No K-Rod No Problemo

Izzy did it again. And not only that but Parnell rebounded to post an uneventful 8th. 

But the big news is Beltran is still a Met. If you’re tracking the situation the Phils look as though they’re starting to fade from contention.

Apparently the Giants and Rangers have pulled ahead of the Braves as well. Sounds good to me if we can get him out of the division all the better. 

BMF will listen to the reports of who’s closer and further from making a deal but I can’t put much stock in any of these digital rumors. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Alderson plays this negotiation. Smart money sez Beltran’s value will rise the closer we get to the deadline especially since he’s far and away the best available bat.

I realize both the Phils and Braves could benefit from his bat but you have to imagine neither would be a quick to give us a top prospect who might beat them for years to come. 

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    It looks like Sandy might be milking it to the 11th hr!

    Wow - what a relief when Izzy K’d Phillips, he’s killed us in the past. Must’ve felt good for Izzy to exact some revenge on the Reds.

    It always feels good to beat Dusty Baker, the one Manager I may hate more than La Russa.

    Another RBI for DW, against a RH!!

  2. Howard Says:

    I am just sticking with what I said a week ago. If the Mets are 6 games or less out in the loss column of the WC leader by July 31st, then I think we are in the race and should just stick with Beltran unless the offer is insane. We are 7 out in the loss column and can conceivably be only 6 or 5 out by the end of the month. That would give us a full 2 months to catch the Braves with a huge 3 game series at home against them in the first week of August. The other wild card contenders we are right there with.

    Baseball really is day to day with a lot of highs and lows. I still have this hope of Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Bay all hitting for a solid month and us going on a 14 for 18 run and being right in it.

    Lets Go Mets!!!

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    I really don’t see how the Mets can trade Beltran for less than a great prospect, given that they have already said that they would eat most of his contract anyway. Worst case scenario, they can always deal him via waivers in August, but if money is not an issue, trading him just to trade him (i.e. for less than a stud prospect) really makes no sense.

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    And especially I would not trade Beltran to the Phillies for less than a superstud prospect. In fact, I don’t think I would trade him to the Phils period, just on general principle. Considering our future outfield situation, as so gloomily laid out in some of yesterday’s posts, I think I’d just keep him for the season, and try to resign him for another three years beyond that this winter.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, very good point. And offering to pay his salary gives them leverage for the prospect if they are in fact going to deal. I’ll be shocked if the Giants don’t blink, since they know they can’t win the WS again with a worse lineup than last year.

    As I voiced last nite during Jake-A-Palooza at Blondies, my only concern is Beltran is moved and has success with SF, re-signs there and helps convince the Giants to make an insane $ offer to steal Reyes (think Jayson Werth deal) and helps convince Reyes to take it. Yes, it’s a stretch, but it does have some logic to it and now that I thought of it, it terrifies me as a Mets fan.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    tdfkabl, I agree I wouldn’t deal in the division except for super prospect which won’t happen. But as much as I would be fine with re-signing him, Boras’ price tag will be way too high after Mets open checkbook for Reyes, which I expect to happen unless my nightmare SF thought mentioned above plays out.

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    I’d trade Beltran to the Nats for Bryce Harper… ;)

  8. GroteFan Says:

    BJ-i meant to actually state to you last night, while you were sitting on that idiotically small bar stool, that we (Mets Fans) shouldn’t care who Beltran get’s traded to. He has what, 70 games left…who cares if he ends up in Philadelphia or even in the Bronx! And your comments about REyes ending up in SF is just your crazy mind concocting a vicious brew. I am not sensing we are getting much back for Beltran. Hope I am wrong.
    Great to see Bay with a big hit last night.

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    Good to see snarky and bitter GroteFan making an appearance. I hope my SF Scenario doesn’t happen but it does trouble me. Agree was nice for Bay to double seemingly for the first time since he played in Pittsburgh.

  10. KMac Says:

    It’s a good thing that DW has been hitting because his defense has been atrocious. He’s making Murph look like Brooks Robinson and Keith Hernandez rolled into one!

  11. Howard Says:

    ok… As LC says, I will trade Beltran for Bryce Harper, Dominic Brown, Jon Lester, guys of that magnitude. Obviously, that is not happening.

    I do not want to trade Beltran for some reserve outfielder if we are in the WC race. In fact, for the right price, I have no problem keeping Beltran a Met and in RF. He is not getting any huge contract as a free agent. Who are we going to get to replace him? Lets keep the nucleus of Reyes, Wright, Ike, Beltran, and hopefully Johan comes back healthy and we can pick up a free agent quality pitcher during the off season or maybe one of our top minor league pitchers (Mejia, Harvey) fill out the staff next year.

  12. USMF Says:

    I’d rather trade Beltran for pitching. That’s the hardest position to fill and the most expensive.

    Can some one please teach Wright how to throw the ball overhand? You can’t be slinging from 3rd on every throw!

