Ike is Done

It’s not official but the writing is on the wall Sir Ike is done for the year.

How we got to this point I have no friggin’ idea. Then again maybe I’m the pathetic one because I should know better than to be surprised when a day-to-day ding turns into a season ender. 

It still really burns me up that this whole disaster would’ve been avoided if Wright or Davis simply called, “I Got It” or Pelfrey directed traffic. Even little leaguers know better than that… Grrrrrrrr

On the positive side the Mets are back to .500 after beating the Cards. Maybe I over reacted yesterday declaring that .500 was gone for the season. 

Gee impressed by winning again 2R, 3H, 2BB 2K in 7IP. Gee is looking good off the field too having shaved his head, a much better look than a prematurely receding hairline on a young 20-something.

Big 2 two-run double from Pagan. Thank God he’s out of the leadoff spot hopefully he can get back in his groove again.

Beltran’s stock ticked up again with a 3-3 nite including 2 doubles, 2 runs and a pair of walks.
Hmmm Reyes is back, went 2-5 and the Mets won. The connection between the two is unmistakable - now let’s see how much it’s worth to the Wilpons. 

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  1. Paul Says:

    I’m starting to get annoyed that the Mets haven’t sent Ike for surgery already.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    I don’t see how they could pull it off, but if the Rockies would really deal Ubaldo Jimenez, the Mets should see if Colorado would accept a package that includes David Wright and prospects. I like Wright and I bet he would put up excellent numbers in Coors, but young aces are rare, Jimenez is one, has pitched well in a hitter’s park, is signed cheaply thru 2014 and would give Gee and Niese somebody in front of them at the top of the rotation.

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    I wouldn’t touch Jimenez. Last April and May he went 10-1 with a 0.78 ERA. The rest of his career he is 44-43 with a 3.89 ERA and nearly 4 BB/9IP. He’s a good pitcher with great stuff, but he’s not a great pitcher, and he is no where near the value of Wright and prospects, IMO.

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    And yes, I admit to being a “Wright Fan Boy.” Not going to hide from it.

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Good win last night despite leaving 13 men on base. What a difference when we have some real major leaguers in the line-up! Not including Bay for obvious reasons. Glad to see Gee keep up the good work.

    I’ve been rather down on Murphy but he came through last night.

    What happens to Tejada if we re-sign Reyes? Do we move him to 2nd or have him platoon there with Turner? I like both.

    I’d like to get a good arm for the rotation but I agree that Wright has more value than Jimenez, though his numbers would probably improve at CitiField. But I would trade Murph, Thole and some of the other young guys.

    Hope Prof’s son and the TDFKABL family had fun at the game last night!

  6. Lord Charles Says:

    Reyes and Beltran for Jiminez, then re-sign both in the off-season! A guy can dream… ;)

  7. KMac Says:

    Murph is going to be the 2B when Wright comes back and they re-sign Reyes. Tejada and Turner are back ups.

  8. ProfessorReyes Says:

    He was in 134 row H with his glove, so it really had to be a no-doubter, then I had to laugh because in the beginning of the game everything was deep to left or left-center lol. He’s good luck they always win when he goes.

    I don’t put Pelfrey in the middle of that, Wright has to call off Davis but oh well. Damn I hope it doesn’t make him gun shy about his all-out football-style defense.
    Speaking of, can you believe Turner got taken out? I thought it was funny.
    Also funny: Murphy screaming into his helmet!

    Felt for Gee with the whole to deflect or not to deflect sequence.

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    Lord Charles, I also love Wright. But he has good value, likely isn’t getting better and the Mets have a good crop of infielders who can fill his spot adequately, like Murphy, Turner and Tejada. Here’s a couple of articles that might make you think a little differently.



  10. USMF Says:

    As much as I want to believe that a playoff run is still possible, recent history is filled with examples of teams being in the Mets position at the ASB and making a big run, it’s more obvious every day that ATL won’t be caught and Beltran (and others) will be traded.

    So looking at this season, I really believe that this year is a success.

