No Thurs Game is Torture

After 3 days with no meaningful Met games it’s painfully unreasonable and borderline diabolcal to give us an off-day on Thursday.

The players must love it, an extra day to recharge but a guy like BMF is gonna struggle with this unauthorized 4th straight day with no Mets.

I’m just sayin’

13 Responses to “No Thurs Game is Torture”

  1. Paul Says:

    There’s always the Buffalo Bisons game on SNY tonight…

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Agree!…Actually the schedule is very weak tonight with only seven games. I don’t recall this happening very often if any.

    I thought maybe the K-Rod Salary dump would kick off the trading season, bu that was it.

    Just gives us another day to savor the 3 games over .500 mark.

    Lets have a respectable 2nd half and start a plan for 2012.


  3. foxster Says:

    look at it this way, there’s no way that there can be a disappointing loss

  4. KMac Says:

    Hey FMFR, did you black out and forget about the last 2 games in SF? The Mets are 1 game over 500. Still to be savored, but not quite as much. :-)

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    At least the extra day off means it’s not a four-game set vs the Phils and their animals (what TC called the starting pitching). This way, if the Mets find a way to win one, they will be at .500 and still feeling good about themselves.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^KMac Says- HA! Yes I kind of did. Have been on vacation 3 weeks, College World Series and spent last week in NC mountains!…Must be the altitude.

    Or maybe we can take the first 2 from Philly!


  7. Fred Says:

    RIght On brother! I’ve been in hell since yesterday!!

  8. Howard Says:

    Well, the Phillies await us. We are hanging on by a thread with the Braves playing like the Phillies basically.

    We need a 10 for 12 streak.

  9. cleonjones Says:

    Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!! Lets take three out of four from the Animals Phillies. :)

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    No comments on the “mistrial” for the “roid rocket”?

    I wondered if he ever apologized to Piazza after the broken bat incident almost 11 years ago?

  11. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Well lately in general I think justice has cured its blindness by being dead.

    Anyway, it’s been a couple of beautiful summer days, go golfing, mow the lawn, barbecue, go to Mt. Creek!

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