Zack Wheeler Rocks!

I don’t mean to be callous as Beltran leaves Flushing but we finally have a new toy.

‘LosB, I loved ya’. I admit to getting unreasonably frustrated with you a couple times but I’ll always remember you fondly. And the longer those fat stat lines you posted as a Met are in the books I predict you’ll become more beloved in the years to come.

Now back to Wheeler.

Without any major off-season moves it feels like forever since we got a new player and a hot shot power arm is a great guy to root for.

I think Alderson did a great job here. According to the Metsblog insight Wheeler was clearly the best prospect we were offered. 

And please don’t tell me Alderson shouldn’t have had to pay any of his contract. What a bunch of BS. As if we the fans should be at all concerned about the Wilponzi’s money. That’s a complete joke. 

The word on Wheeler is a plus fastball and curveball but spotty command. I watched a cut-up of a game he pitched and he barely got hit at all. Most of the time he either got swings and misses or missed the strike zone completely. 

This seems typical for a youngster with a live arm. The righty can touch 95 but needs time to dial in his control.

Now let’s hurry up and wait 1 - 2 years until Wheeler is in the bigs.

47 Responses to “Zack Wheeler Rocks!”

  1. David Ross, Braves Catcher Says:

    BMF, you hit the nail on the head. It’s been a while since the Mets had a legit super prospect, not just one the Mets farm system tried to tout. I think the last one was Kazmir, but let’s not talk about that deal right now.

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    The circle is now complete…all three Walter Reed no-shows have been expunged from the system.

    Good luck with your baseball academy in PR, good luck with your restaurant. Now empty your locker and make room for Lucas Duda :)

    Adios Senor Beltran! If and when you make the playoffs, don’t forget to slide…

  3. David Ross, Braves Catcher Says:

    By the way, I came to this site to let Howard know my team is 17-6 when I start and I’m hitting .315 with 4 HRs and 18 RBIs in those 23 games. Plus, I had the game-winning hit last night in the 10th inning against Pittsburgh.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Sandy is by far GM of the decade if he can somehow find anyone willing to take Pelf & Bay off our hands.

    The fact the Pelf pitched so well last nite just makes me even more frustrated with him.

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    Hey David Ross - you’re so awesome, that must be why you’re the backup.

    Why are you here, shouldn’t you be doing the tomahawk chop on Chipper’s jockstrap somewhere?

  6. Lord Charles Says:

    I will miss watching Beltran play. Easily the best best CFer of all-time and probably one of their top-5 position players.

    That being said, this was a GREAT move by Alderson. To quote Keith Law, “the Mets made out like bandits.” Sure, there is some risk that Wheeler will never pan out, but by all accounts he is one of the Top 10-15 pitching prospects in baseball and a guy with a legitimate #1-starter ceiling. The Mets now have 3 guys (if you still count Mejia, plus Wheeler and Harvey) who have the potential to be frontline starters in the next 2-3 years. Signing pitchers is fun, but the only way to win consistently (unless you are the Yankees) is to develop at least 1 or 2 frontline pitchers through your own system.

    As for the current Mets, whether they kept Beltran or not, an run they were going to make (improbable as it may have been) was going to depend more on their pitching than anything else. While I don’t trust Pelfrey long term, he has shown the ability to be dominant for a 4-6 week stretch. IF he can harness what we saw last night, and IF Wright, Reyes and Murphy continue to rake, and IF Johan can be effective in September (yes, three BIG “Ifs”), then the Mets could still make an improbable run, even without Beltran.

    Lastly, the next two months will be very big for both the Mets and Lucas Duda, and could go a long way towards deciding who the Mets opening day RFer is next season.

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    “Easily the best best CFer of all-time and probably one of their top-5 position players. ”

    Should read:

    Easily the METS best CFer of all-time and probably one of their top-5 position players.

  8. KMac Says:

    Any notice how Wright threw OVERHAND to first last night? I suspect Chip Hale spent some time with him It’s encouraging that David actually listened and changed his motion. Maybe he did mature on the DL as BMF has mentioned and now realizes that without Carlos he is the leader of the team, along with Jose, and needs to lead by example. Continuing to be red hot at the plate will help also :-)

  9. Big D Says:

    Anyone else notice that Keith has been on fire in the booth lately. His little “Statefarm agent of the game” rant last night was amazing.

  10. Lord Charles Says:

    Also, if anyone wants to hold on hopes for this season, I will give you this: 14 of the Mets’ next 20 games are against teams with losing records. Then, from August 29th through September 15th, the Mets play 17-straight games against teams with losing records.

    The playoffs are an obvious stretch, but I don’t think an 85-win season is, which would certainly blow away preseason expectations (I think Vegas had them at 74.5) and could be a good stepping stone towards next season.

  11. KMac Says:

    BTW - How does Pat Cawley get to be the Statefarm agent of the day every day?

  12. cleonjones Says:

    I will miss Beltran BUT we had to make the trade. I hope the new pitcher will work out. NOW TRADE BAY !!!!!! HE SUCKS !!!! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES !RE-SIGN REYES ! Lets go Mets !!!!!!

