Can We Get a Standing O for Beltran Please?

Today may very well be Beltran’s last home game as a Met as the team hits the road for the next 11 days.

Beltran’s the hottest bat on the market, he’s punishing the ball and the Mets are highly motivated to deal him. 

We all know we’re gonna miss this guy when he’s gone and for much of his time here the guy was painfully under appreciated. 

So can we show a little class by standing to applaud him during Thursday’s day game?

Perhaps the first AB or maybe an AB later in the game so C’mon Met fans, and camp kids who are sure to pack the place tomm, BMF is hoping we give Carlos something to remember us by.


As for last nite’s win - PAGAN!!! Oh how sweet a walk-off HR is. It’s great to see Pagan out of the leadoff spot and already producing in back-to-back games.

Bay down with hamstring? No comment

Loved seeing Keith Gary and Ron call the game from the Pepsi Porch. This roving tv booth is perhaps the coolest PR thing the Mets have done since Banner Day. It’s creative, feels spontaneous, and now thanks to the Pepsi porch it’s probably revenue producing as well. If nothing else our tv booth mops the floor with those YES Network clowns.

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    Agreed on Beltran. If this is the end for him as a Met, then he will finish in the Top-10 in runs, doubles and homeruns, and is 11th in stolen bases. Only Wright, Johnson and Strawberry are in the Top-10 in all 4 categories. He has, for the most part, performed, and has done so with class. I’d certainly be in favor of the Mets trying to re-sign him for next year, even if they do trade him.

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    My standing O will be for Sandy Alderson once the deal is consummated.

  3. KMac Says:

    The guy who should be the most worried if Bay is out for any length of time, (other than Jake of course :-) ) is Angel Pagan. Despite the walk off last night, his numbers are as bad as Bay’s, but he’s been flying under the radar and getting a pass. If Bay is out maybe Pagan will become the new whipping boy.

  4. cleonjones Says:

    Another good win last night. Bay is out with a hammy? Stay out until October you bum !!!! Lets go Mets !!!! What team will trade for Beltran? I hope the Bosox get him and he stays hot to beat the HATED Stankees. :)

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I just hope Beltran goes to the Giants or Red Sox. Happy for him! He deserves being on a great team.

    Well done by Pagan. I like him but he has been up and down all season and now having trouble catching balls on the ground. Time for him to get it together.

    Also great to see Thole get some real hits. We need some production from him.

    LOVED the booth in the Pepsi porch. Mex was on fire last night!

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    yeah, it was good to see Thole collect some key hits. He is really struggling with the passed balls though…by my count, he had 2 more last nite unless the official scorer was in a generous mood.

  7. USMF Says:

    Nice win last night, good to see Pagan get a big hit…I doubt Pagan will ever be the whipping boy, he’s not getting paid enough to draw the fans despise.

    I’ve always thought that Pagan would have been a good chip to trade. He plays good D and can hit well at times, but his head isn’t always in the right place, he gets hurt a lot and has had only one good season.

    How great was it to have two big HRs fly towards the guys in the booth? You could hear genuine excitement in Gary’s voice. Gary always does a great job, but being a life long fan, you could tell that last night was special for him.

    Very classy move to have the guy who caught the 1st HR on air…I wonder how much that ball is worth having it signed on live TV by three Met legions?

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, the Beltran standing ovation is a great idea. Of course, this being the Mets, he’ll then foul a ball off his leg have to be carted off the field. But seriously, some love for a guy who played very well, despite how some on this site depict him, would be awesome. Then deal him as his stock will never be higher and get the prospects needed to continue the building process.

    BrooklynBill, great comment about how Bay probably isn’t really hurt. I mean, the guy ran face first into a fence last year to catch a ball and nearly did so again this year in the same place. He’s had one good stretch at the plate all season, for two weeks, and otherwise has been driving himself crazy trying to figure out how to return to form. I’m sure with just two games left in this homestand he probably decided he just didn’t want to hear anymore boos and so just gave up and faked an injury. Do you think at all when you post or do you just try to write the dumbest words possible? Because from your posts, I’m thinking you would make a great sports writer.

  9. IrishMike Says:

    How about Izzzy striking out Pujols, Holliday and Berkman? If in fact the Mets are showcasing him too that certainly did not hurt his value.

    Jake I couldn’t answer your question from last night because I was in fact at the game. But I can assure you that upon seeing the order to walk Rasmus I said to my bro “this is overmanaging.”

  10. BrooklynBill Says:

    Maybe Bay runs into walls because he hasn’t learned how to stop.

    The flip side is hard to defend as well, BJ. How do you know he’s *really* trying, you know him personally?

    It’s really funny how the slightest criticism of a guy who is a flat out bonafide bust generates such a rise out of you. You really are Jason Bay or you guys are friends on Facebook or something…

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Izzy has serious stones. I hope we hold on to him!

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    BrooklynBill, you’re right, I have just as much proof about Bay faking or not as you do. But I’m not the one making the ludicrous claim, I’m the one questioning it. Like I said, you’re ready for a career as a tabloid sports writer.

    It’s funny, you and others can blast away at Bay or any other player you want, and if somebody wants to defend them, they are either friend or relatives or in fact the player. It was your (and Howard’s and JoMama The Clown’s) incessant bashing day in and day out that provoked my responses in the first place. Here’s a tip…if you don’t want a guy defended, don’t spend every day killing him here.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    I’m, thankfully TC hasn’t done that much, it just seemed glaring last night. Hope to see you, KMac and others Monday night at Blondies.

