All-Star Check Point


So who are the Mets at the half way mark of 2011?

We’re a .500 team. What does that mean?

It probably means we’re going nowhere considering that’s what .500 teams do.

I don’t mean to be a pessimist but I’m not afraid of the truth.

What are we pinning our hopes on to improve in the second half?  The pitching? No way - the staff has been phenomenal and there’s almost no way for them to deliver a better half.

Is a post surgery Santana gonna show up in a cape and rescue us? Highly doubtful especially considering we don’t even have a hole in the rotation that needs plugging.  

Is David Wright gonna save us? Hate to say it but he hasn’t been Mr America for a couple of years now plus he’s now coming off a fractured back.

Ike Davis? I believe Ike could definitely make a difference but he’s another guy who hasn’t picked up a bat in well over a month.

Maybe Jason Bay will finally turn it on amd carry us like he was signed to do. If you’re still waiting for that scenario to play out… 

All I’m saying is we need to think about and prepare for the future. And the sooner we commit to that direction the faster the organization will turn around.

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  1. Original62Fan Says:

    BMF - why so glum?
    There is still half a season to watch. The Mets, by being over .500, have made watching them a lttle fun again. In baseball you alway have to have hope. Anyone can win, even when there are better teams out there (look at SF last year). You are probably too young, but the ‘73 Mets did something truly spectacular. Sure, they were a differnt team with different talent, but who knows? Ya’ gotta believe!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I guess you are referring ti the tyrade deadline and what are going to do?

    We all know we are not going to be buyers, so if we are not buyers we are sellers.

    What I am stating to to realize is that even though we are going to unload salaries, it seems like we are going to be eating alot of it anyway.

    The trading season is off to a very slow start. I don’t know if there is any meaning to it.

  3. KMac Says:

    To be 1 game over 500 with the players that have been out is extraordinary. When they come back they don’t all need to be supermen, They only need to play decent. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. What other team is going to add an all star caliber 3rd baseman, a rising slugger at 1B and get the leading hitter in MLB back in the lineup and end up having a strong bench.

    We could have won last night if Duda doesn’t botch the grounder - I gotta believe Ike makes that play.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    This year’s team has been a scrappy bunch and has fought hard to be decent. I’ve enjoyed watching them play when I’ve had the chance live and on national tv broadcasts. But like BMF says, it’s highly unlikely the team will be much better in the 2nd half, even if Santana, Wright and Ike all return and all play well. And it’s not like the Mets are just a game out of the wildcard, they are 7.5 back with four teams in front of them.

    It’s time to be realistic and look toward the future at least with K-Rod. This team needs to move him and his albatross contract for next year. If it can make deals for prospects, I would move Beltran, Capuano and Isringhausen as well. And if they can find a team willing to take on salary, which I think is highly unlikely, I would ship out my pal Bay as well.

    This team will likely play .500 with or without any of those guys, salary can be shed, the farm system will get a bump and the youngsters can continue to play. It’s been a nice half, but being sentimental doesn’t help a franchise move forward.

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    As a fan, I’m definitely pleased with the way we’ve been playing. But I don’t think we can get too high over where we are. It’s a strange season so far that can be pretty much summed up like this:

    Phillies, Red Sox, and Yanks are very very good.

    Cubs, Astros, Royals are very very bad.

    All other teams are middle of the pack and potentially ‘in the hunt’, our Mets included.

    To put things into more perspective, we are 1 win better than the Nats, and only 3 wins separate us from the last place Josh Johnson-less Marlins, who is probably good for an additional 5 wins himself.

    In light of that, this fan is of the opinion that playing .425 ball the rest of the way while making some moves for the future is not necessarily a bad thing. We can be sellers and still be pretty competitive…

  6. Howard Says:

    It does not look good but it is true that we are playing with 1/2 our position players out of the lineup..Reyes, Wright, Davis, and (invisible)Bay

    And for those of you waiting for Bay, I am off that bench. You can watch his at bats and see that he is now completely overmatched in the Major Leagues. I am very confident that he would not even make the All-Star team if he was in AA and I am not exaggerating!

    If anything has been shown by Reyes being on the DL, he is a runaway MVP. He completely carried the lineup and without him, they have no offense.

