Beltran to BOS?

Hard to know if there is anything real here yet but BMF would be very open to moving LosB. 

I wouldn’t be shocked to see him have a big season if he went to Beantown because there would be LESS media pressure on him there. 

Sounds crazy but he’s still very much the face of the Mets, along with Wright, whereas in Boston he’s be one of many stars.

There is prob not a match between these teams but it’s interesting to think about. And I think I’d take Dice-K back in the deal just so we can begin to move away from the Omar era Mets. 

Ronny Paulino? Sure why not.

DJ Carrasco? I like him. Various delivery styles and can eat innings out of the pen. 

Fred Lewis? I’ve always been a fan of the speedy Lewis and would welcome him as a back up OF’er


BMF was on the field at Yankee stadium (wearing a Met shirt under my 4 layers) shooting the action as Ft Hamilton and Lincoln squared off for NYC Public School Football Championship. 

Lincoln, with whom I’ve been embedded all season, lost a defensive war 8-6

Stay tuned for details on where City Gridiron Season 2 will air…

6 Responses to “Beltran to BOS?”

  1. USMF Says:

    I like Beltran and believe that there’s a good chance he’ll have a good season. If the Mets trade him, then the odds of having a + .500 season drop to almost Zero.

    Now I’d be OK trading Beltran for the right deal. But reality is at best it’d be for a OK player and half of Beltran’s salary. I think there is something in Beltrans contract that says that the Mets can’t offer him arbitration after next year so even if they keep him all year they can’t expect get a draft pick if he sign with a new team.

    Now I realize that the payroll is around 140mil and this year is more of a waiting until big contracts come off the books. I’m OK with that, they need a good purging of the roster. I can’t believe that there is only 5mil available to spend? I don’t know how they can add two SP, a catcher and Bullpen help and then look to upgrade the bench and 2nd.

    The only thing trading Beltran will do is free up some money to add more average players to fill out the roster.

    There is no chance they sign anyone who would be a difference maker. As good as Lee is, paying any player (especially a pitcher with an injury history) +20mil when they’re 39 is just stupid. that’s the type of thinking that got the team in the mess they’ve been in the past three years.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Does it matter if we are a few games over / under .500 next year?…We are going to be in a battle for last place is the only excitement we are going to have for 2011. We have to pay the price for these bad contracts.

    We are never going to get fair value for him. The best we can hope for is to trade him for another bad contract. I don’t think anybody is going to touch him until they know he is healthy.

    I expect Beltran to be with the Mets for the start of Spring Training.

    Boy this has the makings to be a rough year coming up….It aint easy being a Mets Fan!

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: aren’t you supposed to be all “sunny” and sh*t this time of year?? I thought it wasn’t until June at the earliest that we starting to hear some negativity from our Southernmost fan.
    If it were up to me, I’d keep Beltran around and see how he plays out his walk year. Hopefully he’ll have a massive season, and then, if they still want to move him, they can move him midway through for a closer approximation of his value.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ the dude formerly known as bill:

    It only during the start of Spring Training that I am “sunny” and sh*t!!….When “Hope Springs Eternal” and everybody is in first place!…Then they start to play the games for real!

    What do we have to look forward to 1) Do we finish in 4th or 5th place? 2) Are we going to be 3 games beter or worse than last year? 3) Will we be eliminated before or after the all star break? 4) How long beore Terry Collins gets the dreaded “Vote of Confidence”? 5) How low will the attendance get?

    It’s kind of strange this year when ownership has already told us we are going to have to wait and out and absord some pain!…At least I appreciate the honesty!

    Agree with you on Beltran!

    Plus I am freezing my A** off down here…it was 34 here for the past 3 days!!

  5. Big Tony Says:

    When Bow Tie Cashen took over the Mets in the early 80’s, he moved his only commodity (Lee Mazilli) in return for young pitching (Darling, Terrell).

    We should do the same here with Beltran and begin the painful build for the future.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    The Mets were hovering around .500 without Beltran and they didn’t exactly get any better when he came back. They way the new SABRMets look at it, how many extra wins does his $19MM buy us? Not many.

    If our new FO can find a taker for him it would be a huge organizational win. He is not the young stud CF we originally signed….he’s got bone-on-bone in his knee, the SBs won’t be there anymore, he won’t get the same jumps on the ball anymore, the power is down…I hope he does end up in Boston. Sandy may take some heat from the media, but I would applaud the move. Shed the payroll, get something back…we’ll be a so-so team with or without him next year.

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