Immediate Needs

Despite the 7-2 beating Philly dished out to welcome is back to baseball BMF found some encouraging things from last nite’s game.

Beltran continued to rake by smoking his 14th bomb and 59th RBI. The more Carlos hits the better the chances we get a quality prospect in return. It’s a foregone conclusion Beltran is leaving so I’m now rooting for productivity to leverage a good trade.

Lucas Duda was 1-1 with a walk. I really like th is kid’s power potential and I know he’s less than fully confident in his ability to stick in the bigs so I take every hit and walk as a good sign.

Murphy was 2-4 - again! DMurph is back to his non-stop hitting ways. The poor guy doesn’t really have a position but he’s proved he’s a legitimate hitter. I don’t know what to do with him longterm but if he continues to bat .300 it’s a problem worth solving.

Word is Igarashi is our closer, at least for the moment. The 32 yr old Japanese import is coming off a dominant short stint closing at AAA so he may be effective but I thought Parnell was ready to audition. 

But I’ll trust Collins here, maybe he doesn’t want Parnell to feel small footed in K-Rod’s shoes.

Definitely looking forward to our first save opportunity.

8 Responses to “Immediate Needs”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    That game was awful to watch! I hope we don’t get smoked on national T.V. today.

    The second half schedule is really tough and lets face it this team has over achieved to get to .500. I doubt we can keep it up for the second half.

    Who are we kidding? Except trying to get butts in the seats. We might be close, but so are 10 others teams, we are not contending for the wild card.

    We have already started, let the 2012 rebuilding project begin.

    A couple of more ugly losses like that and lets start to concentrate on next year.

  2. CowCrusher Says:

    I only got to see Iggy pitch once in person that was against the Syracuse Chiefs a few weeks ago.he wasn’t Lights Out..but held his own as a closer.
    BTW, has any closer ever used “ights Out” by UFO as their intro?
    UFO was and still is big in Japan…BMF….maybe you could make some calls?:-D

  3. metsfan73 Says:

    Correction, Isringhausen was slated to be the closer, not Igarashi.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Don’t look now but I wish we were the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NL East!

  5. Howard Says:

    Well, we made it to July 15th this year. I guess that is better than it could have been. Maybe next year we are competitive up to August 1st.

    The Mets are sitting shiva today at Citifield for those wishing to pay respects to a dead team.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    Everyone seems so down, que pasa? We should be ecstatic. We’re @ .500, all things considered very good! And, we jettisoned K-ROD giving us a lot more payroll flexibility.

    Rumor has it that apparently up to 7 teams are interested in Beltran - FANTASTIC!! If the competition for Beltran intensifies and, he keeps playing well, our asking price in prospects only goes up.

    This fan is very pleased…I don’t even care what we do vs. the stinkin Filthies. There pitching is just too damn ridiculous anyway and will be for the foreseeable future so, hopefully Sandy & co. have a good 3-5 yr game-plan.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    Dealing Beltran will help, but the big issue is where are the Mets getting top of the rotation pitching? Right now, Niese could become a #2, but he just doesn’t appear to have ace quality (and I think it’s because he doesn’t seem to have the head for it). Gee is a battler but I don’t think he has the stuff to be more than a #2 or #3. Assuming Santana doesn’t return to form if and when he returns, starting pitching is a major problem. Besides Harvey, does anybody know of any pitching prospects in the system that are highly touted?

  8. Hailey Turnes Says:

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