Jake at the Yard, Bay Leaves the Yard (Twice)


Call it coincidence, but I call it fitting that Jason Bay had his biggest night of the 2011 season on the first night I’ve seen the Mets in person this season, blasting a pair of homers, including an opposite-field job, and driving in four to continue his offensive surge.  He’s now hit safely in eight straight and driven in runs in four straight. Over his last 21 contests, he has hit safely in 17 of them and is 27-82 (.329) with four HRs, 18 RBIs and 13 runs scored.   
He wasn’t the only one displaying the power.  After his two-run jack in the 5th, Carlos Beltran now has 13 HRs and 57 RBIs. I’ve really changed my tune when it comes to him, thinking the Mets should keep him unless they completely fall off the map, and maybe even think about bringing him back next year if they can do it at a cheap price. My guess is the market for him won’t be huge at the deadline nor in the offseason and he’s still a good outfielder and a solid hitter.
Mike Pelfrey kept working himself into trouble, but unlike most of his road games, he was able to work out of it, thanks mostly to the Dodgers lackluster lineup and some boneheaded baserunning. Against a real team, he probably would’ve been crushed, but you can only beat the team you are playing against.  Still, there were too many mini-meltdowns to get too excited about him.
Quick Quiz: How many win streaks of three games or more have the Mets had this year?
Answer: Eight, after following up Sunday’s Mini-Miracle vs Mariano with consecutive wins against the Dodgers.
I confess I was shocked by that stat.  I know this team is streaky, but I really didn’t think they had won at least three games in a row that many times.  Maybe it’s because like in poker, where you generally remember the bad beats you take and not the ones you deliver, I tend to recall lots of bad losses instead of the wins.  Irregardless, the Mets are once again going streaking and they are doing it WITHOUT Jose Reyes.
Speaking of The Man the Mets Must Sign, during pre-game Reyes fielded ground balls no problem, then took his cuts in the cage, lashing line drives and banging balls into the bleachers from the both sides of the plate.  I would still prefer them to play it safe with him, but he sure did look good. 

17 Responses to “Jake at the Yard, Bay Leaves the Yard (Twice)”

  1. GroteFan Says:

    The interesting almost amazing thing ( I know you cannot use that branded term for any met team other then ‘69) about the 2011 Mets is their penchant for bouncing back, when they appear to be staring at the abyss over and over again. It happened on April 20th, when they fell to 5-13, but bounced back to respectability. Then again in late April when after winning six straight, lost five out of six including 2 of 3 to the Filthies, and then after getting to 22 and 22 after a win over the Yanks in a series opener on May 20th, they drop three in a row and six out of seven, but then follow up with an ok homestand and great road trip to Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Atlanta which included the series ending loss to the Braves which started another losing stretch of 4-5, but again the bounce back by winning 4 of 6 at Texas and Detroit. I’m not sure bad teams have the ability to do that. I’m not making these guys out to be a 90 win team, but did I forget to say they’re going it without Davis and Wright and for the last three in a row without Reyes!
    You know we love to kill Jason Bay and I am not here to defend his performance because it has been less then stellar since he came to Queens, but why root against him? We need him to be successful as the last three games have illustrated. How bout this for a comparison.
    What big time free agent joined the mets in ‘2005 and promptly hit .266 with 16 home runs, and 78 rbi in 151 games, and followed that with .275, 41 and 116 in ‘06?
    Carlos Beltran. Maybe there is a little evidence there that like Beltran, Bay needed a year + to get untracked.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    Welcome back, GroteFan. I must agree a bad team doesn’t bounce back multiple times like this one does. I just don’t see how they can get to 90 wins, which it seems likely they’ll need to win the Wild Card. Irregardless, it’s been a much more fun season than I could’ve hoped for and this group has become one of my favorites.

    As for Bay, I think the other factor that can’t be ignored is during his “adjustment” year, he was concussed to the point of missing 40% of the season. He was injured again to start this year which set him back further and he just now has started to become the player the Mets thought they signed.