    -Sandy made some minor additions that have helped the team win while not locking up payroll for years.

    -Sandy dumped K-Rod, or more specifically, K-Rods 18mil option.

    -TC has done a great job with the clubhouse, they’ve hovered around .500 most of the year after a horrible start and a roster filled with AAAA guys. Best thing about TC is, it seems he actually knows how to manage a bullpen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win 85+ games this year.

    -Beltran has been an Iron Man playing almost everyday and returning to All Star form…Sandy might be able to move him for something of quality.

    -Neise and Gee have looked pretty good, both are still young, but are showing that they can pitch. That’s two spots in the rotation I feel good about for the future.

    -Murph has shown that he is a major league hitter (7th in NL avg) and can play everyday. Even his fielding is been pretty good at 2nd, 3rd and 1st. He may not be fantastic in the field, but he doesn’t hurt you either…more experience and he’ll be very solid.

    -Turner has cooled off a bit, but has been a decent surprise and his approach at the plate should net continued success.

    -Tejada has looked good in the field and shown great improvements at the plate.

    -Sandy has shown that he’s gonna be cautious when it comes to injuries…in the past, Reyes never would have gone to the DL for a very minor strain, Wright would just gotten a cortisone shot and forced to play through it and rushed back before getting his feet back under him. No major setbacks for Santana is a good thing too…

    -Wilpons have successfully (almost) sold off a portion of the team and the billion dollar claw back suit looks like it’s gonna get dismissed, so the days of 50mil payroll aren’t gonna happen. While payroll is gonna drop, we probably won’t see a Florida style fire sale and Sandy should be able to spend money when needed.

    I know a lot of you wanted the Wilpons to lose and be forced to sell the team, but that would set the franchise back 30 years…this is really the best way for this to play out.

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Really, Murph at 2nd? He’s the weakest defender of all 3 and the guy I’d least like to see there. IMO he belongs on the bench.

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, if the Mets keep Wright, they should definitely put Murphy at 2nd. All things being equal, a quality bat is worth more than a quality glove. And as he’s adequate in the field and shows improvement when he plays a position consistently, he’ll surely produce more runs than he’ll cost the team. I’m not saying he’s as good, but he’s in the mold of Jeff Kent, good hitter, mediocre glove, sans the a$$hole part.

  13. Lord Charles Says:

    Interesting articles, Jake. And I agree I do agree that it is reasonable to expect that he will initially get better when/if he leaves Colorado. But I still get very nervous about pitchers who have great stuff, but a high walk rate, because when they start to lose their stuff, it is often hard to compensate. Johan Santana did it because he had great control to begin with, and Jimenez is no Johan Santana.

    I also think that first article points to something that makes this whole conversation moot: if the Rockies are really looking for a “Texeira-deal,” then Wright would not even be an option; they would be looking for high-end minor league prospects in their early-20s who they could control for years.

  14. Lord Charles Says:

    Totally agree about keeping Murph at 2B. With Reyes, Ike, and Wright, the Mets would still have three plus-defenders in the infield which would allow for a little wiggle room when it came to taking a defensive hit with Murphy at second.

  15. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Hmmm—I just don’t see him as a markedly better hitter than Turner or Tejada in the long run. He is hitting really well right now, but he’s pretty streaky. I hate that one handed swing.

    I dunno—considering the dimensions of CitiField and the quality of our pitching staff, I’d rather have good D up the middle. It’s not like Murphy is hitting bombs or even triples. I appreciate that he works really hard but he doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of baseball talent, speed, athleticism, smarts, etc. He’s like a C student who works really hard and still can only get a B+. A one-tool player.

    I think Tejada has way more potential in the long run.

  16. USMF Says:

    FGMF…I was surprised to see it, but believe it or not, Murph’s advanced fielding stats show that he’s better than Turner at 2nd, and even better than Tejada in a lot of areas.

    Murph looks unnatural and kinda awkward at 2nd, mostly because of his inexperience…but he make the the plays, has a good arm and has shown decent range.