    For me at least, the team is starting to get tough to watch again because I see the walls caving in.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    How depressing. I know we have to think about the future but I think if we get rid of Beltran and too many other pieces and wind up in the toilet, morale will be back at an all-time low. I guess it depends on what Sandy prioritizes: keeping fans excited, finally—or getting rid of payroll.

    I guess I’m not convinced we would get that much for Beltran, K-Rod, Bay, Cappy, Izzy, etc. But I guess they have to dangle them out there and see.

  8. JoMama Says:

    I have to say, if Reyes is in there with Ike at 1st we have a shot at taking 2 of 3 from the Giants. As it is, I wasn’t completely displeased with our road trip, this IS a .500 team, at best and we stood our ground against some of the best arms out there.

    I digress - HOWARD IS RIGHT ON (wait for Jake’s fury) - Bay is useless and should be playing AA ball right now. He has two weeks of decent play, followed by the $16M worth of garbage we’re used to. Can you believe what he gets paid to be utterly lost playing this game? He just plain sucks.

  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    We’re sellers. Agree with BrooklynBill.

    The difference this year will be the guys at the top. I’m watching for a new, smarter way to approach the buyers v. sellers thing.

    We’ll definitely be sellers but I believe Sandy will be smarter about it than we’ve been in the past. He and especially TC talk and manage like they are thinking 12 months ahead. That alone is encouraging.

  10. USMF Says:

    “the staff has been phenomenal”, um, the pitching staff has been inconsistent at best.

    R.A.D. leads the staff with a 3.61ERA. As a staff is concerned, that’s not phenomenal, that’s pedestrian. Yes, Gee and Neise have been pretty good, with a speed bump or two. R.A.D. started bad and has gotten better, Cappy can look real good at times, but I don’t trust either of them to make it through a line up more than twice.

    If Santana came back tomorrow, you gotta take Pelfrey (aka; Caption Buzzkill, aka; Big disappointment, aka; Big letdown) out. We really should trade him ASAP. BoreAss will try to convince us that Mike is the next Nolan Ryan, and is just ready to mature into the best pitcher in the game and deserves a 3year 36mil contract.

    To leave the Braves of the “very very good” then your not giving them the credit they deserve. They are even keeping pace pretty good with Philly. If the Mets don’t win/compete for the WC, it’s more about how good the Braves have been then how mediocre the Mets and the rest of the NL are.

  11. El Duderino Says:

    Good point about the Braves, USMF. They have the 3rd best record in all of baseball and would be leading any other division except the AL East.

    Here’s what I think: any trade would have to be carefully evaluated not just on numbers and salary, but on the intangibles. What happens if we ship Beltran for a “decent prospect” which is what is expected? How would the rest of the team respond to losing the guy who has really stepped up both on and off the field as a leader? How about the fans? And I can’t even contemplate what would happen to team and fan morale if we traded Reyes…

    Truth be told though, I HAVE FAITH that the new regime will handle this properly. They have shown (albeit in a small sample) that they know how to evaluate and make a decision. And you know what? That in and of itself is a remarkable step up from the last few years where both hirings and firings were so horribly mishandled.

    I honestly don’t think anyone will make a good enough offer for Beltran, let alone Reyes. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past few weeks of baseball, more than any since the first half of ‘07. And I hope the organization continues its improved performance, on the field, in the clubhouse, and the front office as well.

    Now about Wayne Hagin…

  12. Jake's Fury Says:

    JoMama the Clown, you give yourself way too much credit. I can’t argue that Bay has gone 1-19 against Kuroda, Kershaw, Vogelsong, Lincecum and Cain. I also won’t say it means he sucks, just as I didn’t say when he was hot it meant he was great. I’ve long said it makes no sense to bench him and he’s likely to hit better than he was to start the season and hopefully closer to the big numbers he has put up previously.

    Enjoy hopping out of the little car with all your other circus buddies!

  13. USMF Says:

    El Dude, I just don’t expect any decent return for Beltran or K-Rod.

    K-Rod, because of that option, Beltran because of the Money and the “no arbitration” clause. Even Reyes won’t get what we’d want because he’s on his way to big money free agency.

