Can’t Beat Philly

I never like losing a series to the Philthies but I guess I’m betting used to it.

I saw Metsblog we are 2-15-1 in 18 series vs. Philadelphia since ‘09. Damn I hadn’t realized it was THAT bad. 

Can it be considered a good rivalry when it’s a hammer and a nail scenario? 

Great to see them scrapping till the final out but these moral victories just don’t stick to the ribs.

Don’t look now but Jason Bay has quietly slipped back into oblivion taking another 0-4 Sunday. He’s been able to fly under the radar of late with everyone’s attention focused on Reyes, K-Rod and Beltran but if he doesn’t pick it up this homestand the Shea Faithful’s wrath may find him again.

Why on earth were there 20 fans standing outside the dugout forming a human chute the Mets were forced to run through to start the game? Gary and the boys sure had a good laugh at that. 

I really wonder who made the decision to force 8 players and a starting pitcher (!) to shatter their pre-game routine by forcing them to touch a bunch of strangers as they took the field. Smells like the work of the Met PR Dept to me

I’m a big Morgan Freeman fan but why the Hell is he in the PIX booth during a game? I guess he was promoting Mandela Day which requests we all do something today for 6-7 minutes to help others. A great cause no doubt but I’m trying to watch a game.

Why on earth would I care to hear stories about Morgan Freemans big break in summer stock theatre during of a Mets/Phillies game???

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    I hate the stinkin’ Filthies.

    Hey is Beltran really out with ‘flu-like symptoms’ or are the Mets just trying to prevent him from tweaking a knee or something while negotiating hot n’ heavy to trade him?

    Who among the 7-9 interested teams is going to step up with a package of prospects that blows away the others before the bidding gets out of control?

  2. CTMetFan Says:

    Well at least you are predictable BMF. God forbid you say anything bad about Pelfry. This stiff has got to go. He has absolutely no discipline whatsoever. A sinker ball pticher who can’t throw it when he needs to.

  3. CowCrusher Says:

    Nothing against Nelson Mandela but when do the people of South Africa and theiir neighbors have Baseball as their National Passtime?
    Usually they are just playing soccer and rugby.

    And don’t me started on soccer…:-P

  4. Howard Says:

    BMF…. Bay is slipping back in???? When the hell did he slip out? He had like one or two decent games. Look, lets put a period at the end of this f’n sentence. Jason Bay is done. I do not know why he is done so quickly after good years. We all can think of many possible reasons but Jason Bay is what he is, a 6th outfielder on a mediocre team. I will give the Mets a ton of credit if they cut him after this year. I know it will be tough to eat that money but the guy cannot play in the major leagues anymore. That is the freaking bottom line and NO, it is not going to change next year or the year after that or the year after that.

    Pelphrey is another guy who we will never ever win with. That is freakin obvious.

    And Beltran… We have two critical games and he has the flu. There are people who go to there 10 hour jobs every day with the flu because they have to. There are people who struggle with incredible handicaps every day but somehow make it through. You have the flu, get out there and play and go back to the freakin lockerroom to throw up if you have to. Give me a break already. He was healthy enough to be at the ballpark yesterday. Suffer through it. We had to win yesterday and he has no problem sitting it out.

    I have had it with this freakin p***y team.

    I guarantee you that Johan is another guy who will not pitch until next year.

    The team sucks. And it still cracks me up that everyone has so much confidence in Alderson. He was the GM of a team that won because they had two guys at the head of the class of steroid users. And he is so smart that he did not know that? Give me a break.

    This team stinks. Three words can say so much!

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Just for the record, Pelfrey is spelled P-E-L-F-R-E-Y.

  6. Howard Says:

    Fort Greene Mets Fan:

    We should just spell his last name TALENTLESSCHOKER

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^Howard-I know its time to “Wave the White Flag” now, as I believe you were the last remaining BMFer with hopes that the Mets will make the Wild Card.

    I think the second half is going to be a big mess as the team begins to unravel and look like a single A team.

    I am really surprised that they are at .500 at this time of year and have actually been “Almost in it” for as long as they have. They have not been as bad as expected, up to this point, but I fear the worse is yet to come.

    The problem seems that they are going to try to hold fans interest and keep people in the seats as long as they possibly can, but I feel the fan base might be over this year.

    Lets cut to the chase. If we are sellers-lets sell! If we need to take our medicine-give it to us! Lets not half-a*s this for the sake of getting another 100 people in the seats per game.

    Met Fans know this team is bad! There were No expectations this year. You can not fool us!

    It is time!

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I wonder if K-Rod’s anger management person is available to treat certain readers of this blog now that his main client is in Milwaukee.