    Tejada is probably the better guy over a full season, he’s very slick and makes it look easy, but that doesn’t make that huge a difference as long as the plays being made.

    Turner looks more natural at 2nd, but his numbers there are the weakest of the three.

    Murph’s been a decent 2nd basemen this year, while not fantastic, he’s not hurting you out there. There are a few 2nd basemen recently who’ve started out weak defensively, but have worked themselves into a solid defensive player. With more experience, Murph could do it too.


  17. Howard Says:

    I still hope that they give it till July 31st to see if we can close the gap with the Braves to 5 or 6 games, in which we would still have 2 months left to catch them. I know its a longshot, but with Wright coming back, hopefully Reyes healthy the rest of the year, and possibly even Johan making a contribution, there could still be hope. I am not that sold on the Braves being that great.

    It would be kind of poetic justice to have Wright come back and really get on fire and him and Reyes, who were supposed to be the cornerstones of playoff teams, lead the team to a Wild Card run.

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    Howard, I agree it would be awesome if Reyes and Wright led them back to the playoffs. But it’s not going to happen, no matter how well those guys play.

    Even if the Braves aren’t that great, they still have a very good pitching staff that makes long losing streaks unlikely. The Mets, on the other hand, have a pitching staff that makes a long win streak unlikely. Every other team in the hunt has at least a better starting staff, if not a better lineup. It’s just not going to happen and if they wait too long, they will lose leverage with their trade chips.

  19. USMF Says:

    If the Mets make a run to the playoffs, it’s not going to be Wright or Reyes who need lead the way…It’s all gonna fall on the pitching staff.

    Cappy and R.A.D. have be solid, but need to step it up a little…Neise and Gee need to stay strong and not fade as August comes around and Pelf needs to go on a two month run similar to how he started last year.

    After that, the Pen needs to man up. Losing K-Rod hurts the depth a lot, But if Izzy can close, Parnell and PeteB step up and the rest have to do there jobs.

    This team can hit and score runs and they play hard. They don’t have a staff that’s top heavy, but other than Caption Buzzkill (AKA Little Pelf) you got a solid rotation that can keep them in every game.

  20. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Well, maybe you guys are right about Murph. Let’s see how the rest of the season plays out! Of course I want everyone to do well so I’d be very happy to be proven wrong!

    I just heard Heyman say on the radio that Beltran will probably go to the Phillies—which makes me want to throw up in HIS mouth. But as much as I like him, Heyman is wrong as often as right with his gossip. I’m praying for a different division, or even better, the AL.

  21. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Okay then if Murphy’s at 2nd then what’s the plan for 1st? Because I’m with Paul, they should get him fixed up already.

  22. Howard Says:

    They probably will not catch the Braves. But I would still like to see where they are by the 31st. I think they will still maintain leverage by that date. I am curious what teams are offering for Beltran.

  23. BlondiesJake Says:

    Play Duda at 1st because Ike likely won’t be back this year. Assuming Ike comes thru surgery well, let Duda go back to the OF as he should have all spring training to prepare.

  24. cleonjones Says:

    Good win last night. I agree BMF- Ike Davis should have never been injuired. But with Pelf on the mound it didn’t surprise me- someone HAS to call for the ball !!! Glad Jose is back. Great defense by Jose in the 8th inning. Ok ladies and gents- lets start the chorus- RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES!Lets go Mets !!!!!!

  25. USMF Says:

    I think Murph at 1st and turner at 2nd (once Wright returns) for the remainder of the year should be fine. Murph doesn’t have typical 1st base power, but they’ve been winning with out HR’s so why worry about it now? Duda will move to right once Beltran is traded.

    Next year, slide Murph to 2nd and platoon Turner off the bench. I think with Muprh’s and Turners versatility, TC can find plenty of AB’s for both of them

    From what little I understand on Ike’s injury, if would be best to avoid surgery if possible. It’s a questionable procedure (I believe) and I know it take a lot of recovery work to come back from. As long a holding off surgery now doesn’t hurt Ike next year, I’m OK with it.