    The rumors already saw Beltran will only bring back a C+/B- players anyways, and that’s with the Mets eating half the Money left owed for this year. We got enough C+ players in the farm, why get another one just to save 4mil this year while attendance/viewership will fall completely off a Cliff

    The Mets are too close to contending to give up now, the best thing Sandy can do now is to try to keep the fans interested. With money tight and attendance and TV ratings dropping, disinterest is as bad for the teams future for the team as the Wilpons legal/financial problems are.

    While I don’t see the Mets as “buyers”, I don’t expect them to sell either. Maybe after the trade deadline, if they fall completely apart, they’ll get Beltran or K-Rod through wavers and maybe they might make a minor deal sending swapping a bench player, but unless the Mets pull a Marlin, I really don’t expect to the Mets to be buying or selling.

  14. Met_Maven Says:

    This year has almost every Met fan riding high. They came out of the gate as dead as could be. 5 - 13 and everyone thought that was the high point of the season. Then they find a way to put it all together and go 41 - 32. They won with injuries, dealing with Wilpons comments, the selling of a portion of the team, and numerous other inconveniences. The boys on the farm came up, manned up and played smart gritty ball. The team gelled in a way none of us could have imagined. Now the trading deadline nears and as we sit 1 game over .500 and (un)realistically in the WC hunt, the Mets are faced with the dilemma of choosing to be buyers or sellers. As much fun as this season has been, I hate to be a Debbie Downer and say it, but I don’t think the Mets will reach the post season. Don’t get me wrong, with Ike, Wright, Reyes & Johan coming back (hopefully) I’d love to think that we could catch fire and win the WC. I just don’t see that happening. Beltran is finally getting the respect he deserves from the Flushing Faithful, but I think should a good offer come the Mets should take it. LosB will go down in Met history as one of (if not the most) under appreciated Mets of all time. As for K-Rod, he’s done great this year. With his anger management issues (hopefully) behind him, he has changed for the better and has won back a number of fans he lost last year and has proved to be one of the best closers in baseball. Since they are preforming better than anyone predicted to this year, and we’re going nowhere, I think its in the Mets best interest to make some trades. I’d rather sacrifice the rest of this season if it means improving the team for the long term leading to consistent playoff appearances for the next several years.

  15. BrooklynBill Says:

    I’m surprised to hear Capuano’s name coming up in trade scenarios. What would we want to trade him for? He’s done pretty well and doesn’t cost much!

    Trading K-ROD is all about getting out of the 17.5MM option, not what we can get back. Anyone who’s read Moneyball knows the SABR-Mets are not going to pay that much for a closer so, if there truly is interest in him, he’s pretty much a goner!

    p.s. oh yes, Bay is still a bust. Praying for an OF injury on a contending team who might take a waiver on him. If Sandy’s smart, he’d play up the ‘not cut out for NY’ angle as opposed ‘the guy is an overpaid .240s hitter with no power anymore’ angle.

  16. BrooklynBill Says:

    Met_Maven - I agree. I don’t think we’ll have a fire sale but, I suspect Sandy will make some moves…clever ones, hopefully. It may mean the difference between playing .500 vs. playing .425 for the remaining 70 games or so. But in the end, there’s really not that much difference in the product on the field and the ultimate result is about the same.

    The Mets need to be thinking 3-5 years out from now. Damn Phils are stacked….

  17. JoMama Says:

    Jake the Joker - the more you defend Bay the more idiotic you sound. This team would be infinitely better if Bay was not on the team (and probably 5 games over .500). How clueless are you really? Two weeks ago you were all up in the dude’s jock, last week he’s just OK and now again this week he’s no good. Which is it? Is the Jason Bay doll you sleep with each night not treating you right? “Likely to hit better?” than who, Pelfrey? Dickey? How can he not? He’s making $12M+ this year and putzing around the Mednoza since he’s put on a Met uniform. I may be a clown but you’re a complete and utter joker. This guy sucks, just face facts, he’d have to come out RED HOT for 99% of the fanbase to disagree with me - “red hot” meaning, batting cleanup, consistently hitting .300 with RISP and hitting at least 20 HR’s. Until then, I’m fine being the clown so long as you realize you’re driving the bus.

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