No Help For Capuano

If Chris Capuano had gotten just a little help he would’ve won that game. 

The first inning was near disaster when the Giants bounced back to plate 2 runs after the Mets scored 1 off The Freak in the top of the first.

Had the Mets tightened up their defense a little the Giants wouldn’t have scored at all. 

Had the Mets managed to score more than a single run they may have won.

Oh well, I guess you can’t expect to beat Lincecum so maybe we’ll beat Matt Cain today.

The good news is Capuano stopped the bleeding in what had all the earmarks of a first inning meltdown. Instead he limited SF to a mere 2 runs. In the end that was enough to beat us but Capuano really impressed by stifling batters the rest of the way - 2R, 4H, 4BB, 5K in 6IP

Meanwhile Beltran is looking fantastic in SG amidst rumors the Giants are interested in him…

7 Responses to “No Help For Capuano”

  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Well I’m calm enough to post now.

    I think we had our best chance against Lincecum with Capuano on the mound. Any time the defense extends a pitcher’s inning is bad, but we kept missing by a hair here, a hair there….by not being crisp.
    Knowing we had these guys if we had just played a teensy bit more Big League, gah. grrr.
    Lincecum wasn’t at his best, either, we could have had this game tied into the bullpen. ak.
    There should be a woulda-shoulda stat for pitchers right next to the W-L:
    W-L: 8-8; W-S: 12-4

  2. IrishMike Says:

    Last night’s game proved two things:
    1. every inning counts and you can lose a game in the first inning as easily as you can lose it in the ninth, and
    2. official scoring has become such a joke they may as well just get rid of it

    I don’t care what the official scoring says (see #2 above) the Mets made two errors in the first inning. On the first one - yeah yeah yeah you “can’t assume a double play” except - why the hell not? If the shortstop and first baseman just have to execute a simple throw and catch to get an out why is it acceptable to screw it up? And on the second one how can a routine ground ball be muffed into not getting an out yet winds up being considered a hit? We’re saying Tejada didn’t make a mistake, i.e. an “error”, on that play? Please.

    On a separate note Pac Bell or the Bonds House of Roids ot AT&T or wherever I was last night is a beautiful ballpark. One could argue that Citi itself is in the same league just ballpark wise but when you throw in the backdrops the San Fran Bay, McCovey’s Cove etc. get a slight edge (by slight I mean enormous) over the 7 train platform and the auto body shops. Giant fans come early, stay late and are very passionate and knowledgeable about their team and about baseball. A few (perhaps) interesting notes:
    - the Giants utilize dynamic, or market, pricing - ticket prices move up and down depending on demand.
    - Mark Twain was not kidding when he said the coldest winter of his life was a summer he spent in San Francisco
    - Giant fans all assume they are getting Carlos Beltran. And they want himsperately. Seeing the Giants batting averages all on the scoreboard is a frightening sight.

  3. IrishMike Says:

    That was supposed to read “they want him desperately.”

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Last night was the first time I REALLY felt the absence of David, Jose and Ike. Sorry, but this infield is still composed of the B team, and at time it shows. Love Tejada but he doesn’t have Reyes’s cannon of an arm, Duda is not a first baseman, Murph also cannot throw, etc etc. All things considered it’s amazing it has taken this long for the defense to falter so clearly. If it were against another pitcher we might have made it up in runs.

    Still like Cappy though—he’s just a grownup. Nice.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM, I’ve long wondered why you can’t assume a double play. Then again, I also think in basketball if you pass to a guy who gets fouled and he makes both free throws that should count as an assist.

    FGMF, Tejada isn’t Reyes but I watched him throw a few times in LA and he does appear to have a cannon.

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Well, that’s good—I think he can throw very accurately but I haven’t noticed that his throws are as strong. He’s young too so maybe he can get better? I will pay closer attention.

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