Tiger Trip a Success

OK so Verlanander beat us. No sweat we still went into Detroit and took 2 of 3 from the Motor City Kitties.

Pelfrey was frustratingly “off again” but I didn’t expect to win that match-up anyway.

Reyes went 2-3 and pushed his avg to .352. The game just looks so easy for him right now I can’t believe he’s a Met. Lol

Meanwhile guess who our second best hitter is - Daniel Murphy! Yes Beltran is having a more productive all around season but Murph is now hitting .302

Manny Acosta tweaked his wrist when he made a sick play to chase down a bunt that got past his as he came off the mound, whirl and fire a bullet to first. Duda made a very solid play to catch the laser thrown from not very far away.

Bay was an encouraging 2-4 on the nite as he continues to show there’s a real live ballplayer in there after all.

Who else is psyched for Subway Series? I’m predicting a big series for Pagan and at least one bomb from JBay.


Condolences to Willie Harris and his wife who apparently lost their unborn child when she went into premature labor at just 5 months.

What a terrible thing to happen. I hope he takes as much time as he and his wife need from baseball’s new bereavement leave.

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Terrible news on Harris, feel bad for them.

    This series was a smashing success! We ponced all over a tough team to beat at home. Let’s get back to scoring double digit runs vs. the Skanks tonight! I always feel good when Niese is on the hill for us.

  2. KMac Says:

    I know Verlander is good and all that, but the Met hitters had to be a little tired from hitting and running so much the last 4 days :-) A little rest will be good for them for the weekend.

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    The bummer is they had chances against Verlander a couple of times but couldn’t get a big hit.

    It would be nice to take a couple from the Skanks this weekend. Considering CC isn’t pitching for them, that seems quite possible. And then this team will be on a roll when they come to visit me at Chavez Ravine next week.

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    The only thing big about Pelf is the disappointment I have each time he pitches lately … where is his control/location ? and where is his head to back up a relay throw? And where is his gonads when the going gets tough? thank God he’s not pitching against the Yankees …

  5. cleonjones Says:

    Good road trip. Taking two series on the road from good teams. Now lets take two out of three from the HATED Yankees. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I’m over Pelf. Donesville. Sorry, this guy is basically a AAA pitcher with some really good days, NOT a major league pitcher with some bad ones.

    We could have won it, Verlander was not at his best. But I can live with it. Let’s mash the Yanks!

    I feel really sad for Willie Harris and especially his wife. I’m glad that MLB has created bereavement leave, acknowledging that these guys are human beings.

  7. USMF Says:

    I know it’s hard to beat Verlander, he’s been pitching great lately and is a top five Starting pitcher… but I thought our guys did a good job battling him and making him work.

    But gotta love how Mike “big disappointment” Pelf aka Buzz Killinton showed up small again.

    This is the guy we need to trade before his value is completely dried up.

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