Are Mets Really in Wild Card Hunt???

Shockingly the Mets are now 2 games over and a mere 5 games off the pace of the Wild Card leading  Braves.

Not to mention the Mets’ 50R over last 4 games breaks franchise record for most ever across 4 games.

BMF has been a staunch believer that we aren’t making the post season and should deal Beltran and K-Rod accordingly. But… these Mets are starting to percolate and I think I’m starting to believe.

Of course the moment I start believing again they’ll invariably hit the skids because of course these are still the Mets.

As for the game:

Chris Capuano started great, finished shaky, but got the Win. He’s 7-7 after allowing 5R, 6H, 0BB, and 6K in 5 IP - hey we owed him a cheap W.

Pagan is almost Reyes hot after banging out 4H, 4RBI, 3R and a SB.

Last nite’s Bay watch was pretty damn good 1-2, 2R, 4BB, RBI, 2SB, 1 spectacular catch and 1 very good catch.

Ho-hum Jose Reyes banged out another multi-hit game along with SB number 30th - can you say MVP? 

16 Responses to “Are Mets Really in Wild Card Hunt???”

  1. Howard Says:

    The Mets are definitely in the wild card hunt. They might be playing small ball but they have the NL MVP leading the way in this style of play in Jose Reyes. I really like this team. We have a lot of guys who hit for average, do not strike out, and put tremendous pressure on the pitcher when on the basepaths. Although Reyes is the MVP, Beltran is much more important to the team than I think he is given credit for. Beltran has been the Mets best hitter since joining the team and although he might not be a superstar, he is a freakin good player.

    I am not concerned at all about Capuano from last night. He is pitching in a ballpark in which any fly ball to left is a homerun.

    If one thing does concern me, it is when Wright comes back. Lets say he takes the spot of Murphy in the lineup. We will now be back to having a guy who strikes out a ton in the lineup, and subtracting from the lineup a .300 hitter who rarely strikes out.

    A win against Verlander this afternoon would be awesome.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Who’s the first Met to get beaned by 100mph Verlander fastball? We should preempt, strike first!

    I haven’t felt this good going into subway series in a long time.

  3. Lord Charles Says:

    Of course the Mets are alive for the WC, especially when you consider that, a) since the Mets 5-13 start, only the Braves have a better record than the Mets do among non-division leaders, and b) none of the other WC contenders are likely to make as big as addition as the Mets will with Wright, possibly Johan.

    As for the Wright/Murphy question… really??? Wright may strike out a lot more, but he is still a career .300 hitter with a much better OBP, a lot more pop, speed and defense than Murphy. That’s a trade you make 100 times out of 100, even though I think Turner will probably be the one who goes to the bench, with Murphy staying at first. Plus there is always the possibility that, because of his back, Wright goes back to the gap-to-gap, line drive monster that he was from 2006-2008.

  4. cleonjones Says:

    What a win- Lets go for the sweep today. Then on to Citifield and take two out of three from the HATED Yankees. Is it me or is Detroit’s park a hitters park? Now lets start up the chorus ladies and gents- RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES! Lets go Mets !!!!!!

  5. Helix Says:

    Don’t forget to vote for Reyes as starting SS for the All-Star game. Balloting ends tonight at midnight.

  6. USMF Says:

    The Tigers have a very good hitting team so it’s not surprising the runs they put up the last two games. Comerica Park used to be a pitchers park, but I thought I heard that they moved the LF wall in, but it’s still 345 down the line, 370 to the left/center gap and 420 to center. Those HR’s weren’t cheep, but maybe wind assisted.

    I think Comerica Park is what City-Field could be with some minor adjustments. Take down the 2nd level wall in left and straighten out the Mo Zone in right. Also add a new wall in center so you can get rid of that above or below the line issue out there. That is stupid to me, if it’s over the wall, it should be a HR, not this if you hit the wall above the orange line cr@p.

    I think these simple changes could make the park a much more comfortable place for hitters, but not hurt the pitchers too much. Plus we can keep the big R/C gap (aka: Reyes alley).