  13. USMF Says:

    Sad to see LosB go, but the deal had to be done.

    so does Mejia, Wheeler and Harvey make up ‘Generation Tween”? Hopefully they’ll be better than Generation K was.

    Bay is driving me nuts…i don’t know who is giving him advice but something gotta change. Now I see Bay is opening up is stance! You can’t have an open stance, stand three feet away from the plate and expect to hit that elusive outside curve ball!

    Look at how moving closer to the plate has helped Wright. Bay needs to move much closer to the late and even up a little in the box.

  14. Howard Says:

    It would be nice to see the Braves lose a couple of extra inning games for once. With Derek Lowe going for the Braves today, we have a chance to gain a game on the Braves with a Mets win.

    Lets Go Mets!

  15. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Totally agree about Bay—he’s so far off the plate he could be in the on deck circle. I don’t understand it at all.

    Again, think this is a great deal, and so happy for Carlos to have a chance at the WS! We need pitching so badly, this is a great piece for the future.

    Before the season, Sandy Alderson said he’d be very disappointed if the Mets didn’t win at least 84 games, and people laughed at him. But how interesting would it be if he turns out to be right??

  16. Games Out in the Loss Column Says:

    Howard, I’m asking nicely for you to stop telling us every day that we have a chance to gain a game on the Braves as though none of us could figure it out or the Braves are the only team between us and the WC. I’ll admit it’s better than the people banging the drum on Bay as though none of us can see he is completely and utterly confused at the plate right now. But still, feel free to hold off until the team is either behind only one team or within three games of the WC lead. Thanks!

  17. The Coop Says:

    GOitLC sounds vaguely familiar…

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    By the way, so all can see that I’m not afraid to change course with my stance…I think Bay should be sent down right now because at this point, he can’t help himself or the Mets up here. He’s not going to be traded, because nobody is taking on that contract for a guy who can’t hit.

    Earlier in the year when it seemed the team had absolutely no chance to do anything and other players hadn’t stepped up like Duda and Pridie have done recently, it made sense to let him try to find himself and he did for a short while. But since that three week stretch including the big hit against the Yankees, he’s been a disaster and others are playing well and despite trading off K-Rod and Beltran, there’s no reason for the Mets not to try and win as many games as possible and see what happens and he’s not anywhere near the best player to make that possible.

  19. Howard Says:

    I was mainly pointing out the pitching matchup and that the Braves have one of their weak link pitchers going today. And of the other teams we are behind, are you really concerned that much about the Diamondbacks, Pirates and Brewers?

    If we can catch the Braves, I am confident that we will overtake those teams too in the process. That is why we only need to worry about catching the Braves.

  20. JoMama Says:

    Wait - WHAT?!??! Send Bay down you say? WOAH MAN, those some big words coming from your mouth. I’m not they type to go digging up quotes from past rants but only a few weeks ago I was an idiot for even suggesting that and no player has ever gotten better by going down. Or it was something along those lines - anyway, glad to see that you’ve FINALLY seeing the reality of the situation and realizing he’ s a total cancer/rally killer/scrub/etc no matter where TC puts him. I don’t think any of us want to see a guy struggle so bad but calling a spade a spade: he blows.

    But y’all know my stance on Bay so lets move on to some good news - I am really stoked on Wheeler. Seeing as the Giants are my #2 NL team (born in SF, first ballgame was at The Stick) I follow them pretty closely and just two weeks ago, getting ZW was a very, very long shot. SF’s front office even said he was “untouchable” - ya, right. Let’s just pray our farm doesn’t pull a Strasburg and eases him into the bigs. Nothing more frustrating than seeing young arm overworked and lost for a year (at least).

    Lastly, I loved the piece on the bats - that’s cool stuff, right in the middle of a Duda solo shot no less! I have to say, this crew is the best. Love Keith.

  21. JoMama Says:

    BASES JUICED NO OUTS IN THE 4TH WITH BAY UP. Just guess what he does.

  22. KMac Says:


    Carlos who?

  23. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    If we all agree on Bay, what are we going to talk about for the rest of the season?

  24. BlondiesJake Says:

    As I said JoMama, I’m man enough to admit my mistake. Good job jumping on my post and threatening to prove through past posts that I’m admitting my mistake!

  25. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Hahaha let’s all kiss and make up—contrary to appearances we are all on the same side here. I’m looking forward to a new topic, though I doubt in reality this is the last we’ll see of Bay this year.

    But who knows? Maybe Sandy can pawn him off somehow. We can dream.

    So great to see Duda start to mash!


  26. KMac Says:

    Bay! 3 run double! Let the arguments continue.

  27. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Maybe I spoke to soon! BAY!!

  28. KMac Says:

    9 runs, 12 hits through 4+ innings, every position player with at least 1 hit, EXCEPT Jose. Unbelievable.

