Lotsa Good News in 10-9 Victory 

Now that Beltran is gone and we’re officially playing for next year we can all sit back and lol at this season as a pre-cursor to 2012. Granted BMF has had this pov since April but now there’s no denying it.

The way I see it yesterday’s game was teeming with good news for the NY Mets. 

Never mind about Capuano getting lit up - he’s a spare part added for this season - the positivity came from: 

Wright collected 3 hits and an RBI. David continues to pound the ball and now that Beltran is gone Wright’s gonna have to take center stage all by himself.

Bay had 3 hits and 3 ribbies. I no longer expect Bay to be a beast for us but if he can be an above solid everyday player and not a target for fan venom that’s good news going forward. 

Pagan had 3 hits, an RBI and a SB. Just when you start to hear whispers Pagan may not be back he’s suddenly turned it back on this week. If Angel can rebound from here through Sept he’ll have a starting CF spot next year.

Lucas Duda picked up 2 more hits and 3 RBI. Duda is suddenly smoking hot. If this kid can prove to himself that he belongs in the Bigs I think he can be an impact bat and is definitely a guy whose power won’t be contained by CityField.

You wouldn’t think the day after Beltran leaves things would be looking so positive but they definitely are.

Last, and certainly not least, Johan Santana made a rehab start! Wow!! Never expected anything from him this season but he should be ready to go next April.

Things are looking up in the world of the NY Mets.

And OBTW we swept the Reds!

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    SF Giants shiny new RF: 0-4, 2 Ks

    NY Mets shiny new RF: 2-4, 1 BB, 1 R, 3 RBIs

    and, Duda makes $414k


  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Another angle:

    SF Giants #3 hitter: 0-4, 2Ks
    2011 salary: $18.5MM

    NY Mets #3 hitter: 1-3, 2 BBs, 3 R, 1 SB
    2011 salary: $422k

    and Murph is now 3rd in NL batting, 3rd in 2Bs and oh yeah has much better knees :)

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    When evaluating this season and beyond, we can’t underestimate the importance of how well Beltran hit and fielded and K-Rod pitched and behaved. If Beltran doesn’t have this bounce-back year, the Mets don’t get Wheeler in a deal. If K-Rod doesn’t deliver on and off the field, the Brewers don’t remove the albatross from the Mets payroll. Plus, they were both instrumental in keeping the team competitive, especially Beltran when Ike, Wright and Reyes were out.

  4. Howard Says:

    We cannot ask for more. The Mets are 6 out in the loss and have a red hot Florida team going into Atlanta to play a team that has to be tired from the tough series they had with the Pirates. If we can take care of business in Washington, the next three days, it is conceivable that we can be only 5 out in the loss by the end of July. Given that we were 9 out in the loss not long ago and that the season looked completely over, there are rays of hope for meaningful baseball in August and September.

    Muphy is really proving to be a good consistent hitter. And Wright finally decided to stay within a tree length of the plate when up at bat. All that is missing is Bay to somehow some way become the Jason Bay we thought we were getting. If this guy can somehow get hot, this is going to be some lineup. But even without that, I think we can do damage.

    Johan looked good in his 30 pitch outing. Maybe even Johan can give us a couple of good 6 inning games in September.

    Lets Go Mets!!!

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Great game yesterday, even though we almost gave it back a few times. Love the bases-clearing doubles, and they are becoming almost a daily event.

    Keith said point blank there is no way that Murphy starts at 2nd base next season, so he’d better learn to play right. But if Duda keeps on hitting, it’s not going to be easy to steal the position from a young guy who can actually play it.

    I LOVED hearing that when Duda was quoted as saying he was more comfortable at 1st or in left, TC responded, “Well, he better get comfortable fast.”

    El Duderino and I have decided that if Duda becomes an every day player, we have to start a petition to make his batting music “Camptown Races.” Hahaha, awesome!

    The Camptown ladies sing this song,
    Doo-da, Doo-da
    The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long
    Oh, de doo-da day

  6. cleonjones Says:

    Gotta love the sweep! Lets go Mets !! Lets take two out of three from the Nats- Johan looked good in his rehab game. RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES !

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Howard, did you write Vaccarro’s column in The Post today? If not, he must’ve been reading you here.

    FGMF, what was Keith’s rationale behind the Murphy statement? If Ike comes back and Reyes is re-signed, how could the Mets NOT play him at 2B?

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    He doesn’t think Murphy plays the position well enough.

  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Sweeping the Reds was the best.

    To add to BMF’s positivity with a negative, we’ve got McCann on the DL. We’ve GOT to go for the jugular….
    Yes we can “lol at this season” but I want us to be the biggest, baddest, most dangerous spoilers out there.

  10. The Coop Says:

    This team is hella fun to watch!

  11. Howard Says:

    I saw that article just now that Vaccaro wrote. And I would not use the word daunting that he uses in the article for the Mets task at hand in winning the WC. The task would be daunting if it was August 29th right now, not July 29th.

    Whether the Mets win the wild card or not, it sure is a lot more exciting right now being in the race.

    Marlins have Hensley on the mound tonight which is good for us.

    Lets Go Gee!
    Lets Go Mets!

  12. El Duderino Says:

    BJ - you’re absolutely right, credit where it’s due. Both Beltran and K-Rod were tremendous this year, and allowed us to move them. Well ok, Beltran was tremendous, K-Rod was… pretty good. And no, he doesn’t get credit for good behavior since that is expected regardless.

