Mets Jettison K-Rod

Let the 2012 Season begin! 

The Mets are finally looking ahead to the next year thanks to Sandy Alderson pulling the trigger on a deal to shed K-Rod and his (sure to kick in) option for 17M next season.

The deal sends K-Rod to MIL along with cash in exchange for 2 players to be named later.

I’ve never quite understood how the PTBNL concept works. I mean isn’t the entire philosophy behind a trade to decide who gets who for who? 

Regardless, it’s great news is K-Rod is OFF THE BOOKS. I dont even care who we get back. As far as I’m concerned that K-Rod 17M for next season now means we’ve got money to pay Reyes… Isn’t that right Fred and Jeff… Or should we check with Einhorn on this one?


Hey Bobby Parnell, wanna be a closer? 

I guess Izzy might get some chances but considering this move is about the future we need to hand Parnell the ball and see what he’s got.

BMF believes Parnell can handle the job and I look forward to seeing him get the chance. If Collins thinks it would serve Bobby well to lessen the pressure by splitting some saves with Izzy that makes sense but we have to spend the rest of the season grooming Bobby Pa’ for next year.


Hey Beltran, start packin’ cuz you’re next. 

Beltran, as opposed to K-Rod, I would expect to get some prospects back so let’s see how bad Boston or Frisco want him.

Carlos can be a difference maker to help secure a WS title without any further financial commitment and that is definitely worth a prospect or 2 

33 Responses to “Mets Jettison K-Rod”

  1. Howard Says:

    Good riddance to K-Rod and his 88 mph fastball. I hope that the Brewers are planning on using him as a closer because his ERA when not closing is sky high.

    Not that I want K-Rod but it is funny how a small market team like the Brewers can go after K-Rod salaries, was offering CC Sabathia a ton of money and will surely make Prince Fielder a good offer. And The NY Mets, an organization which leverages playing in the most expensive city in the country, an organization which brings in 20M a year from Citibank naming rights, an organization which generates huge dollars from SNY, has to quibble over money all of the time and wants to send our best player packing. If I remember correctly, if you want to be a good team, you need good players. And good players cost more money. The NY Mets organization wants to charge us the fans top shelf pricing for a team having a garage sale.

    It is funny too how the Phillies can afford 4 CY Young caliber pitchers, 2 MVP’s, and other big contracts and we are cutting out coupons.

    Leave it to the Mets, charging NY Yankee prices but trying to emulate the Marlins.

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Brilliant move. I think this is something even Howard, JoMama, and BlondiesJake can agree on!

    I guess Parnell will get some opportunities unless Sandy has someone else in mind who isn’t in the organization, yet…

    I have a strong suspicion that Pelfrey will not be in the rotation soon. If he wasn’t such a basket case, he might be someone who can maybe have some success facing guys one time thru the order with a few extra mph on his fastball. But of course, he is a basket case. Oh well!

    Love the move. Will not miss K-ROD at all…

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Let the Fire Sale Begin!….Are the ets really charging Skank prices?..I doubt it!

    This move makes alot of sense for the team. I would have to say this is the logical first move.

    Forget about Izzy. I would hope we could trade him also as he is not part of the Mets future. Give Parnell the ball and lets see what he has.

    For those who don’t live in N.Y. MLB Extra Innings is free for the next week.


  4. CowCrusher Says:

    I guess I won’t be purchasing my “Go Big Pelf” shirt anytime soon:-)

    Perhaps part of the deal for K-Rod was that he would get paid in Beer! B-)

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    Love the KRod move, but I’d actually like them to keep Beltran. The amount of money they are going to have to pay him is not going to be the difference in keeping Reyes now that KRod, OP, and Castillo are gone, and if Reyes does take another offer, I think it would actually make a lot of sense for the Mets to use some of that money to try and resign Beltran.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    Lord Charles, while I wouldn’t mind the Mets keeping Beltran, his stock is as high as it will ever be and the Mets won’t win with him this year so it makes sense to deal him if they can get quality prospects.

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    I definitely hear that, especially if they can get a guy who may be ready to play in the next year or two (maybe a SS or CL prospect?).