  29. IrishMike Says:

    Bay’s value is at the highest it will ever be right now. I hope Sandy is on the phone.

    The Reds are a horrible fundamental team in the field. As the Mets seem to be on the basepaths.

  30. Lord Charles Says:

    “every position player with at least 1 hit, EXCEPT Jose. Unbelievable. ”

    Trade the Bum! ;)

    I know winning and losing amplifies things, but this team is seriously fun to root for.

  31. Letts Gough Metz Says:

    Omar would have never made this trade, he would have traded Beltran for Miguel Olivo.

  32. Lord Charles Says:

    Serious question: as much as people don’t like Bay now, would anyone trade him for Jayson Werth?

  33. BlondiesJake Says:

    I wouldn’t only because Bay’s deal runs out in two years and Werth’s goes for another five or six.

    I’m driving from NYC to Albany and turned on the radio to hear Bay’s 3-run double make it 9-3. Turned it off so wife and son could sleep. Turned it back on to hear Cairo homered to make it 9-7. Is there a reason the day after Pelfrey threw a complete game that Acosta would be pitching? Where are Beato, Parnell, Izzy etc?

  34. BlondiesJake Says:

    For the record, I do think TC has done a great job getting this group to play hard every day which is why I agree it’s been such fun to root for them this year. But stuff like trying to get Capuano thru the 6th and then bringing in Acosta to allow the Reds to get back into what should’ve been a laugher makes me crazy!

  35. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Does this game come with a side order of Rolaids?

  36. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Put it in the books!!!

  37. JoMama Says:

    Phew. That was close. The wild pitch in the 9th was the difference since we all know Harris wasn’t going to get a hit there. Of course I’m happy with the sweep but man, are the Red bad or what? I can’t recall seeing a more lazy, lackluster bunch of ballplayers this season. They totally give up in the late innings and don’t even look like they’re trying. Great to see the Mets win, Izzy got dinged pretty hard but fought back - wonder how long he can keep this up.

    Lastly, can Cap ever go 6-7 innings? What’s wrong with the supposed “most fit” Met? The dude looks like a different pitcher after the 4th - in almost every start but is in ridiculous shape. Maybe more time on the bump than in the gym would help.

  38. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, it’s not the fitness. The other team isn’t fooled the 3rd time around the order. That’s why he would be a good additional lefty in the pen if/when Santana comes back and/or they add some starters.

  39. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    For some reason, Izzy inspires more confidence in me than K-Rod or Wags. Maybe it’s because he has yet to blow a bunch of saves, I dunno. But I like him!

  40. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    If they need any guest judges for the “most fit” contest, I would be happy to volunteer my services and visually evaluate each Met’s skivvy-clad (or nude) physique.

    Sandy: call me.

  41. JoMama Says:

    FGMF: cool, why don’t you start with Warthen? Bet he looks hot in tighty whities.

    Jake: ya, I know it’s not about fitness (although if you ask a guy like CC or Fielder, it sure helps) but it’s odd that a major league “starter” in good shape tends to fall off so significantly in the later innings (if you wanna call the 4th inning that). Does he start tipping his pitches or is it that batters can lock in on what he’s throwing 3rd time around? If the latter’s the case, then why can’t they figure out a way for him to disguise them better? I’m just baffled at why a guy like Pelf can get through 9 fairly easy and a guy who I feel like has better stuff consistently, can’t get past the 5th inning in almost all of his starts. I guess that’s the reason we got him on the cheap.

  42. Lord Charles Says:

    Somewhat misleading to do this after winning four in a row, but the Mets are 49-38 (.563) since starting 5-13. If they can maintain that clip for the next 57 games, that would put them at 86-76 for the season. They would probably still be 4-6 games short of the WC, but it would be a nice season nonetheless.

  43. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I would happily look at Warthen all day if it meant I could “evaluate” Pagan for 10 minutes. Small price to pay!

  44. BrooklynBill Says:

    Izzy has been awesome.

    A 4 game sweep on the road, how friggin’ good does that feel!!?? a 4 game sweep of a Dusty Baker team - even sweeter!!

    Bring on Davey Johnson! gonna feel bad beating up his team but we gotta do what we gotta do.

    I was gonna post earlier but I was at a loss for words when I read BJ’s post about sending Bay down.

  45. BrooklynBill Says:

    LC - finishing 10 games over would be fantastic.

    Whats our next move, does anyone think we’re done dealing for now? I know Sandy’s come out and said Izzy won’t get traded but, I’m not so sure. Good bullpen help is so hard to find…he has a lot of value right now.

  46. Howard Says:

    6 in the loss column and counting!

  47. Met_Maven Says:

    I’ll be in DC for the first 2 games of the series. I love how this team has taken on the never say die attitude. Everyone steps up and gets the job done, even Bay. While I don’t expect Bay to break out of his funk, it’s great to see him get a timely hit every now and then. I have a feeling Bay will turn it around next season. Anyways, no matter how the team does the rest of the year, they’ve made this season enjoyable and have given Alderson a good foundation to build on!


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