    Anyways, no doubt Murph’s bat is too good not to be in the lineup. But his defense is “an adventure” at best, no matter where he plays. Much rather see him in RF where his chances will be reduced — not 2B where we need someone SOLID, especially given our pitching. Cannot afford to give away outs. Better he tunes up his OF play and continues as a utility player, not our everyday 2B.

  13. GroteFan Says:

    Insert NY Post for BlondiesJake. He lifted the Joel Sherman column. The guy is shameless….and we expect better. BJ, not sherman.

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    GroteFan is right. I echoed Sherman’s sentiments. Apologies for the plagiarism.
    Howard, dealing with you is daunting!

  15. GroteFan Says:

    So let me throw out a question for the afternoon.
    What does this imbecilic group think about Lucas Duda? Honestly, I haven’t seen that many games since he has been playing but the numbers look good. What is the assessment up to this date, and long term upside?
    Comments anyone?

  16. ImbecilicBlondiesJake Says:

    This imbecile thinks Duda might be a good hitter with solid power but is unlikely to ever be more than a mediocre outfielder. He’s great insurance if Ike doesn’t come back but assuming Ike does, Duda’s bat better be good enough to warrant questionable fielding, just like Murphy. And having two of those guys on the same side of the field makes it an even dicier proposition, though I think Murphy will improve defensively at 2nd if he plays that position and only that position every day.

  17. GroteFan Says:

    And that from a guy who I know values hitting more then fielding. Looking forward to more.

  18. JoMama Says:

    I can see Duda improving at 1st, or “hide” him or Murph at RF - but let it be known that I think they are both C-, D+ on defense. I asked this on MetsBlog - what is the differential for these two guys in regards to their bat (runs, RBI’s, etc) vs. errors/gaffes that lead to runs for the opposing team? There’s got to be a stat around here somewhere for that and I’m too lazy too look it up. As I see it, as long as those two are hitting (which they are, I’d still like to see the pop Duda had in AAA), I’m fine with keeping them in the lineup.

    Now I totally appreciate Howard and Co’s enthusiasm in regards to the WC and meaningful baseball in Aug/Sept but I’m not holding my breath. Like I’ve said since April, this is a .500 team playing a bit over their heads right now. O is clicking, pitching has been mediocre, D is manageable and the pen is up and down. No way we make any sort of noise unless ATL totally breaks down, which is highly unlikely considering their staff and the way that team is managed. They’ll eventually pull away.

  19. JoMama Says:

    Jake: no freaking way we could have Duda/Murp playing on the right side at the same time. Regardless of his Bay-like bat, put Tejada at 2nd if playing Duda or Murph at 1st.

    Imagine a 3-2 lead in the 9th with 2 outs, 2 on, on the road in ATL or Philly - with Duda at 1st and Murph at 2nd - anything hit to that side is a double and we lose. I can already picture it.

  20. ImbecilicBlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, I was more concerned with Duda in RF in that scenario. As far as I know Duda is a pretty competent 1B.

  21. Howard Says:

    Umm.. Ok, BlondiesJake. Good point.

  22. ImbecilicBlondiesJake Says:

    Thanks Howard. While we’re here, can you explain the loss column to me again?

  23. USMF Says:

    Murph has shown that he can manage at 2nd and be a average defender there…I think with more experience he’ll be caught out of position less and look a little less awkward…

    Duda seems to be solid in right if not nothing more than average. I haven’t seen enough to make a fair judgment, but he doesn’t seem lost in Right as Murph was in left…

    As for Duda’s hitting, I’ve seen him play in AAA and what we see now is what I saw when he was in Buffalo.

  24. Howard Says:

    You know what… I tried explaining it to you once. After that, you are on your own.

  25. BrooklynBill Says:

    Yo JoMama - Bay wishes he had a Tejada-like bat.

    Time will tell but I think Duda will be fine in RF. He doesn’t need to be a Gold Glover out there. Make all the routine plays and showcase enough of an arm to stop guys from taking 2 bases on us, that’s all.

    He’s young so he’ll make mistakes now & then no matter where we play him. Besides, he can’t be any worse than Jay Bruce can he?

  26. BlondiesJake Says:

    Why can’t the Mets find a 3B coach who has a clue? Sending Bay to the plate when it would’ve been bases loaded and nobody out was absolutely retarded, especially since Bay had completely stopped at 3rd. Of course, if Hale hadn’t been so quick to stop Bay in the first place he would’ve scored, but he clearly didn’t wait to see what happened in right field. Grrrrrrrrrr!

  27. BlondiesJake Says:

    5 in a row.
    Another big night for the offense.
    Bay even had more hits.
    Atlanta won so according to Howard we almost pulled within six in the loss column again.

  28. Howard Says:

    BlondiesJake, good comment considering we are six in the loss column behind already. Any other insightful comments or are you done for the evening?

  29. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We need to keep trading people!

  30. Howard Says:

    I am starting to see some hope with Bay. He has gotten some hits in the past, but he is now really driving the ball in the alleys. To me, he is still too far from the plate, similar to what Wright had been doing previously to the back injury. But he is showing some signs of becoming more consistent. Would his bat be a lift for the team or what…

    That Mets bullpen you gotta admit keeps you watching the game. But a win is a win.

    Great how we jumped on the Nationals in the first inning. Just gotta keep on rolling.

  31. BrooklynBill Says:

    Guy hits a few doubles and we’re ready to jump off the Bay bashing bandwagon already?? Not this fan, still a ways to go…let’s get the avg into the .250s, that would be a good start.

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