St Loo v Mets

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Bay is out…..there is joy in BMF land…LGM

  2. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Mex is on FIRE tonight!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    thanks Los B….then we trade you tomorrow…nice

    Love the talking heads in the stands

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    I thought for sure Howard, BrooklynBill and JoMamaTheClown would’ve already posted about how excited they were by Bay’s injury. Maybe they are too busy celebrating to type.

    Hey IrishMike, did you enjoy the “by the book” decision to walk Rasmus, hitting .239 on the year and in an 0-11 slide, to get a righty righty matchup for Parnell? That turned out well!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    tag on a routine fly to left?…murph was on the outfield grass on thatbunt!?……Who positions the playets from the bench?

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    The announcers were discussing that Pagan should be telling Harris the runner is tagging and that’s fine. But Harris should be ready to throw to begin with. Pathetic!

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    That ball is (Pa)GAN!

    BMF was right, Angel needed to be moved back down from the leadoff spot.

    Great job by Isringhausen.
    Great job by Thole.
    Great job by Pagan.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:


  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Double Wow!

  10. Howard Says:

    Atlanta loses… 7 in the loss column behind on July 20th. I am not ready to throw in the towel yet. If we can get it down to 5 or 4 by the end of July, we are right in it. We are not going to get top A list prospects for Beltran anyway. If we are 6 or better by the end of July, I want to take a run at the wild card.

  11. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - BrooklynBill was at CitiField. Good things happen whenever I’m there. Bay hurt, Mets win, Braves lose. Coincidence? I think not! Maybe I need to attend more games :)

    Bay is a total stiff. Apparently a tight hammy and/or a nagging hip flexor…whatever, more like it’s 100 friggin degrees, my season is sucking, my team is selling - I think I’ll take a cold shower and watch from the climate controlled player’s lounge.

    My whole entire section was glad Bay came out of the game.

    La Russa must be so pissed which just makes the W all the more satisfying. He is a total douche…

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    Maybe we ought to keep Beltran after all?

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    Whomever thought of the idea of the guys calling the game from the Pepsi Porch hit a home run :) No pun intended.
    It makes our guys more “real” than those fakers on the other channel.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    Haha - those guys were target practice tonite.

    Beltran’s trade value is skyrocketing right now…those 7 or so teams must be foaming at the mouth to get him in their lineups. All good for us! Sandy needs to hold his ground….someone will blink and up the ante…nobody wants to be the GM of contending team that goes down because they didn’t want to throw in an extra prospect. Milk it til the very end, Sandy (assuming Beltran doesn’t injured before the deadline).

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