    Nice to see Izzy doing his best K-Rod impression…which was a good impression of Wags, who did an good impression of Looper who did his best to be like Armando “Gas Can” Benitez who more than lived up to Franco’s legacy.

  13. GroteFan Says:

    Howard, here are two things that can’t be hinged. Mets and 2011 WildCard race, that is unless of course you say that by being 7.5 games out, and behind 4 other teams, you say the “mets are out of the 2011 WildCard race”….
    Listen, I like Beltran, but it’s like selling your car. We all think it’s worth a lot more then it is.
    Beltran is a 75 game rental. Maybe he is the best on the market, no argument there….but let him go and get the best we can for him. Gives the other guys a chance to show what they have.

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, the Mets need Alan “Over The Top” Trammell to work with Wright. Nobody has ever thrown mechanically better than the former Tiger!

  15. Lord Charles Says:

    I don’t think a 7.5-game lead on July 25th is all that daunting. Unlikely? Sure, but not impossible. All it really takes is a good (not great) 3-week stretch and the Mets are right there.

    Now, a 7.5-game lead in the middle of September is impossible to overcome.

    Oh wait, it’s not…

  16. Lord Charles Says:

    Was it Cookie Rojas who got Ordonez to go from throwing from a full wind-up to short-arming everything and dropping his error totals from 17 in 1998 (and 26 in 1996) to a ridiculous 4 in 1999?

    Maybe Wright needs the same thing? The glove/range is there, maybe a simpler throwing motion is the key.

  17. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The only thing coming up exciting is who is going to be in the NL east basement. The Nats & Marlins are playing a 3 game series tonight, then we get the Nats and Marlins back to back!….Should shake out the bottom of the division….woo hoo!

    When are teams gonna start trading. I am sick of hesring BS, lets cut to the chase and get on with it! They don’t call it the trade deraqdline for nothing!

    Since there is a trade deadline does anybody know if there is a start date for trading?…..Can you start trading right after opening day?…Are there any rules on this?

  18. JoMama Says:

    First of all, there’s no way the Nats are getting rid of Bryce - he’s good for sure but a bitch, a-la GayRod over in the Bronx. From what I’ve read and heard through someone close to him, he’s physically ready but about 2-3 years away mentally. And we all know how important the mental part of the game is - just ask Bay.

    In anycase, seeing Beltran in red or blue pinstripes would make me cringe - the only way I see this being OK would be if we get a top prospect (highly unlikely) but he’s old and probably won’t command that type of deal. Sure I’d love to keep him but I’m fairly confident that we can’t afford him so I’m just reading the news, good or bad.

    As for the WC race, I’m not confident that we’re even really close. You need pitching, plain and simple and we don’t have it. One good start here and there by Gee, another one by Dickey and Cap - we’re really just a .500 team. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch easily into late Aug but I’d rather be shocked to see the Mets in contention come that time than expect it.

  19. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Just to make sure my comments weren’t taken out of context:

    1. The Bryce Harper thing was just a joke.

    2. Certainly don’t expect the Mets to be (really) in the WC hunt, but if they keep Beltran and Johan comes back, crazier things have happened.

  20. JoMama Says:

    Ha - sorry LC, I thought you were kidding…good.

    Also - are Wright and Murph in competition for who can play worse D? They seem to be feeding off each other - DW’s play in the 9th on a routine grounder not hit very hard, was atrocious. And Murph almost killed Izzy - I don’t know who is worse at 1st: Duda or Murph.

  21. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, for once we agree. This team doesn’t have the pitching, pure and simple.

    However, I’ll disagree on Murph’s play. He made a terrific stop with his bare hand when the ball changed directions after hitting the bag. He then gathered it and himself and dove for the bag. The fact Izzy couldn’t stop and his feet slid in the dirt wasn’t Murph’s fault.

  22. Met_Maven Says:

    I’d love for Beltran to finish up the season in NY, but that is just wishful thinking. We should trade him to whoever offers us the best prospect. I don’t care if it’s the Braves or Phillies. He’ll just be a rental for them and we ain’t winning the WC this year. If the Mets are lucky they’ll stay single digits behind the Braves, but winning the WC would take a miracle. The Mets haven’t disappointed this year, and if Alderson can make the signings and trades he wants to, the team will continue to improve over the next few years and become and remain relevant for an extended period of time.


  23. BrooklynBill Says:

    USMF - agree, we should get back some pitching for Beltran.

    I don’t know what’s gotten into everyone. Are we actually saying we should keep Beltran?? Trade his ass! Sandy is doing a good job milking it to the very end….he knows he has the best offensive chip to trade. As long as Beltran doesn’t get hurt b/t now & Sunday, our leverage in any deal keeps going up.

    If he is still a Met come Saturday, everyone will be foaming @ the mouth to get him. Some GM will step up with an offer to blow us away.

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