Uh-Oh MRI for Reyes

Word is Jose “isn’t too concerned” with the injury - that’s not the case for BMF who is VERY concerned with the impending MRI.

Ike Davis wasnt very concerned about his injury either - now he’s facing micro-fracture surgery.

Jose left a game with a strained calf once - and never returned.

What an utter disaster a Reyes injury would be on numerous levels.

As for the game it was pathetic watching that bum Bartolo Colon shut us down. How do the yankees always manage to pick up these pieces of dead wood that magically have solid campaigns for them.

For the second consecutive day it was a curse to have Jeter out of the lineup as Nunez went 3-4. Freakin Mets can’t catch a break.

Gee was great until Granderson parked one and likely broke his concentration.

The best scoring opportunity was bases loaded in the 5th. You really can’t hit for Gee there but it sure was tempting…

On to game 3 - Cam we PLEEZE not get swept in our own park????

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  1. IrishMike Says:

    Well I predicted an offensive swoon about 10 days ago under the theory that these guys are going to start returning to earth soon (where they will join Jason Bay). I then looked like a genius when they scored 550 runs in the next seven games. Oops. Unfortunately I think I was just a few days early with the call. The swoon has begun. And without Reyes - fuhgeddaboudit. Then after today we travel west to face two great pitching teams? Yikes. I will be ecstatic if the Mets are at .500 for the All-Star break.

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    Its not impossible for the Mets to go 5-3 and finish the first half 46-45. I love how everyone is saying this is the downfall of the Mets. I’ve been saying all season that they are a .500 team. They’ll go on winning streaks and surprise us (last week) and they’ll suddenly plummet (the past 2 days) and hover around .500 all season. Yes, there is a possibility of them staying in contention for the WC maybe through July or even into August. But the fact that people are saying this is the end is ridiculous. You can’t be mad at a mediocre team for being mediocre. They just took 4 of 6 games from the Tigers and Rangers. Does it suck the skanks beat us the past 2 days? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No. Now if Reyes is out for an extended period of time, that will hurt us. But I still believe that come the end of the season we’ll be right around the .500 mark, right where this team is expected to be.

    Having said that, I’m battling the rain in hopes that a wet Dickey can f**k the skanks!


  3. CowCrusher Says:

    Let’s Go Mets!

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