    BTW, if it was up to anyone to direct traffic on the pop up, it’s up too the catcher to to it. (I believe it was Thole behind the plate then) He’s the one in position to see the whole field and the catcher should be able to take charge on every play.

  26. USMF Says:

    Heyman is a snug, arrogant a*****e and completely full of sh!t.

    He throws out he bull sh!t rumors everyday hoping that something may stick. He’s another of these national media guys whole love to bash the Mets.

    I can’t remember the last time he had something right.

  27. The Coop Says:

    Hey what’s going on here? You mean, reasonable rational fans have started to sprout back up at BMF? Halle-loo! LOL OK OK, so first, I am right there with your thinking B-Jake. My theory with David Wright isn’t necessarily that he won’t get better - it’s just that no one on this team should be untouchable. Yes, even Reyes but I feel like he can play to CitiField’s dimensions a bit better than Wright. Not to mention if Alderson is as into maximizing his assets and value, this is a no-brainer. I also think he can package Wright w/ Pelfrey to a medium-market team where they will be protected and won’t have the wolves coming out for them after a bad game.

    I’m also in agreement that a good bat outweighs the benefits of a good glove. Not to mention, Daniel Murphy isn’t THAT bad in the field! He works extra hard to fit in wherever the Mets want to put him, and he never complains, even if they bench him. He just wants what is best for the team. How can you not like this guy? Defense, schmefense. he’s won more games getting big hits than his defense has let down. And if someone mentions the 2009 game against Johnson/Marlins, I will scream. The Mets also didn’t score a damn run that game.

    lastly, I too am disappointed Ike won’t be returning and if you ask me, that is the reason they wouldn’t compete, with or without Beltran. Which is why I think we should cut our losses with him now, and wish him well.

    And on a happier note, who’s attending Jake-a-palooza???

  28. BrooklynBill Says:

    Going to tonite’s game, my first of the year!

    I think issues with Duda’s bat speed are being exposed by the advanced scouts and better pitching at the ML level. AAA is like batting practice for him but he can’t seem to reach the warning track up here (home or road).

    I think TC will find a way to play Murphy somewhere everyday.

  29. BlondiesJake Says:

    Great to see you on here The Coop. For those who are in NYC or can get there easily, Jake-A-Palooza will be at Blondies next Monday, July 25th, starting at 6pm and ending when the cows come home (or go home from the bar). Rumor has it there will be special guest appearances by A Phanatic and Matt the Met Fan. Hope to see you there, even the Bay Bashers!

  30. USMF Says:


    Sorry, I have to disagree with you…there is no such thing as a “reasonable rational (Mets) fan”.

    Half are either hopelessly optimistic dreamers; or the other half are cynical, skeptical self-loathing pessimists. The other half can’t decide who they are and bounce between the other two (sometimes daily).

    You’ve seen what happens when this team goes on a wining or losing streak. In fact, look at the difference in attitude after winning one game as compared to the day before after losing.

  31. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Jake-a-Palooza!! I will try and make it.

    USMF, which of the three halves are you in? ;)

    I wonder what Wright’s trade value is coming off this injury? And if we traded him, lose Beltran, Bay sucks, etc, will we have any power whatsoever? I love small ball but it would be nice to hit some bombs occasionally. Maybe Ike but we don’t know what will happen with his health.

  32. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Why is it that just as soon as you want to pronounce the Mets dead they happen to play a good game that just makes you think “Well maybe there is hope”?

    But there really isn’t any!

  33. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Okay I’m rewatching the whole thing because my son tells me I was looking in the wrong place, he was just in front of the #37……ANYway, I just caught Keith saying 1B was Duda’s position in college, knowing that I’d actually like him better there with Murphy at 2B.

  34. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Dude: Did your girls get an Ike Davis bobblehead?

  35. foxster Says:

    the Mets fan’s stock in trade is HOPE. hope for a winning season, hope for a championship more often then every decade or so apart.