    And as much as I’m rooting for him, I’m certainly not expecting him to hit as well as he has the last three weeks worth of games. But I do expect he’ll be closer to this than to what he was to start the season. And if that’s the case, and Wright comes back and Ike comes back and Johan comes back…ok, I better stop dreaming and actually go to bed!

  3. Howard Says:

    Lets hope the Bay we signed has finally shown up. Another great win. We just got to keep on winning and keep pace with the Braves. The Braves will start to lose eventually, probably when they go into Philly in their next series for 3 games before the All Star break.

    I agree with Blondies Jake about bringing back Beltran too next year. If we can sign him to a reasonable contract, the guy is still a good outfielder, a very good hitter, and a good guy.

    Gotta hang in there with Atlanta until we have our lineup back in a few days of Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Beltran, Murphy, Bay, Paulino, Tejada or Turner.

    Let’s Go 3 over .500 tonight and hopefully coupled with the Braves losing!

  4. KMac Says:

    Might as well keep Jose out while they are winning. The Mets should be able to take at least 1 of the last 2 against LA. Save Jose for SF and if there’s any doubt, after the AS break.

    Jake, I hope you are going to the next 2 games as well. Your boy Jason would appreciate it!


  5. GroteFan Says:

    Blondies-I told you I’d go on BMF since you were filling in for…err…BMF.
    Like I said to you the other day…one thing this team proves is that you have to play, because we are all idiots for thinking we can look at a team in March and predict the results. Enjoy tonight’s game….

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Once again, great reporting BJake!

    I am so happy for Bay, the guy really deserves some success. I haven’t wanted to enter the “Bay Fray” that’s been going on here on BMF, but my two cents is that he hasn’t bothered me nearly as much as OP, Castillo, or plenty of other recent disappointments on this team. He’s obviously a stand-up guy who works incredibly hard, he hasn’t let it affect his defense, and everyone says he’s a wonderful teammate. No sulking like Luis “Mope Man” Castillo, etc. I was watching when he got that concussion and forget home runs—it’s amazing he can walk and chew gum at the same time after that.

    Also agree about Beltran. He really seems to have come in to his own somehow. Some people say it’s because Delgado is gone, but I personally think it’s TC. I think he really likes and respects and believes in this manager.

    Did you hear Sandy A.’s response to the question about whether he’s having a dilemma about trading guys or not depending on how well we’re doing? “I don’t see the dilemma in winning. ” LOVE this guy.

  7. USMF Says:

    I was kinda thinking the same thing about LosB…he’s been here for so long and despite his poor first season and recent injuries, he’s had a very nice career as a Met. It will be strange seeing him play somewhere else next year.

    I think he’s always been a “leader” in his own way, but because other than Reyes and Bay, LosB is the Vet on the roster and his leadership has become more front and center and noticeable. He’s always been the “off to the side, one on one type of leader” instead of the “raw-raw” guy. I think because LosB is the Vet and TC is the raw-raw guy and because this roster is full of puppies, Beltran’s leadership skills are better noticed and appreciated.

    I give Beltran a ton of credit, he’s been here for good years and very bad years. He’s never fully won over all the fans and has been the target of a lot of negativity. He’s also had his injuries mistreated by this team. He’s obviously is playing for his future. Instead of getting a bad attitude and becoming selfish, he’s playing everyday and playing to win and seems to really want to help the younger players.

    I think while Beltran isn’t “old” he’s not very young either. You add in his knee issues and the Mets supposed drop to poverty levels in payroll, I don’t see him sticking around. Beltran is gonna want a multi-year deal and I don’t see the Mets pulling that trigger. Especially seeing that they have severial options in the OF next year, including Duda, F-Mart or Kirk.

    Sandy will also have to find room for Turner, Reese Havens, Wilmer Flores, Matt Den Dekker and Aderlin Rodriguez. Obviously, these guys have time to mature and non of them are close to Beltrans level yet, but some of them it’s getting time for them to step up or move on.

