Why Not Wang?

Call me crazy but if we’re looking for a reclaimation project who’d be open to a 1 year deal why not take a chance on Wang?

Supposedly he was looking pretty strong toward the end of last year and I’d think he’d be open to a return to NY so it seems to BMF this guy should be near the top of the list along with Chris Young.

I also hear that Young is a great guy and competitor.


That Werth contract is waaaay too much for the ex-Phillie. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Werth fan but he’s got Jason bay written all over him.

Too funny to see Alderson publicly ridiculing that deal. Go Sandy with the NY swagger!!!

9 Responses to “Why Not Wang?”

  1. Paul Says:

    It’s looking more and more like we’ll get the “best” of whichever starting pitchers are still looking for jobs in January.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We are going to get whoever nobody wants! We are “dumpster diving”! We are going to have to fight just to stay out of last place this year!

    When yoou have nothing going for you and your not a high profile market you have to over pay and that is what Washington did. I agree with the Jason Bay comparison. Hitting homeruns in the”Phillie Bandbox” is not going to happen in spacious Nationals Park!

    I hope the boys get a good suntan here while they are at the winter meetings! I think we are just showing up to fill the seats in Orlando.

    We are going to have to wait it out!

  3. USMF Says:

    Look at Werth’s splits..his power numbers at home are dbl than his road numbers. This numbers with runners on sucked. How can who hits close to .300 w/ 27HRs only have 85RBI? I can understand it if he played for the Giants, but not with the stacked lineup the Phils have. He batted .255 with runners on and .186 with runners in scoring position.

    Take away LH hitters like Uttly and Howard protecting him in the line up and take him away from that small field and his BA will drop .050 points and his HRs will drop by at least 10.

    The Phils knew he sucked, they only tried to bat him higher than 5th a couple of games and he blew.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    So did everybody see where the Mets are being sued for profits from the Maidoff scam? Which comes back to the point a bunch of us made previously, that ownership was using that as their own scheme to act poor when in fact they were just trying to avoid paying for real players. But hey, let’s go get Wang and Young, instead of trying to get Cliff Lee or another real player.

    It’s almost time to stop giving a crap about this team like I’ve already done with the Knicks and Rangers. I have much better things to care about than this bullsh*t organization. I can’t wait until people call me a fair weather fan again. I can assure those people if I do leave I won’t come back until the Wilpons sell or die.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    BlondiesJake Cm’on you can’t bail now!!! We are having way to much fun!

    and we haven’t hit bottom yet! Wait till 2011 whe we finish in last olace beid te Nats!

    Its to much fun to be legal!!!

    Lets Go Mets!!!…..2011 Tag Line…”The Magic is Black!

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


    The Mets and free-agent, right-handed reliever D.J. Carrasco have agreed to a two-year deal, according to Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com


  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Will probably see Werth re~habing in Syracuse for a few weeks ….all that money for a AAA player….and the dimensions of Alliance Bank Stadium are bigger than Citizens Bank Park! Or so I hear.;)

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