    I’ve already voted the max times of severial E-mail accounts, I’ll try more today. For those who haven’t voted, they made it much easier to vote multiple times. You just have resubmit your vote instead of doing the whole ballet over.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I could not be happier—ok, I could be but only if Johan, David and Ike appeared in mid-season fighting form. I would take DW over Murph in a heartbeat—the defense, the pop, and a better bench with Murph on it.

    Honestly: is this fun or what???

    My theory is that the amazing small ball we are playing is responsible for this team’s emergence: having guys on base every inning puts so much pressure on the opposing pitcher. Is there any time their pitcher doesn’t pitch out of the stretch? Not to mention speed on the basepaths, drawing walks, and not popping up or striking out constantly. Is Dave Hudgens our MVP???

    Also, TC looks like a genius putting Paulino—who has totally taken over the catching role—in cleanup. LOVED Terry’s presser after the game, taking responsibility for the Byrdak mistake. As Bobby O said, Terry teaches accountability not just by talking about it, but by doing it HIMSELF. He is definitely the right manager for this team, because the young guys look up to him and the rest of the coaching staff, but so do the veterans. Beltran, Reyes, etc all love this guy. WE HAVE A MANAGER!!! For the first time since Bobby V.!

    We are TOTALLY in the WC race. Let’s remember that this team is different in every way from the past 4 years—it’s like it has completely new DNA from top to bottom. Some familiar faces but the spirit, methodology, mentality etc is 100% different.

    Also, Parnell! 103 on the radar gun??? Maybe he could replace K-Rod one day.

    Now Sandy, sweetie—could we get a couple extra arms for the pen?

  8. El Duderino Says:

    I like this team.

    And can I just say how nice it is to feel like both the manager and GM have things under control? I may not agree with every single decision, but both TC and SA have won me over in a big way.

  9. Howard Says:

    I just put in all of my All-Star votes for Reyes. If this guy isn’t starting, how can anyone take the selected starters seriously?

  10. JoMama Says:

    As great as I feel - particularly since they won AND scored 16 on my anniversary, we went out and celebrated, I can’t erase memories of the last few years. Call me a cynic but I’ve been a Met fan for over 30 years now and seen too many collapses. Sure I love the way they’re playing but just because DW comes back doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be better than we are. A lot of baseball has to do with chemistry and right now, we have a lot of great guys playing above their heads. I just pray Wright doesn’t mess up a good thing (unlikely but it does happen).

    As for one-pitch Parnell, I’m happy he can throw 100+ but I’d rather have a late inning guy throwing 93-96 with more control than him. Good hitters can catch up to his fastball.

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I just voted 50 times for Reyes etc in the ASG. Very easy this year!

  12. IrishMike Says:

    I think chemistry can be overrated short of a total clubhouse cancer like Terrell Owens or I suspect a guy like Hanley Ramirez. And Wright hardly seems like a guy who can hurt a team’s chemistry. If he comes back and the team starts slowing down it won’t be becasue he is messing with some alleged chemistry, it will be because some players are reverting to the mean. Let’s face it a bunch of these guys are playing over their heads and can’t possibly keep it up. However if some of the over-acheivers (Turner, Paulino, maybe Murphy and yes even Reyes who I don’t believe will finish at his current full season projections although he’ll still have great numbers) start returning to earth it can be partly made up by the arrival of Wright, improvement by Bay, the arrival of (dare I say it?) Ike and the arrival of (double dare I say it?) Johan.

  13. Met_Maven Says:

    The Mets are totally in the WC hunt! 5 games out, FINALLY better than the Pirates, this team is really starting to gel. I’m loving this team more and more each day. The Mets are the baseball version of The Little Engine That Could! Hopefully they can carry this mojo into the ASB!

    I’m trying to get all my friends to create an alternate email addy or two to get more votes in for Reyes! How he’s not leading is beyond me!

    Anyone else wish the season started 2 weeks later this year? Can’t wait to see how the Mets do against Verlander.


  14. Lord Charles Says:

    “If this guy isn’t starting, how can anyone take the selected starters seriously?”

    You can’t. And as bad as Tulo over Reyes is, Jeter over Asdrubal Cabrera AND Jhonny Peralta may even be worse…

  15. USMF Says:

    What about Brad Emaus is our 2nd baseman??? Tha’s just stupid.

  16. Joan Jette Says:

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