    Met fan’s hope for the best, but always accept what comes.

    oh well,

    get well soon Kid, we’re really rooting for you.

  36. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Yes, Bobble Head dolls were gotten by all– as was a great time.
    Was Dillon Gee impressive last night or what? Despite the HR and a couple of deep counts in the 7th, he had only thrown around 90 pitches all night, and I’m sure could have gone deeper, had TC wanted him to.
    A very nice night at Citi Field for me and my family. A big part of me will always prefer Shea, but I’m getting somewhat used to the new place by now. I still think it’s weird how the crowd wanders around so much, that the stands only gradually get more populated as the game wears on: seeing so many empty seats takes away from the excitement a bit. Although the atmosphere in the park was very cool, for all that. Everyone seemed very happy to be there, and aside from the boos for Jason Bay, the fans seemed to really like this team. Maybe it was just because it was a good game for the home team, but it definitely seemed less complaint-filled than on some of my visits over the last few years.
    The architectural flaws remain, of course. I knew enough to directly avoid the Plexiglas areas (finally) although I still had it in my view somewhat even from seat 11, row 3, sec 527. Also couldn’t see part of LF– I thought they were going to show those balls hit to the blind spots on the scoreboard screen live, but whenever a situation like that arose and I checked out the scoreboard there was no live feed.

    Thought it was cool that Duda comes into the ballgame to “Purple Haze.” Beats the hell out of “Camptown Races.”

    Nice to see the love for Reyes last night. Interesting note: We were all united in our section in deep concern for his hamstrings. Every time he got on base, all around me were conversations and comments suggesting he please NOT run. :)

    Thought it was fitting that every time you looked up at the scoreboard to see a Mets player there, that along with his stat line and photo you got to read the following: “Hospital for Special Surgery.” I wasn’t sure if it was an advertisement, or an Injury Report.

    Just when I thought that LaRussa’s typical wacky lineup strategy would be proven crazy yet again, as #8 batter, Kyle Lohse comes up with two on and two out, while Shumacher waits his turn in the on deck circle, and well, you know the rest. After all these years, however, it still makes no sense to me to have your pitcher bat more than absolutely necessary.

    Love Bobby Parnell and his amazing fastball. Either that or I love the radar gun guy. Either way, it’s pretty exciting every time he passes the century mark. And it must be fairly legit, cos Pujols was not getting around on those first few pitches at all.

    And that 6-3 DP was worth the price of admission!

    So, after a night of hot dogs, cotton candy, ice cream in orange Mets helmets, bobble heads, a visit to our brick, and a victory for the good guys, the girls and I rounded the bases from Shea, mock slid into home and headed off to face the Van Wyck………..

    Let’s Go Mets!!

    LC, Coop: good to see you back.

  37. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Orange ice cream helmets, wow!
    Sounds like a great time. 6-6-3 DP was the highlight for me too.

    Don’t forget tonight the guys are announcing from the Pepsi Porch….

  38. Patrick Says:

    I’ve collided with people harder than Davis and Wright and I didn’t have an injury that lasted a year. What a pile of bull!!!!

    Ike is a baby or else the medical staff are only interested in getting players injured instead of getting players healthy.

  39. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Good interview with TC on the FAN. Love his approach!

  40. Lord Charles Says:

    Thanks, Bill!

  41. BlondiesJake Says:

    You’re right Patrick. Ike is a baby. And the medical staff wants to injure players. Thank goodness you are the voice of reason. Please keep enlightening us with these gems.

  42. Patrick Says:

    BlondiesJake….don’t be fool! Obviously there was some sarcasm in my comment about the medical staff wanting to keep players injured but honestly, I’ve bumped into people harder coming off of the subway. How could he be hurt from a simple bump that wasn’t hard. If you’d like me to prove it, I’ll bump into you and see if you are out for the year.
    Of maybe you’d rather sit there and make dumbass comments while you stroke poor Ike’s bruised shin & ankle.

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