  8. Bay is BlondiesJake's Hero Says:

    I also forgot Boras is Beltran’s agent, which makes re-signing him for a reasonable price impossible. Guess I’ll enjoy him while he’s here.

  9. El Duderino Says:

    I love watching this team, but we face a HUGE test over the next 8 games during which we face 7 All-Star pitchers: Kershaw, Vogelsong, Lincecum, Cain, and then “those animals from Philly” according to TC.

    So please, do your part and get some fresh rum and cigars for Jobu.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    Excellent post BJake. Glad you were there in person to see Bay explode like that. Hopefully we’ll see more of this Bay the rest of the year. Actually, i don’t care about his “power” I’d be perfectly happy if he gets timely hits and drives in runs. Anything else is just gravy.

    Anyone else feel LosB is one of the most under-appreciated Mets of all time? I’d love to see him stay till the end of the season. He makes playing the outfield at City look easy and his numbers have always been good. It seems a lot of people hate on him because of ‘06. Everyone seems to forget that there were bases loaded in the 8th when Valentin got out ending the rally. If anything, Beltran deserves to get a nice multiyear contract after this season. Hopefully with a contender. I just wish he and Reyes had 1 more year left on their contracts.

    With any luck the Mets will win this series and the one against the Giants. Jose can rest till we face the Philthies and get revenge!


  11. JoMama Says:

    Nice summary. If Bay can keep up this pace, a lineup of Reyes, Angel, Wright, Beltran and Bay would be pretty formidable. Let’s see how Bay does the next 2 weeks before anointing him the savior. 90 wins is a pipe dream but a WC isn’t out of reach. I love watching them win but again, this is a pretty bad Dodger team.

  12. IrishMike Says:

    Beltran is hugely underappreciated. He got off to a rough start with a very sub par first season with the team and then there was the backwards K in game 7 in 2006 for which many fans have never forgiven him. Which is stupid - a good pitcher has been known to fool a good hitter every once in a while for Christ sake. I’m glad he is an all star in his final season with the Mets - personally I’ll always remember him fondly as the best player on the 2006-2008 teams that were the best teams the Mets have had in the last 10 years.

    In keeping with the new tradition of having BMFers check out the Mets on the road I will be at this weekend’s games in San Francisco. I won’t have anything as grandiose as a press pass like Jake but hopefully I will bring the same luck he did. With Lincecum and Cain pitching that may be a tall order though.

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    Does anyone get the feeling that Beltran would rather end his career as a Metropolitan than some obscure DH on a small market AL team? Perhaps he might agree to a bargain~basement price for next year?…discuss amongst yourselves.

  14. foxster Says:

    Jason Bey = 2 homers? has his vaunted power been switched on? if so, for how long? can anyone imagine the Mets with a rejuvenated line up with David Wright, Jason Bay, Ike Davis, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, along with Angel Pagan, plus Daniel Murphy, plus several others, all making contributions. notice i haven’t mentioned what could be a top rated pitching staff also. is this rebirth of our dreams too much to hope for? No Way! we long suffering Met fans deserve a boost like this as much as the players do. LET’S GO METS!!!!

    don’t forget THE KID. Gary Carter, you’re always in our thoughts. PLEASE GET WELL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

  15. Bay is BlondiesJake's Hero Says:

    IrishMike, with the way the Giants hit, you could very well see some Mets wins. Would be nice if they could win tonite before facing the Seven Signs of the Pitching Apocalypse.

    I’ll be in the press box but won’t have much pre-game news as I need to take my son to a swim lesson at 445pm PT. Nevertheless, I will do my best to provide an inside view of the game and hopefully the boys will be banging the ball over the wall again.

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    IM: totally agree about Beltran, one of the best, and most under appreciated, of all the players to ever wear the Blue and Orange.

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