HR Derby Way Past the Shark

I said the same thing last year but 12 months later it’s even worse. The HR Derby is lifeless. Despite Chris Berman’s squawking out a zillion fake excited HR calls I could care less. 

Remember when the HR Derby was an event? 

Maybe it was the novelty of the event or because everyone was juiced out of their mind. But nowadays the Derby is like the Slam Dunk contest - although the Dunk contest has gotten a little more interesting now that they’re jumping over cars and stuff.

I still think it could be cool to add a skills competition to All-Star festivities. 

For instance they could have catchers competing against each other in throwing to second base to cut down a runner measured in speed and accuracey. OF’ers could make throws into a bucket just like they do on that old Tom Emanski DVD. 

It would be a huge logistical headache with addtl players there skills competition only but it could be cool to see.


Fan Who Gave Back Jeter’s Ball is a Moron

I’m sorry but I can’t wrap my brain around how someone could make the decision to hand a ball back FOR FREE when the initial estimate was 250K.

Maybe he was drunk or didn’t realize what it was worth? It sure makes a nice story that a loyal Yankee fan gave Jeter’s ball back for free but he’s gonna regret it … probably as soon as rent is due 

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  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Honestly I’d rather see all the mascots up there swinging away, than the HR derby.

    I’m really wondering when Jeter is going to step up and make sure that Lopez doesn’t get taxed, or whatever.
    As far as I’m concerned the NY player with the most class is Beltran.

  2. Howard Says:

    Did anyone hear the rumor that Jason Bay wanted to be selected to be in the Home Run Derby but his demands were not met? These were his supposed demands:

    1. He requested to use an aluminum bat.
    2. He requested the traditional 3 strikes for an out.
    3. He requested that the leftfield fence be moved in 50 feet.
    4. He requested a pitcher not throwing over 40mph.
    5. He requested no curve calls a foot off the plate since that his is weakness.
    6. He requested that fly balls not caught by the ball boys not be counted as outs.
    7. He requested that the homeruns he hit be counted on his regular season stats.
    8. And the demand which basically ended any chance of being in the Derby, he absolutely demanded that any swings and misses not be counted as outs.

    I cannot substantiate this story. We need to ask Jason Bay. I don’t know where he is but I do know where he is not.. At the All-Star Game in AZ!!!

  3. Paul S Says:

    As much as enjoy reading your blog, I have to disagree with you about the person who caught Jeter’s HR a moron. As a true baseball fan, I believe the ball belongs to Jeter. That being said, Jeter could also step up and give the guy some cash for his trouble. Let’s face it, Jeter is not hurting for money. The guy who caught the ball acted out of his love of the game. Sure, it’s tough to walk away from $250K. I also applaud the NYY for stepping up and giving the guy all tix and stuff. Now I here he may have to pay taxes on it. Now that just sux.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, I agree. I still want to see Juan Pierre, Johnny Damon and a few other outfielders compete to see which one can reach home plate on the fly with a throw from centerfield! As to the fan, I understand where the thought comes from but unless I’m independently wealthy and have no financial concerns, I’m at least getting something for that ball.

    Howard, say hi to BrooklynBill and JoMama the Clown for me. Since it’s Tuesday, I know you guys have your Bay Bashing weekly get-together tonight.

  5. USMF Says:

    I wouldn’t say that fan was a moron either, obviously he’s a big fan of Jeter and the Spanks and surprisingly wanted to do the right thing. It would be nice Jeter/Spanks actually paid the guy something close to the value of the ball…but then again, four tickets behind home plate is pretty close to 250K.

    Unfortunately, Jeter doesn’t get it. For a guy who usually does the right thing, him skipping the game and not even going to AZ is wrong. The guy isn’t good enough to be starting, he was only there because of the fans and the fans and he just gave them a big middle finger. Jeter always had the rep as a great guy, but I see him as a Politician. He says all the things people want him to say so he’s viewed positively, but he’s really just a selfish jerk behind closed doors.

    HR derby does suck and has sucked for many years…I probably watched ten minuets of it. Chris Berman needs to go…completely, he should never do baseball and ESPN’s football show has gotten so bad that it’s become as irrelevant as Berman himself.

    A skills competition would be interesting, but even that wouldn’t catch any real attention.

    Sadly, the ASG is just a shell of what it used to be. I don’t know if IL play has ruined it, or if the over saturation of entertainment or if I’m just older and filled with cynicism. It hasn’t fallen to NBA or NFL levels, but who really gets excited for it.

    I care more about who makes the team than who wins the game. It’d be great if Jose was playing, maybe I’d watch the whole thing. But it doesn’t matter who wins or if home field is won or not, or if MLB actually fixes their stupid voting system…the game just isn’t that interesting.