    And of course, it’s entirely possible that the Mets could trade him now, and then resign him in the off-season, which would be the best of both worlds.

  8. El Duderino Says:

    Here’s the thing — I think we can still compete without K-Rod. Yeah it’s a longshot, but the WC is still within reach. And we’ve all had fantasies about “when Ike and David come back, and eventually Santana…” But trading Beltran now ends that fantasy, period.

    Again, Beltran means more to this current team than just a big bat in the lineup. Obviously I don’t know any of this firsthand, but it seems like his leadership and maybe even more importantly — his support of TC’s managerial style — have been tremendously important to the growth and success of this very young and inexperienced team. There is chemistry here, and Beltran is a big part of it. Unless we are totally out of it (2-8 over the next 2 weeks) or we get some ridiculous offer (#1 pitching + #1 OF prospects) I don’t want to move him.

  9. KMac Says:

    I agree with El Dude. While Krod has performed well this year, I’m not upset with losing him. Bobby P has been pitching well and I think can take up the closer role. I would be upset about losing Carlos for both his performance and his leadership. What kind of deal do you think he’s going to get as a FA? Remember Boras is his agent.

    It’s kind of ironic now that Beltran might be gone, more Met fans are beginning to appreciate him for what he’s done over his 7 years as a Met.

    I do have faith in Mets management (below the ownership level) so I guess we have to let them do what they feel is right for the short and long terms. It’s not going to be easy though.

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what Bobby P. can do as the closer. It can’t be any more nerve-wracking than watching K-Rod, in any case.

    Re: Beltran, it totally depends on what we can get for him.

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    El Duderino and KMac, I appreciate what you are saying about Beltran. But this team is NOT IN THE WILD CARD RACE! They are 7 back in the loss column with four teams in front of them. They would have to go 44-27 the rest of the way to even have a shot and that’s not happening with this starting staff, they aren’t remotely close to good enough for a run like that.

    As much as I’ve enjoyed the first half and as much as I think Beltran has been a very good signing, much better than most give credit for, it’s time to get something for him. Holding on so this team can play .500 in the second half might make for more butts in seats in Aug and Sept but won’t help long term goals.

  12. USMF Says:

    I don’t think this move is a “throw in the towel” type move.

    It’s all about that option that was gonna hit next year. Plus seeing that K_Rod just signed up with Bore-Ass, there was no way that the Mets could re-negotiate an extension that would avoid spending 17mil on one closer.

    I will say that with K-Rod gone, the season isn’t necessarily over, maybe Izzy, PeteB and Bobby can step it up and finish out games…who knows, but we all saw what happened to the Mets when Wags went down, but this could easily end this season very quickly.

    I will also say, while K-Rod did give us heart burn with is high WHIP, he’s still one of the best and reliable closers in the game. A lot of guys can have a good season or two closing, but majority of the guys burn out quickly. It’s a rare player who can be a top closer for year after year and I don’t think people fully appreciate that ability.

  13. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I’d just like to say how refreshingly well moving K-Rod went: no leaks, no mistakes, no long dragging of the deal out until it was like bamboo under our fingernails. Boom, done. Next!

    This makes me feel much better about our chances of keeping Reyes.

  14. cleonjones Says:

    Good Move- it frees up money for Reyes and now lets see what Parnell will do as a closer. The Braves are hot and we are not going to catch them. Its about 2012 and beyond. I would like to keep Beltran but I believe he is next. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, good point. The move was quick and quiet, as it should be handled. If nothing else, that’s a refreshing change.

  16. Jason Bay Says:

    I like the move too, K-Roid, while good, was just too expensive and I can’t wait to see how Bobby does closing tight games. 44-27 is completely and utterly unrealistic and even with Beltran, Wright, Ike and Johan (in top form, no less), we don’t hit that mark, no way, no how. So Beltran goes…not biggie but I’m very curious who we get. What I don’t want is Izzy closing regularly - maybe once or twice a week but that’s about it, he’s already over used. But the greatest news of all is that moving Beltran and K-Roid means we get that much closer to keeping Reyes….wow, that felt good to write. Now if only we could move Bay…

  17. KMac Says:

    Do you guys think there’s anyway they re-sign Beltran? Either now or as a free agent at the end of the year? Obviously Jose is the #1 priority by far, but could they get sign them both? How long of a contract do you think Carlos wants? for how much $?

