wasn’t going to read this blog anymore. I, for one, will miss him showing up once a week.

  55. BlondiesJake Says:

    Great job by Duda going down to get the two-strike pitch and hit a sac fly to give the boys the lead.

    With his last pathetic AB, Willie Harris is now 1 for his last 20 and hasn’t had a hit when pinch-hitting in his last 10 appearances. I can only surmise he has naked pictures of TC and is blackmailing him for ABs.

    Love how Parnell fought back from 3-0 against Sanchez, who has been destroying the Mets, and fanned him with a 101 mph fastball, then buried Dobbs to preserve the lead in the 8th.

  56. BlondiesJake Says:

    Mets Math: Jason Isringhausen + Mets Infielders + Marlins baserunners between 1st and 2nd = DISASTER!

  57. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I weep .. I weep for the youth of the Mets

  58. Howard Says:

    Just horrendous. The Braves have done everything possible to let us back in the race but we are collapsing.

    It is really tough to watch.

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