  6. Pete Says:

    I don’t watch it anymore (for about 5 years . now). My 29 year old son attended the event last year in Anaheim and felt it was the most boring baseball event he had ever attended

  7. Pete Says:

    Oh, and even if I loved it, I don’t watch anything that chris berman speaks on. Glad to know I have another reason not to watch. He is truly the only sports announcer that I can’t stand.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, agree on a lot of points including how boring ASG has become and that Jeter should give this guy a chunk of change. But I have no problem with him skipping the ASG. Everybody just saw him for about a week straight thanks to his chase of 3K. He’s been out for a while and is concerned about winning in the 2nd half. For him to be in Phoenix just so he can wave to fans when his name is called doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And keep in mind the majority of his votes come from yankees fans around the country and they can afford to be let down now and then.

    Pete, if you want, I can provide an exhaustive list of sports announcers to dislike. Just let me know and I’ll start typing, though it may take a few days because there are so many. I will say I worked with Berman when I was at ESPN and he’s a good guy, but I don’t like listening to him on-air either.

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I think I’m the only person on earth who actually thinks the guy who caught the ball did THE RIGHT THING. How is it different than finding a wallet on the street and giving it back intact and not taking a reward?? I’ve done that plenty of times and I would never, ever take $$ just for doing the right thing. Doing the right thing should be its own reward! Not for money. i would have done the exact same thing. Classy!

    Everyone is so concerned with looking out for #1, finding the angle, making money—-that seems totally sleazy to me, frankly.

    That said, if he has to pay taxes on the tix etc Jeter should pay that, the guy shouldn’t actually have to lose money for doing the right thing.

    Re: the homerun derby, who cares? And even if I DID care I can’t bear the stupid “backbackback” call on EVERY single homer. I think they should let the hometown announcer for each guy call his home runs—that would be interesting, to hear the flavor of the local broadcasters and also to hear them INVESTED in that particular batter. It’s so incredibly boring to hear the same call for every homer. Duh, MLB—a little creativity perhaps??

    As for the ASG, with cable, internet, fantasy leagues, interleague play, etc, it’s just not that exciting to see the other league—-we see them all the time. If it were up to me, there would be no interleague play at all during the regular season. THAT would make the ASG exciting.

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, I won’t say you are wrong for thinking the guy did the right thing. The point is, what’s wrong with getting something in return when good luck (or a baseball) comes your way? It’s not like finding a lost wallet, which isn’t yours. A home run ball is the property of whomever catches it and I think that’s the way it should be.

    I’m not saying he should hold the ball hostage, but he was probably holding onto something more valuable financially to himself than it will ever be to Jeter and might even have changed his life economically. If he had asked for what was considered market value, I would’ve had no problem with that.

  11. KMac Says:

    FGMF, so Joe Fan making less than what Jeter makes for 1 game should give up a chance to make some money so a guy that makes millions of dollars every year can have a souvenir? Players don’tcare about fans keeping foul balls or balls that hit the dirt once, but something that is valuable they want back. If the player wanted to buy it back I would give them the first chance, but otherwise the highest bidder wins.

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Well, as I already said—I think what he did was very classy. Sure, you COULD sell it to him. You could also put it up at auction at Sotheby’s or pitch it into the Gowanus canal. You could hold out for $10 million dollars. You could take a crap on it and then sell it to him—it’s a free country. Just cause you CAN do something doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right thing to do—each person has to follow his/her own ethics, beliefs, etc.

    Basically, he gave Jeter a GIFT, and everybody is saying he should have SOLD him the ball. Well, the point of a gift is that you give it away to make the recipient happy, not for your ego, a thank you note, or money. If he feels like rewarding Jeter with a gift, what is the problem? It’s not hurting anyone.

    I just don’t see how being gracious, classy and selfless makes him a MORON. He made a choice, he seems to be fine with it. Why does that make him stupid? How is it anyone else’s business?

    Anyway, if he HAD asked for $250K or whatever, probably everyone would have killed him for that. You just can’t win.

  13. JoMama Says:

    Did anyone else hear Kruk say that the HR derby was the most exciting thing in baseball or something that extent? Unreal.

    Howard - you really hit the nail on the head there with the Bay assessment. Jake gets his panties in a knot anytime anyone talks bad about his boy so let’s leave it at that. The leader of the JV squad will probably be batting 5 again on Thursday, I can wait until then to talk about him going 0-4 stranding yet another 2-3 RISP.

  14. CowCrusher Says:

    Hey, the Gowanus is getting cleaner..why pollute it?;-)
    Seriously, doesn’t anyone feel a bit skepitical that “Cap’n Wormburner” happens to hit a homer as #3K?
    This smells worse than the sludge barges over at Randall’s Island!

  15. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Who cares about the 99th player belong named to the allstar team


  16. Ed Koolman Says:

    Here’s your 3000th hit baseball Mr. Jeter, oh by the way, can I smell your hand?

  17. USMF Says:

    I don’t think that guy is a moron, I don’t think must here do…but doing the “right thing” is always a matter of perspective.

    Let’s say I caught the 3000 hit from Jose Reyes…he’s my favorite player and I’m not necessary a greedy person…but at the same time, that 250K would buy me a house, a new car help with my daughters education and pay off my debt. Which is the “right thing” to do? Trade the ball for a few tickets or sell it? I know which answer my wife would say.