  14. Howard Says:

    I personally do not think Bay is faking it or the organization is telling him to fake it. But it is better with him out of the lineup.

    As I wrote last night, I really hope that the Mets hold on at least until July 31st before trading Beltran. We are 7 games in the loss column out of a WC, and the Braves who were incredibly hot for a while are starting to lose. I think we can get within 4 or 5 games of them by July 31st, meaning we would have 2 months to make up a few games. With Wright back in the lineup, and Reyes healthy the rest of the way, we can do some damage.

    I say if we are 6 out or less by July 31st, we need to see what we can do. I doubt we are getting a top A-list prospect anyway for Beltran.

    Lets get the win this afternoon and get within 6 in the loss column by days end!

    Lets Go Mets!

  15. ProfessorReyes Says:

    BMF I think that’s a great idea and I hope it catches fire…..tweet Cerrone and Burkhardt about it?

    Early this spring I sent a message to Beltran about how much my son admires him for how he carries himself on and off the field, ignore the squeaky wheels, real baseball people appreciate him, etc. etc., just trying to show him some love and to say we hope he has a great career NO MATTER WHERE he is playing.
    Maybe sending him a quick thanks is a way to let him know Mets fans are not all fickle children with 5-second attention spans:

  16. Lord Charles Says:

    I agree about holding Beltran as long as possible. If someone wants to offer a top-flight prospect now, fine. But if the Mets are going to eat most of his contract and only get a B-level (or lower) prospect in return, that really doesn’t seem worth it, IMO>

  17. BrooklynBill Says:

    A sportswriter? what an insult!! ;)

    FGMF, others - Izzy looked great last nite. He wasn’t exactly blowing away scrubs. 92-93 FB, nasty knuckle-curve he can get over for strikes, has shown to be durable, has closer experience…I think he has a ton of value to teams in the market for an 8th inning guy or even a closer. Sort of amazing when you consider he was out of baseball and spring training walk on. He has been more than serviceable and even serviceable relief help is hard to to find. He could fetch a lot and he is obviously not a factor in our long term plans so, I would not be surprised if he is shipped.

    It’s great to see Izzy in a Mets uniform again tho and having success. Would miss him if dealt…

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    I also concur, no point in moving Beltran unless team gets top level prospect(s) because at this point the savings is limited. I confess my heart wants the team to keep him but my head says the Mets need to deal him. And I’d love them to sign him for next year but Boras will not let that happen at any reasonable price.

  19. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Maybe you already posted this, but is Jake-A-Palooza at Blondies? And what time does it begin? 7:10 for Mets v Reds?

  20. BlondiesJake Says:

    BrooklynBill, IM, etc, totally agree on Isringhausen, tho again confess would love for him to finish with the Mets but his value as a trading chip is worth more than his sentimental value.

  21. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Also, what happens if Howard, JoMama and BrooklynBill show up? Are you guys gonna duke it out over Bay during the 7th inning stretch? Is anyone taking bets on the fight?

    I say we all bury our gripes in waffle fries and beer!

  22. Jake-A-Palooza Says:

    Jake-A-Palooza is indeed at Blondies this coming Monday, July 25th. I expect to be there no later than 6pm and of course we will watch (and hopefully enjoy) the Mets game versus the Reds. All are invited, irregardless of their stance on Bay!

  23. Howard Says:

    I wonder what everyone will be saying about getting rid of Beltran if we close it to 6 today.

    Guys, we are not getting a prospect like Strawberry or Gooden for Beltran. And even really good prospects usually do not pan out in MLB (Greg Jeffries, Brian Taylor, Generation K, so far Fernando Martinez although he is still very young, etc etc etc).

    The Braves are going to slide down a little. I think we can still make it interesting!

  24. IrishMike Says:

    I just zipped through the game replay to hear some of the calls that I missed by being there. That both home runs were launched right at the broadcast team was awesome. Gary was so flummoxed by Pagan’s shot (having just declared him “not a home run hitter”) that we didn’t get an “it’s outta here!” or a “the ballgame is over” from him.

    And how about having an inaccurate trivia question/answer because they left out Keith Hernandez in 1984?! He sounded legitimately pissed.

  25. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Looking forward to it! But I think we need to make a section for the twitter/texting/blogging people and one for everyone else—I like to talk to the people that are actually in the room.

  26. Jake-A-Palooza Says:

    FGMF, there won’t be any fights, because I can’t get banned from Blondies, it’s still my once-or-twice-a-year home-away-from-home. But if there was a fight, I would put my $ on anybody but myself.

  27. JoMama Says:

    My VW Bug is in the shop, wig is being reworked and suit is at the dry cleaners but other than that, I’d love to knock a few back with y’all - aside from the fact that I live 2,300 miles away.

    In any case, all I’m going to say about Bay is that I hope he’s not too hurt but won’t miss him in the lineup one bit. As for Pagan bashing, it won’t be from me - I actually like him and although his #’s are similar to Bay’s, for some reason ($$) he just doesn’t piss me off enough. Of course if Jake the Joker starts defending him it might be a reason to start.

  28. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Mets are keeping Izzy?

    Game is starting!

  29. Patrick Says:

    Is BlondiesJake the sheriff in town? Maybe this blog should be called Brooklyn Met Fan w/ BlondiesJake Standing Behind Him With Arms Crossed.

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