    1. on Friday only one player on the Mets was a member of the opening day lineup—that’s how depleted this team is.

    2. almost our entire infield is on the DL.

    3. Beltran had a 104 fever and had to be given an IV of fluids the following day. As far as I’m concerned, not only do I NOT want him on the field, I don’t want him at the ballpark—in case he’s contagious. STAY HOME.

    4. Mike Pelfrey is barely a #5 pitcher.

    5. this team plays hard and is giving it 110%—but it’s not just a matter of trying hard, it’s a matter of talent. And let’s face it: Lucas Duda is no Ike Davis who is no Ryan Howard. We had a glorified version of the Buffalo Bisons against one of the best teams in baseball—I feel pretty good we could even take one.

    6. we own Cole Hamels.

    7. Jason Bay has been terrible.

    My conclusion: pretty much what I expected considering the above. Can’t really get upset over it, I’m glad we’ve been able to be as good as we have and I really hope Reyes and Wright are back soon. That will be fun to watch and give a huge boost to this team. If we can get Ike back then we will really have a reason to watch!

  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    “And let’s face it: Lucas Duda is no Ike Davis who is no Ryan Howard.”
    Good one.

    I’d add #8, Minaya did not play cards as well as Amaro. And having Alderson sit in for Minaya’s hand we’re going to have to wait through some damage control. Did Minaya think he didn’t “need” pitching as much as Amaro because of the new park? Whatever. Our big news of the next few months is still Reyes.
    These guys are playing for spots; this year is like one long tryout.

  10. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FGMF: a voice of sanity, as usual.

  11. Questions for Howard Says:

    Do you really think Beltran should’ve played?
    Did you really think these games against the Phillies were critical?
    Does it really matter if Johan pitches again this year?
    Are you really holding it against Alderson that he had success in Oakland and so far has made the logical moves in NY?
    Who pisses in your cornflakes every day?

  12. Met_Maven Says:

    Jason Bay is Jason Bay. Somehow he went from being a slugging superstar to me when I was in little league. Why? I don’t know. He had a nice week or two when he was hitting well, had a few homers, some RBIs and averaged about .350 over those 2 weeks. I really wish he would come out of this funk. Not because I’m a Met fan, but because he’s a genuinely nice guy who doesn’t deserve this. The Mets won’t cut him, can’t trade him or bench him (for extended periods anyways), so we’ve got to accept the fact that Bay is here with us till his contract is over.

    It really sucked losing 2 of 3 to the Phillies, Pelf makes one bad pitch and we were out of it. But You can’t be mad at a .500 team for playing .500 ball. I don’t think the Mets have over-achieved. Over-achieving would mean leading the Wild Card or being within a game or two. The Mets are not in any kind of hunt. Period. They’re keeping it interesting by keeping single digits behind in the WC, but that’s it really. Depending on how our boys hold up, whenever Wright comes back, how ever long we have a healthy Beltran for and if Ike & Santana come back this year the Mets will win between 79 - 84 games. Hovering right around .500. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m willing to sacrifice the rest of this season and next if it means the Mets will be relevant in baseball again.

    BMF, the people at the dugout were “winners” of a fan appreciation contest for season ticket holders. They’ve been doing that and variations of it for a while. Last year and a few time this year they had the fans, usually 2 fans stand at each position and when the Mets took the field they would greet the fans, take a quick pic & sign an autograph. I actually think its a good idea, I doubt it’s throwing the players off. Other teams do this, why not the Mets. It’s a kid and their parent, nothing wrong with making a kid happy and keeping that kid a fan.

    as for Morgan Freeman being there, its a promotional thing. No biggie. It’s not like he was talking all broadcast and interrupting GK&R as they were making calls. I’m sure if the Mets won, you’d think it was cool he was there and wouldn’t have minded so much.

    Anyway, I’m predicting the Mets go 3-1 the rest of the homestand. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but ya gotta believe!


  13. BrooklynBill Says:

    FGMF - Ike Davis is no Ryan Howard, I assume you mean offensively. Defensively, Ryan Howard is no Ike Davis.

    Even I am getting tired of complaining about Bay. He is a complete waste of a roster spot. Maybe he’s also starting his own record label, or maybe he has too many off field distractions, who knows…hard to explain but I don’t care, just would rather not see him play for the Mets anymore. BIG BUST

  14. cleonjones Says:

    Trade Bay- he sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade Pelfrey !!!! Lets go Mets !!!!!

  15. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    My work here is done.

    > curtsy

  16. JoMama Says:

    Where is Jake in all this? He’s Jason Bay’s #1 fan and should have something to say about why we need to keep him in the lineup and how awesome he is, or, er will be. Or something like that.

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