  18. BrooklynBill Says:

    I guess we’re anointing Parnell the new closer, not sure that is going to be the case. It could be a hard thrower who doesn’t walk people that isn’t in the org, yet. Or, why not Beato???

    I’m not gonna miss Beltran much if he is moved. Look at his career stats, he is .280/21/80. He was never the perennial 30/30 guy we thought we were getting when he signed. He was a rising star and he sorta flat lined. He has held up well this season but his knees are arthritic which is a condition that gets progressively worse. So, agree with BJ and others, sell now why his value is somewhat high.

    .500 vs. .425 for the remaining 70 games or so…not much difference. I’ll enjoy watching the youngsters play thru the dog days of summer… we need to rebuild with a 3-5 yr horizon. The Phillies are too damn stacked, nothing short term we can really do to compete with them.

    Kudos to Sandy and the job his FO staff have done so far.

  19. USMF Says:

    I’ve never liked the Beltran deal…I do like Beltran and thought he’s done good when healthy, but everyone expected a 30/30 guy who’d hit .300+. The fact was he was a 20+ HR guy who would bat about .280-.300 and could steal basses and play fantastic D.

    All that contract did is put unrealistic expectations and pressure on Beltran to be something more than what he was.

    Because everyone expected him to put up A-Rod numbers, Beltran never got credit for what he did do. His best years came while he was a Met, but it still didn’t live up to (unrealistic) expectations. Let’s be honest, Mets fans and the Media are very unforgiving when it comes to not performing up to what they expect.

    As for his future here, I don’t expect it to be a wise investment to sign him after this year. As for trading him, while moving K-Rod is a smart move that had to be made, it still doesn’t mean the team is giving up. Moving Beltran would mean that. How much is it worth in fan viewership/attendance to keep hope alive?

  20. foxster Says:

    i heard a rumor that one of those “players to be named later” is Harry Chitti.

  21. Please Use Facts Says:

    BrooklynBill, I responded to this last time you commented on Beltran and you obviously ignored it so I’ll do it again.

    Beltran joined the Mets and had a subpar first year, .266, 16 HR, 78 RBI, 17 SB. After that, he had three outstanding seasons:

    2006: .275, 41 HR, 116 RBI, 18 SB
    2007: .276, 33 HR, 112 RBI, 23 SB
    2008: .284, 27 HR, 112 RBI, 25 SB

    In 2009, he was .325, 10 HR, 48 RBI, 11 SB in the monster-sized new ballpark but played only 81 games. I’m pretty sure you can do the math and double those numbers.

    Last year was a bad, injury-filled year and now this year he’s having another big year.

    You are correct that he wasn’t a 30-30 guy. He also was placed in the middle of the lineup instead of the leadoff spot like in Houston and sometimes in KC so his SBs were likely to go down. As well, even Shea was a tough park to hit HRs so it was folly to think his numbers would be monster.

    Even counting his lousy first year, from 2005-2008 he averaged .275, 29 HR, 104 RBI and 18 SB. That’s MUCH BETTER than the .280, 21 HR, 80 RBI guy you claim he was. And for his career, he’s averaged .282, 28 HR, 106 RBI and 28 SB.

    Please, if you’re going to make a claim, attempt to support it with facts. If you doubt anything I’ve posted, feel free to go to and check my numbers.

  22. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    KROD and we give them $5M? I just hope these guys have some value that we got in return - unlike the Wagner deal where we got a career minor leaguer (Carter) ..

    I would like to think the bidding gets higher and higher for Beltran - lets pray he stays healthy ..

    Izzy, Paulino, Hairston next? why not ? sometimes I think I’m rooting for a team in Kansas City..

  23. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well you have to start somewhere to clean up this Mess (Mets)!

    Don’t count on the prospects being very good either!

    I follow the Brewers because there single A team is in Melbourne, and they do not have alot in their farm system.