    And yes, if Reyes is injured and can still show up to the game knowing that Met fans pushed hard in the past weeks to get him in, then a “tired” Jeter can show up and show appreciation too, because his numbers (this year) do not justify him being there. he’s in the lower 50% in most major stats for starting SS in the AL.

  18. CowCrusher Says:

    Perhaps getting 250K out of Reyes would be out of line but I am sure he could offer to put you up at his “guest house” in the Dominican for a few days/months ;-)
    During the winter of course.

  19. Met_Maven Says:

    FGMF I agree with you 100% The guy did the right thing. He got rewarded by the Yankees & Jeter. Granted the rewards aren’t as much as if he sold the ball, but he was right to return the ball to Jeter. What really sux is the good old IRS is looking to tax the poor guy on the gifts the Yankees give him which could be about $14,000. I’m sure the Yankees will step in and pay the taxes for him. If anything its because they don’t want any bad publicity.

    In a hypothetical, if it was the 80’s and this was a Met, say Mookie, and one of us caught his 3,000th hit, is there anyone here who wouldn’t give it to him?

    Bottom line, its the dudes call. He knew he could sell it. Its like an opinion, you may not like it, but opinions are neither right or wrong. He did what he wanted to do.

    Anyways, back to the ASG. I could care less if a player voted in declines to go. However, if they don’t want to play, they should ask their names be taken off the ballot. The game is a joke anyways. Having the winning league determine home field for the WS is total crap. The team with the best record should have home field advantage.

    The derby I could care less about. Really, after maybe 14 or 15 I stopped paying close attention to it. I had it on last night, sound off of course, as I was doing some cleaning around the house. Berman just has to go. I think he is worse than Sterling & Waldman. He would make a deaf person put their TV on mute. The derby & ASG need to start at least at 7 because really, its for the kids. Its fun to watch and these things go on way too long. 3+ hours of batting practice is too much for anyone to sit through. Start the derby early, cut at least 2 people from each league out of it.

  20. Panties in a Knot Says:

    JoMama the Clown, again you are trying to give yourself credit you don’t deserve. I merely respond to your insanity by providing facts and rational perspective.

    Please make sure to snap your suspenders and honk your nose a lot today.

  21. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Finally, something about Dave Hudgens:

  22. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Ok, this is funny:

  23. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ - Howard & JoMama met today and afterward we concluded that you must be Jason Bay. Hit the cage, will ya?

    As for the fan who caught the ball, what he did was not classy, it was naive. The owners have no qualms over using taxpayer money to help build their stadiums, which they will gladly name after the highest bidder (No more Shea stadiums that memorialize instrumental figures in NY National league baseball, only CitiFields. At least he got a bridge in right center - not very classy). They have no issue taking away the picnic area and banning certain items from being brought into the stadium so you’re compelled to pay concession prices (of course it’s really for your own security). They also have no issue squeezing out the concession companies and creating their own so they can reap all the profits and eliminate competitive bids (which would benefit the fan). The cable and satellite TV co’s have no issues depriving you of watching your team unless their demands are met. So, it’s all about the Benjamins all across baseball. Why should a fan be expected to be any different?

    If it were me, the ball would’ve been on eBay before the game was even over…start the bidding at $1MM!!

  24. I'm Jason Bay Says:

    BrooklynBill, I’m working on the swing every day. I’ve always been a streaky hitter, so this latest spell doesn’t concern me like the first two months when even I was worried I had lost it.

    Please tell Howard to try decaf, it’s just as tasty. And ask JoMama the Clown if he can come walk my toy poodle sometime soon.

  25. Met_Maven Says:

    BREAKING: Brewers acquire closer Francisco Rodriguez and cash considerations from Mets for two players to be named.

  26. BlondiesJake Says:

    Good job Sandy Alderson. At worst, it’s a money saver for next year. At best, it could also include some quality players in return.

  27. Pete Says:


    Just for the fun of it, who are your top 5 or 10 of guys you hate?


  28. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    This one was a no-brainer. I’m looking forward to watching Parnell get first crack at closing. Now let’s put that 17 mil savings into the “Sign Reyes” account, please.

  29. BlondiesJake Says:

    Pete, we’ll do a category at a time.

    Top 5 Most Annoying Play-By-Play

    John Sterling
    Joe Buck
    Kevin Harlan
    Brent Musberger
    Chris Berman

  30. Pete Says:

    Oh yea, Musberger. I forgot about him. I don’t mind Buck. Sterling is fine until someone on the yankees hits a an HR. Who is Kevin Harlan?


  31. Jason Bay Says:

    Jake the Joker/My Little Errand Boy - come talk to me after you’re done washing my jock. I clearly need all the help I can get, so maybe a sprinkling of Gold Bond’s too. Much thanks.

    Jason Bay

    PS: I said two sugars in my coffee!

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