  24. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Ranking-•30. Milwaukee Brewers | 2010 Rank: 9 | Players in Top 100: 1
    The Brewers’ system wasn’t all that impressive even heading into the offseason. After raiding their crop of talent in trades for Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, there is really not much elite talent left. They are trying to win now, and you can’t fault them for that, but that approach has certainly left them with some major holes to fill in their farm system.

    I rest my case!

  25. USMF Says:

    Basicly we are paying K-Rod to pitch for the Brews while not closing so we don’t have to pay that option so we might have a chance to give Reyes “Crawford money”.

    This was the best way for us to get away from that option…any player we get back is just so it’s not a complete middle finger to BoreAss.

    Best part is, if the Brews let him close, they get stuck with paying the option.

  26. ProfessorReyes Says:


    Yes, Carlos can be slotted in to almost any of those top-tier teams, and thank you Brian Wilson. I would love to see him make the playoffs and have a fantastic postseason, and I’d be pulling for him all the way.

    Maybe we can swap Pelfrey for Dontrelle +1?
    (Yes I still love him….)

  27. KMac Says:

    Jakes been in a feisty mood lately!

  28. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - you went from sounding like Jason Bay to Carlos Beltran’s agent. Will the real BlondiesJake please stand up? ;)

    Check ESPN or USATODAY for his career stats for all years, not select ones that are convenient to exclude for this reason or that. Even if you throw out 98 and this season, he’s .281/23/87

    I’m clearly not going back days into the past to read posts often enough, sorry if I neglected to see your post. I don’t visit this blog to win stubborn arguments or belittle the opinions of others, I visit because I enjoy conversing with fellow fans, even the one’s who tend to disagree with me from time to time. It’s really quite ok.

  29. Feisty Jake Says:

    BrooklynBill, it’s fine to come here and converse with fellow fans. It’s when fans make points that are factually incorrect or completely illogical or irrational that I speak out against them.

    I gave you the link to Beltran’s career numbers which are better than you claim. I also gave you his Mets numbers and specifically pointed out his first four years, even with a terrible first year, were well above what you claimed. He hasn’t been what you claim, he’s been better, but the last two years he’s been injured. When in the lineup, he’s been a much better ballplayer than you want to give him credit for being.

  30. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - And I look fwd to your posts. The stats I’m claiming or not my own personal stats, they are from two public sources, ESPN and USATODAY.

    Consider this about Beltran. In his 7 year mega deal with the Mets he has scored 100+ runs twice. He’s hit 30+ HRs twice. He’s batted over .300 once (basically, in half of 2009). He’s also averaged 72 games played over the last two years.

    Stats aside, Beltran has arthritis, is 34, took the infamous third strike looking that we shall not speak of, was involved in one of the worst OF collisions in baseball history, inexplicably failed to slide into home, had off-season surgery without consulting the Mets, and had a real lame excuse for dissing the injured vets at Walter Reed. So adios to Senor Beltran!!! This fan will not miss him…even if he is the second best Met OF of all time (Jason Bay being the best of course).

  31. The Jake Whose Posts BrooklynBill Looks Forward To Says:

    BB, your last paragraph sums up why many Mets fans don’t have fond feelings for Beltran and I completely understand.

  32. JoMama Says:

    BB: don’t you know, Jake is never wrong. What everyone else says is “incorrect, completely illogical or irrational” - he’s of course, never any of those things so arguing with him is a lose-lose situation. Only his opinion matters and he feels no remorse in denigrating other opinions (however accurate they may be) while touting his own. The dude is a class A joker who thinks he knows more about the Mets than anyone else.

    Here’s a summary:
    Beltran is a great player - disagree? - you don’t know what you’re talking about and only the #’s I pull are relevant. Bay is garbage - disagree? - look at his #’s in Boston, or the last 3 weeks - he’s amazing, his batting avg or power #’s don’t mean anything because Jake says so. I think the only thing I’ve agreed with this pig head on is KRoid.

    That said, he’s mildly amusing if nothing else.

  33. BrooklynBill Says:

    The 162-game season avg #s on are not career stats, by the way. They are computer projections of what they oughta be over a theoretical 162 game season, not actual averages.

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